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Three young men. Three new mutants. They have been tasked with a noble purpose: to replenish the dwindling mutant numbers. Their mission will be demanding, draining, and require vigorous effort. If they want to prove themselves true X-Men, they'll have to give it everything they got. An X-Men tale with a fun, erotic edge.

Older Woman/Younger Man, Breeding, Impregnation, Polygamous Relationships, M/F, M/F/F
Kitty Pryde gets a fucking she will never forget by a ruthless man.

This is my first porn story like, ever, so reviews and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!
Kitty has been distracted lately. Being obsessed with your teammate's big beautiful breasts will do that to a teen. Thankfully, some of them noticed, the X-Women more than willing to help a girl out.
Laura Kinney, X-23, finally has a lead on a very elusive human trafficking ring. Her attempt at undercover work has taken a turn for the worse. Will she escape and take down this ultra secret group or will she succumb to her primal desires?

This is my first attempt at writing, so any constructive criticism would be helpful.
Storm's been a naughty girl, snuffing a student like that.  Now, her secret fear is being used to drive her into deeper depravity.  How deep will she go, to keep her secret?

Debreasting, Decunting, Voyuerism, Streaming, F/F, Consensual, Flashing, Gynophagia
Anthology featuring new (original) students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters hooking up.
Even with their bodies genderswapped Kurt and Kitty, as well as Jean, Cyclops and still female Emma manage to share fun and passion

The rich head of an estate with a submissive streak meets the mutant of his dreams
Marcella returns to the Marvel Universe to improve her combat skills but gets a little more than she bargained for when she joins the Wild Pack mercenary group.
[Commission] Gisele, a new late student at U.A under the care of Midnight, constantly fails her tests against mental manipulation. To make sure she succeeds, the teacher brings out a friend from another dimension: Pixie from the X-Men. However, there might be a reason why Gisele constantly fails that Midnight as yet to discover...

A crossover between My Hero Academia and X-Men, which contains hypnosis.
Having been turned into a Vampire by Xarus, Jubilee does anything she can to relive that life-draining sensation. Cocaine, asphyxiation and some very special toys are required to do that. 

Commissioned by: Greenlion13
Wolverine realizes that the women on the team aren't at their best and, as team leader decides to help them.

This is my first time writing these characters, hope you enjoy!

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Storm of the X-Men awakens inside a strip-club, captured by white supremacists! They tell her that she is now a "Dance and fuck girl." You won't believe what happens next! 

WARNING: EXTREME racial content. Do not read if slurs and bigotry towards black people offend or make you uncomfortable. 

Commissioned by: Greenlion13
After taking over the Hellfire Club, Scott Summers enjoys his new position as the White King. Most especially the White Queen.

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A sequel to X-Rated - Psylocke.

Storm has already fallen prey to Spiral's wicked ways, and wakes unaware that she is now the star in a Mojovision XXX Movie, along with a few other heroines and villainesses.

Jean has just about had enough of listening to Rogue mentally broadcast every single thought she has while masturbating. If Rogue's going to be acting like that, then at least Jean can direct Rogue's fantasy to something a lot more palatable to Jean. Such as herself.
Jean Grey x Emma Frost. Girls have a lot of fun together: mind link, psychic bondage and more

Commission by
Alexander Xavier, the Black King of the Hellfire Club, is one of the strongest mutants in the world, and has great plans to conquer the world from the shadows. With his mighty conquest underway, he enacts a plan to enter the growing mutant revolution by doing what's never been done: creating the world's first mutant brothel.
With mutant birthrates in decline, something has to be done to ensure a new generation of mutants is born. Will Scott Summers fucking the lovely ladies of the X-Men and passing on his potent DNA help? It can't hurt. [This is a group choose-your-own-adventure story,
Kitty Pryde is made captive by the resurrected Third Reich. Languishing within their dungeons, the voluptuous young Jewess finds herself ravaged by Nazi aggressions! Raped and humiliated, the Mutant discovers that the sensitivity of her perky breasts are greater than she could ever have imagined. 

WARNING: Contains explicitly racist fetishes. Do not read if offended or uncomfortable with such material!

Commissioned by: Greenlion13 

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Psychic Powers

Summary: Through a variety of events, Jean ends up stranded in the Savage Lands. Luckily, she's not alone...

This can be considered as a sort of prequel to a previous story of mine.

If you enjoy this content and would like to see similar work contact me at . I offer good rates on commissions.
A visit from the 3 in 1 leaves Lauren with new lust for life.

This is a commission.
Any supervillain can be beaten by a punch to the face, a laser beam fired at the right moment, or perhaps an interdimensional contraption that traps their consciousness. But when it comes to loneliness, depression, and the aching of the heart, well... you're going to need something a bit... different. So boys and girls, get ready to join our heroine, Emma Frost, as she discovers the power of sex as another aspect of being a hero!
With a little help from Wolverine the stuck up cocktease Emma Frost gets the fucking she really needs and deserves. And she won't be the only woman in the X-mansion to find themselves on the receiving end of some horny attention from the men on the team either

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