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Cassandra and Sophitia meet up with a number of friends for a private vacation - one that soon turns out to be very depraved.

This one's a Patreon story - every month, each of my 5$ Patrons gets to submit a girl, and then all Patrons can vote to pick two of them. Then, the girl is put through a scenario decided by the one who submitted her :)

Includes extreme violence and characters consensually dying in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
Taki meets a common soldier on the road - but her masochism gets the best of her

A commission - they're closed for now

Includes rape, extreme violence, and characters dying in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
A lighthearted, hip-hop reference chocked, action packed short in which Taki from the Soul Calibur series gets BLACKED and bred.

BBC, Gangbang, Anal, Rape, Mindbreak
Pyrrha brings her boyfriend home to meet her mother.
Tira and Juri team up against the women of Soul Calibur.

Soul Calibur/Street Fighter crossover.
I've got a backlog of older commissions I've not shared, and this is one of 'em! Soul Calibur heroines getting into an awful lot of trouble in a short story. Uh oh!

Kinks include: Rape, Mindbreak, Verbal Abuse, (Implied) death

Warning! The formatting is a freaking mess, and I don't know how to fix it! I did my best, I'm sorrrrrry! :x
Cassandra Alexandra led her niece Pyrrha and a band of warriors to protect the world. They were to be the tip of the spear in the fight to save their world against an invasion of demonic dread orcs.

The effort failed.

Now Cassandra and her companions will be forced to bear the brunt of defeat with their bodies.
A series of stories featuring the lusty ladies of Soul Calibur as they get down and dirty.  Warning, may contain lewdness, unlikely scenarios, and large breasted women getting fucked stupid.  You have been warned.
Following the events of the Fourth Crusade, Seung Mi-na disappears while searching for the remaining Lizardmen. Sophitia Alexandra leads an expedition force to find and save her friend in a world where both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur have been destroyed.
When Hilde faces Nightmare within the Tower of Souls, she fatally underestimates his prowess. Soon she is stripped, beaten and raped as he begins to mould her into his most devoted servant, who returns the favour with other challengers.

A rolling commission, open to anybody to commission the next chapter, see inside for warnings.
An unlikely team of Sophitia, Ivy, Taki, Seong Mi-Na, and Xianghua have assembled to find the Soul Edge, but their quest takes an unexpected turn when a room of mirrors turns them away from their task and makes them accept their darkest desires. Commission for Mirrorbeast.
A place where lovely ladies are captured and forced to undergo humiliating acts of depravity. This shall be their fate, there are no happy endings here.
Inspired by SlutWriter's story: 'C3: Canon Cumdump Cocksuckers'. Tira from Soul Caliber is fucked by a group of lizard-men for some reason, just a kinky story, and first thing I've ever written and posted up. Enjoy!
A scantily clad Sophitia is forced to fear her enemy for a cruel god's amusement.
Laugh along with the sexual hijinks and filthy talk as possessed and voluptuous Soul Calibur sluts fuck the shit out of each other in the filthiest and most degrading manner possible.
Talim and Charade are prisoners of Tira, to be used to track down Soul Edge...but things work out in a different way...contains cockvore.
seong mi-na reveals her love for talim who agrees, the pair soon find themselves overcome with passion and make love in a secluded glade in a beautiful forest
An unknown force changes the Soul Calibur women. 3 , Anal, Bi, CR, Exhib, F/F, Inc, M/F, M/s, SoloF, TF, Toys, Other (breastfeed, adultery)
First lemon fic, mostly PWP.

Random pairings, including, but not limited to:


Sorry about the doubleposts... still getting used to HF's uploads.

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