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A collar for mommy: Tai decides to give Yuuko a White Day Surprise, a collar, of course Kari joins in later. (Incest, mild BDSM)

Second place in the White Day poll story was sponsored by a kind fan
Mimi Tachikawa gets free tickets to the local indie rock scene, but she walks away with a new apperication for all things metal.

Another dumb idea that came to my head thanks to over on FA.
Mimi gains some strange powers thanks to a digital virus affecting her real-world body. What kinds of shenanigans does she get up to with it?

(Contains: Reality altering, Futa/female, massive cock worship, STRONG NTR/adultery, shemale-supremacy and misogyny, cock filth, and musk, plus more as I go.) 

Very much a work in progress! 
It's 2027 and TK is happily married to Kari and Yolei. This is how they spent White Day. It was very white indeed.
Winner of the February 2020 Poll vote in the March one here.
Kyoko wants to reward her cute little employees for a job well done.

Tags: Yuri, sex toys, vanilla


Summary: Mimi is set to marry Izzy, but before the happy ceremony, there is one thing she needs to do. Just one last affair with the man who knows and owns her body. Just one last time with Tai. That's all she needs... Includes: NTR and Romance

A young man comes home from a convention with a strange box of candy. He and his friend get more than the bargained for after he samples a taste.

Written up for Yawg's International Renamon Apperication Day over on Fur Affinity
Kari's Valentines chocolates are full of love, they also reveal love in others. Valentines story
Being a businesswoman, Beatrix, a short busty Renamon, needs to keep up an image. Which is hard when she has to deal with molesters on the train. They could have just waited until they found a nice quite alleyway….

Tags: human on furry, shortstack, rough sex, threesome, molestation

Halloween Special: If you like my work please consider supporting me on . [font="Lucida]A disturbance in the digital world has called the digidestined to action except everyone's busy except for Tai and Takeru, they go to help and meet some strange creatures even stranger than the digimon.[/font]

Themes: Breeding, Threesome, Double Penetration

Summary: Kari has decided she wants a baby. So of course, it falls to her two lovers, Davis and Tai, to give her one. But neither is really worried about who the biological father will be, not when they're going to raise it together, as a threesome. So, they decide to fuck Kari at the exact same time.
While her brother has left for the Digital World, young DigiDestiened Kari Kamiya has taken this opportunity to masturbate in his bed. However when her brother Tai, suddenly returns, the two are thrust into lovemaking thanks to a broken Digivice emitting corrupted energies. Though that's not all it does, and soon the two siblings find out how close they can be.
Kari's every Friday night follows the same ritual: confess her sins of the week over her brother's lap so that he can punish her for her lustful misdeeds before 'setting her right'. Anonymous commission.

Themes: Rough Sex, Extreme Sex, Humiliation

Summary: On her eighteenth birthday, Kari makes a rather perverted wish as she blows out a candles. Unbeknownst to her, thanks to her connection to the DigiWorld, a DigiGnome hears her wish... and makes it come true.

Mimi spends the afternoon getting fucked by a friend of hers while in America.
Renamons are powerful, noble digimon. They are NOT cockselvees. for about ten minutes. 

Tags: Rough sex, mind-break, human-on-furry, gangbang

Takato and Rika thought their Digimon Adventure was years behind them, but now the two adults have been sucked into a world not unlike the Digital World. But what they discover there is something completely different, and something altogether strange. But The longer they remain, the more they lose themselves to the wild feelings affecting their bodies--and the bodies of their altered Digimon Partners
Rumiko seduces Takato while they wait for Rika to come home.

Winner of the community poll
Kari and Mimi are stuck in an elevator together.
Mimi is bored so she decides to spice things up.

Patron reward for Kinky no Kyoukai based on this pic by Mattie V

Bored in class with nothing to do but watch her boyfriend, Izzy, finish their work, Mimi decides to have a bit of fun with him. He doesn't put up much of a resistance, and she doesn't stop, not even as someone begins enjoying their show. Includes: Public sex

Sora gets a little too drunk with TK and Kari. When Kari gets what she wants so does TK

Commission for Bscommissions

Izzy invites Mimi on a secluded private island vacation with the intention of making his move, but Mimi has other plans, inviting Tai and dragging Izzy into her ideal version of a relationship with Izzy, which involves his better endowed best friend getting first dibs. Commission for Bscommissions.

After a fun little party with friends, Izzy, Tai, and Izzy's girlfriend, Mimi, return to the boys' apartment to sleep, but while Izzy is already half asleep, Tai and Mimi are eager for some naughty fun behind the redhead's back. Includes: NTR.

A rivalry that has spanned years finally comes to a head, resolving itself in another form of passion entirely.

LadyDevimon X Angewomon rivalry. More build-up than my other stuff.
While researching the digi-vices, Tai accidentally alters his own data, twisting himself into a cruel, sadistic genius. Now, his little sister Kari shall be the one to bear the brunt of his wrath.

A commission.

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