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It's vacation time for the girls of Bleach, so they ditch the boys and head out to an unspecified tropical island far from all their troubles. Pretty soon they're fucking every local man in sight, with only Soifon and Tatsuki doing their best to resist. How long can those two hold out?

Commissioned by anonymous. Mild spoiler warning if you haven't seen Bleach.

In what scenario does an ugly, fat, disgusting-looking lowborn shinigami think he stands a chance against the noble Yoruichi Shihoin, the Goddess of Flash? When he can blackmail her, of course! 

Content warning: blackmail, ugly dude, unwanted pregnancy, rape/noncon
Summary: Through sheer luck, Jiraiya ends up in the Bleach world. He soon captures and fucks Orihime, Yoruichi, and Rangiku. Includes: Lipstick, NonCon, Moresome, and Mind Break.

{Commissioned by anonymous} 

After the Shinigami's lost the war against the Quincies, A hollow who is now subservient to the Quincy spares Yoruichi's and her brother, Yushiro's life after she agrees to prostitute herself for compensation. Yushiro and Yoruichi are now trapped inside of a prison which prevents their use of reiatsu, trapping the two siblings together in a nightmare of a dungeon. 

Contains - Rape, Incest, Monster Sex, Humiliation.
[font=aktiv-grotesk,]Sajin Komamura had gone to Hueco Mundo instead of Byakuya. He faces off against Zommari with not good results.[/font]

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If you like my work please consider supporting me on , new rewards available for higher tier supporters. [font="Lucida]When Grand Fisher attacked Ichigo at a young age, his quincy powers had no choice but allow allowing his shinigami and hollow powers to rise to the surface transforming Ichigo into an arrancar with quincy powers.[/font]
Halloween Special: If you like my work please consider supporting me on . [font="Lucida]Komamura goes to investigate strange happenings in Karakura Town only to be caught by Michel a hollow with the power of hypnosis.[/font]
A short Yoruichi x Rangiku oneshot I wrote back in 2014.
Commissioned by: Anonymous

In one universe, Orihime Inoue would go on to marry the man she had loved and start a family, and just in general live out her life happily. In another, just before all those very same events could start out, a simple, offhanded comment from a dear friend of hers sends her down on a path that she may never recover from. These, are tales from that very world.

[Contains: (F)Masturbation, Hair Growth, Oral(FxF), A Gradual Degradation as the Chapters Continue on]
Yammy flies into a rage after what Ichigo and Yoruichi did to him. Harribel is sent to calm him down, but the Espada finds herself between a cock and a hard place.
Luego de una sorpresiva visita de Chad a la casa Kurosaki, Orihime le da un pequeño premio por ganar el campeonato mundial. Peticion de un lector. Infidelidad
Poll Winner (Part 2 is exclusive to my Patreon!)

Themes: Threesome, Dom/Sub, Fucked Silly

Summary: After a day spent dealing with Urahara's bullshit, Ichigo can't quite handle Soifon and Yoruichi too. Especially when the pair is obviously arguing over him. Finally snapping, the young man takes matters into his own hands... much to the pleasure of both mistress and apprentice.

Yushiro is too horny to take his training seriously, and Yoruichi is the only who stands a chance at making him focus. And even she might be out of her league. [incest, rough] [commission]
Yushiro's big sister was very hot, so he couldn't really be blamed for being attracted to her. And for her part, Yoruichi was interested to see just how much her little brother had grown. [commission]
A fun little romp involving Orihime getting drilled by Toshiro!
Tired of Urahara monopolizing Yoruichi's time, Soifon finds herself in an endurance match of sorts with the shopkeeper so she can have Yoruichi all to herself.

An anonymous commission.
Ichigo was born with a supersized libido and sex drive. Through training and focus he’s been able to keep control, and he hides himself well. However Grimmjow his classmate notices his strange behavior and catches him and sees the truth. Now Grimmjow drags Ichigo into the world of pet play. Hyper, Group, Pet, Or, An, Top Ichigo

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Rukia has started to notice a strange feeling in her physical body after she returns from her duties as a soul reaper, so she decides to trail her Chappy-controlled gigai one day to find out what could be the cause. Commissioned by Kinky no Kyoukai.

Set in a somewhat ill defined time in Bleach, this story sees Yoruichi Shihoin struggle to come up with a way to rid herself of her brother's constant horniness and recruiting other women to be his personal 'stress relief'. Her first choice, Soul Society's bustiest blonde bimbo, Rangiku Matsumoto.

Contains NTR, raceplay, absurd sizes, rough sex, incest, and more!

Chapter 2, featuring Orihime, is now up!
Awaiting her execution, while Ichigo still trains in the human world, Rukia is visited 2 weeks before she is due to die by her captain and informed that Central 46 is enacting the celebration of life. The celebration of life means that Rukia will have to sexually service representatives from each of the 13 court guard squads from squad 13 down to 1, 1 squad a day including at least the captain and lieutenant and at most the entire squad. Will she still have her pride by the end of it all?
After feeling a bit down on herself, Orihime allows Rangiku to reassure her that her body is still attractive.
Poll Winner

With Ichigo away at the Soul Society, Kon is left in charge of his body. He uses this chance to fuck Orihime, Ichigo's girlfriend, and taking her virginity. Includes: NTR.

Working at a carwash, Rangiku runs into a particular client that attempts to fuck her in his van.
What happens when you give a teen porn logic powers without explaining anything? What about if he's in a world where soul reapers are active agents? Will he be able to resi- no, no he won't. He tries, but when there's no consequence to going after each of the impossibly beautiful women, he can't resist.
In this sort of choose your own style story, the reader (a white Shinigami named Matt, for what it matters) has finally had enough of Rukia's posturing and decides to put the uppity little piece of ass in her place.

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