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Collave Chronicles are planned short stories based on my Collave setting, which is a Work-In-Progress Fantasy Tabletop RPG(TTRPG). Within the setting, each player are to decide if they wish to be a Collave Master or a Collave themselves, and then travel the world on the usual TTRPG fashion. Read Chapter 0 for more info.
The tale of a queen whose hubris angers the gods.

Support me on to read stories early and have access to exclusive weekly content.
A variety of stories to be contained in a world of amazons with the ability to procreate and flourish.

Mainly futa x futa material. May contain some futa x female or other combinations in the future.
A young lady's adventures in a world filled with might, magic, and surprisingly high amount of pretty girls (and many of them have dicks). Time and time again she finds herself interacting with said girls, closer than she would like. Can our heroine brave it all and keep her dream of meeting Prince Charming intact?

Warning: solid amount of plot.
The following entries are from members of the Bitterleaf family, a small family of elves captured by a demon lord and left to their awful demise. Each chapter is a short entry from a family member as they try and surive.

Themes: Corruption, Transformation, Rape, Abuse, Bad End
A story originally posted to Literotica in 2017, and also my first submission to Hentai Foundry. My writing has improved since then, but I figured some people might still like this.

In this story, a devilishly fun creature seduces a young male hiker...
The elven sorceress Vixandriel gets herself into a series of erotic predicaments on her path to magical knowledge. Contains (so far): fingering, masturbation, control/lack of control, eating ass, threesome, biting, and repeated use of the word "juices".
A young changeling woman is caught out in the forest on the night of the wild hunt.
Amber's father tore their family apart, and she is all but banished to a hole in the wall apartment with her mother and sister. The festering anger and resentment in her heart draws a goddess beyond her world, offering her the power she needs to fix everything and give her family the life they deserve. The cost is her servitude, and offering her entire universe to the goddess. 

Note: Contains some darker elements. Not too dark, just mental manipulation. Does not cross over into NTR or rape.
The Inquisitive Ocelio is a famous detective, pursuing his arch criminal nemesis, the elusive Red Dot.  No, really, he's totally a detective and not a prostitute.  Gosh, he'd totally know if he was actually being paid to have sex with people.

Femboy x various monstergirls/monsterfemboys.
Leona, princess of the Altaean people, wakes up on a beach with no memory of how she got there. Her captor is Scarlet Rydell, a capricious pirate marooned on the island. This chance meeting kicks off a journey that will span the Salveran Main. Joined by allies (and bedfellows) and pursued by enemies above the water and below, the two reconcile their differing approaches to conflict in order to survive knights, pirates, monsters, and the sea itself. 

Before it's over, the tides will run red.
Young couple Leo and Jessica adjust to life in a new city, when a certain massage parlor attracts Jessica with its...unique...gimmick. After a few months of visiting the parlor, Jessica uses its gimmick to her advantage on date night. Special thanks to Miycko, who's art inspired me to write this.
The story of a haunted Mansion and the case of two missing elfs. Will Liarel be able to save the members of her clan? If you look at the tags you can probably figure it out. 

This was planned as a one shot, but if there is interest I'll continue the story. 

Tags: F/M, huge dick, bad end (no gore etc.), lots of cum
         After a timeskip, we continue Beth's journey.
The Barbarian Elf exhibits aggressive tendencies compared to its fellow elf. This paper contains a detailed account of the Barbarian Elf’s anatomy and its miraculous, embarrassing reproductive cycle recorded in the unscientific terms the topic demands.

A series of stories with my ocs x male viewers. This one has you play the role as a knight in training who takes an interest in their amazon like orc captain. You even train under her in an attempt to gain her interest.
In which a generic, religiously unaffiliated angel is raped by a legion of generic, religiously unaffiliated demons. [mindbreak, degradation, cosmic horror] [commission]
Standing in the middle of human lands, the Forest remains a mystery. Time and time again parties and individuals of civilized races are trying to unveil its secrets, only to fall prey to the flora and fauna within. Others have no intention to enter the woods, but find themselves in the clutches of the Forest as its influence spreads outwards, seeping into soil, water and minds of the kingdom...
The long lost story (as in I actually misplaced these) of Gyro-Lee, 2000 years before the events of Secrets of Aesperia/The Age of Adventure there was another adventure, Hollia's ancestor the hero Gyro-Lee and his small band journey across the land to save the people and battle against the tyranny of the self proclaimed goddess of their world Rhulan.
A side story involving some of the characters introduced in Chapter 3 of Witch Thelma. This story takes place immediately following the events of Chapter 3 "Pyringham", so please read that before this.
A collection of short stories. Each "chapter" is its own tale, some of which are accompanied by scenes I've made in a porn game to illustrate the stories.

The idea behind doing short stories is that readers will never be left on edge (giggity) on cliffhangers that I never get around to finish. So with this format, each story is its own thing, and other stories are not necessarily connected to the others in any way.
Goblins are small, simple and extremely horny. They also ignore personal accomplishments. So when an ambitious goblin sees the chance to finally be praised, will he be willing to risk the entire village for it?
Chronicles of people and the transformations of themselves, friends, loved ones, neighbors; and the struggle to survive in a zombie apocalypse
Deep the forest of the Western Woodlands lies the secluded village of Deep Glade, home of the Fay people and a place that no man has set foot in for centuries. But now, faced with the dire threat of a beastmen invasion the gentle fairies have no choice but to turn to their mercantile human neighbours for aid, who won't be satisfied until the primitive forest-dwellers fully repays them for their way or another... 
The world is not the same as it once was. The old world has long been forgotten as a new world is forged. Powerful woman and men known as Waifus and Husbandos have been brought in to help tame these dangerous lands. They serve their master who hopes to bring order to this crazy world. This story follows the adventures of Knight Breaker as he sets out on his own for the first time and the waifu's he finds and meets who will help him achieve his dreams.

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