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Sam was just an small-town girl, but one day, she was pulled into the sewer and used as a human sex toy for the the sewer zombies. 

"Oh No!"

You might be saying, but don't worry, soon enough, she'll love her new life as a breeding gal for this unknown species. Who knows what might happen! 

Spoiler alert: She gets boned!
Based on the character by

While getting swole at the gym, Meru is hounded by loving fanboys who tend to her every need. Things get WET when one frustrated patron turns his lust upon her.

Kate is down on her luck and she needs money, she gets a chance to be on an Inflation Game Show that will get rid of her problems and all if she can survive the rounds and beat the competition. Feel free to suggest ideas for the 'Games' I will try to update weekly
The continuing fantasy adventures of a young man and scholar of monster studies named Norrix and Keena, his big stinky werewolf GF. Their journey is filled with many kinds of monster boys/girls and all manner of kinkiness too.
A pun-filled story about a milk-filled girl expressing her feelings for a lover while expressing her breasts for the same lover. 

Contains: breast expansion, inflation, lactation, milk, breastfeeding, inflation, yuri
Playing a pregnant woman in a play, but without an empathy belly if you know what I mean. Features Enemas inflation, butt plugs, insertion, milk, and some bondage
Blake Belladonna needs to raise some cash. Hearing rumors about an underground fighting arena, she enters as a combatant...but, as she soon learns, she's way out of her league.

Check out my , my dudes!
A short story request from a friend inspired by this picture by Bikupan.

Tags: Futanari, female, cum inflation, irrumatio, bondage, Female Taker PoV
Tyler think she's going to fund her future as a contestant on the most popular game show on the internet. Things rarely go as planned on Ultimate Bimbo Challenge though.

If you like this, please
This is a story of the most extreme stretching i could imagine.

The setting is a porno shoot in Japan. Enjoy
A British secret agent investigates a rogue Russian research facility, finding that the woman in charge is manipulating people's bodies in her search of knowledge. With the help of a captured local woman, Katherine uses her skills to bring down whoever is behind this inhumane research.

Now a standalone story from my 'Fables of Lust' collection.
An unfortunate (or fortunate) Blood Elf is captured and turned into an object of sexual pleasure and produce by an influential and perverted Goblin.

(M Blood Elf/F Tauren), (Blueberry Inflation)

Tags will change as more chapters are added.
A man is given the chance of a lifetime to test a prototype virtual reality set-up. He is given many scenarios that involve pop culture characters getting expanded and sexually abused for his viewing entertainment.
Since their previous adventures, the ladies of Beacon Academy have been slacking off. It's up to Miss Pyrrha Nikos to track down the delinquents and lead them to the right path. But will she become corrupted herself?

Still to come:

- The Desolation of Blake.
- Ice-Cream Redux.
A spin-off of Slutwriter's Pleasant Hill setting, this story concerns two boys who challenge each other to go to a strange sleep-away camp funded by the local milk company. But its a different kind of "milking" they're in for.

Chapter 2 now up!

As this story is against HF rules, it will be links to Docs pages only.
Hey all! Been a while since I wrote much, hasn`t it?

Well, here`s a story I put together at the urging of on my Tumblr. It started as a prompt for a friend to finish but he convinced me to pick it back up. If you want to help me, please don`t hesitate to drop a Like and Favorite here on HF, or a like or reblog on
Maxie’s dad can’t stop stealing her boyfriends every time she brings them home. And by stealing, I mean eating. 

It’s got plenty of nsfw stuff, digestion, disposal, and m/m and f/m vore. Also gay sex. Enjoy!
Short stories suggested by my readers.

Some of the tales include: water inflation traps, characters from my other stories that meet, lesbianism from Fallout 3, inflation via portal, and a girl that gets stuffed by some bullies.
A short story made with an idea given by PumpHerBigger from tumblr. Check him out!

A young teacher`s pride gets the better of her, with explosive consequences...
A few friends of mine suggested I start uploading stories here on Hentai Foundry, so I figured I'd give it a go. 

This is a story I began back in the early Summer of 2010, before getting stymied and setting it aside.  Six years later - after much encouragement from my friends - I finally decided to dust it off and finish it.  I'm glad I did.  

Comments and (constructive) critiques are always welcome. ^^
Short horror themed stories covering different kinks.

A Girl in the Rain: Vampires that inflate and grow as they drink blood
Susan hates her body - she's fat, but her tits are saggy and small, and the only person who appreciates her stomach is her husband Louis. So when she overhears him cheating on her with big, beautiful Raquel, she's hurt... but she's also inspired. 
Silva's attempt at being a sex streamer didn't start very well, but then she found out about her body cavities' better-than-average stretching ability and began a set of bizarre streams that will bring her to fame.

Warning: Large and potentially unrealistic insertions, inflation, object swallowing, and many more strange events!
The Book ensnare two new vessels.  A pair of dark skinned beauties fall victim to it's charm as they take it to a party to show it off.

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