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Hard to describe this one. It was a commission and specifically the commissioner wanted a fighter pilot to be fucked by her own jet.
andrew, once a human being turns into a puwa and must return home

(spoiler for those who don't like certain shit, there may be one or two noncon moments and species transformation)
Twenty years ago, Kirby Kane left her high-profile job as a news reporter and unofficial liaison to the superhero community. And - if you believe the rumours - an even more unofficial role as the main squeeze of Alpha, the first and greatest superhero.

Kirby doesn’t talk about those days any more - which makes her daughter all the more determined to ferret out the truth about what her mother’s been hiding all these years.

Be careful what you wish for.
[Commissioned by Anonymous]
Sequel to this story about a girl who finds a peculiar sex toy. This time around she takes it for a stroll through the neighborhood with very sticky results. I wrote this last year, but figured I'd post it now that the 3rd story is coming soon...
Got to admit it, the world's really gone to hell.  I mean, all the natural disasters were bad enough but with rising Mega Corporations and all the other shenanigans that come with it.  Makes you wanna shiver.  Lucky for you, you don't have to suffer like the others.  You were fortunate enough to get into a negotiation team and witness Physical Negotiations at its finest.  What is that, you may ask?  Well, why don't you come in and find out?
An antique and supposedly haunted doll is put up sell online. Another man seeks a reward incentive to give his very advanced AI house keeper as coached by the company he is renting her from. Being a doll collector the man decides to kill two birds with one stone, purchasing the conversation piece of a supposedly haunted AI and passing it off as a "gift" for his rent to own house keeper robot. Haunted Doll meets Sentient AI, Sentient AI meets Haunted Doll;
Leilani's wife's strange experiment causes Leilani to start doubting her own humanity. Loving lesbian hypnosis story, with robot TF themes


Early access at
Drake and his friends discover the lost city of Atlantis and find themselves entrenched in a civil war between the matriarchal Atlanteans and their evil Queen! 
It'll take take Drake's freeuse powers to save not just Atlantis, but the world!

Commissioned by Hopviq!
Updated 10/10/2019
A gift for a friend: Garuda isn't impressed by her cohort Mag, but when the Stalker comes knocking and she fudges a quick fix, Garuda gets a front-row seat to some headswapped fun.
Cyan, a sexbot in a brothel, goes through her mundane calculated life pleasing customers until one day a guest leaves her struggling to cope with desires she never had before.
A collection of Dr. Lucy Malcom's revolutionary innovations in slave technology.  Come and see what Lucy is able to create.

I might rewrite the first chapter.  Chapters don't need to be read in order.  If you have any comments, critiques or suggestions, please, let me know.
Petra runs across a pair of arguing magicians while out shopping. Good thing she loves magic!
A short story contributing to ComPet by a petgirl named drew at Pixiv^^

Thank you for your contribution.

I think the scifi angle of this one make it more like a story in the future of ComPet world.
Maybe an experimental program by some genius millionaire?
I do enjoy machine domination story hehe :)

Let us know what you think!
These are the stories of varying nature telling of when science meets weird sexual fantasy or where sexual fantasy accidentally meets Science.

None of these stories are based on real science, but they are fun to think about.

Each chapter will be a new premise and individual story on it's own.
set in an alternate universe where nothing is taboo
After a meteorite crashes near Bailey College, female students begin to undergo dramatic physical and mental changes while developing insatiable libidos. Meanwhile, the men begin to fall ill and die. In the middle of it all is a girl with exceptional abilities who might just hold the fate of the world in her hands..
The story of Captain Selena Wan and her mission to Proxima Centauri. Unfortunately, as the months go by her sexual frustration increases and there aren't any other humans aboard. Her only companion is the ship's AI: Delta-V.
Welcome to the convention, this Presentation covers an introduction to the world of possibilities opened by BioMods Inc. and discusses both their work a day products and their latest innovations. Warning, not all products are for fit the faint of heart... 
(draft copy)
Beck, a rebellious cyberhacker, falls into the clutches of Ms. Aurelia, an evil corporate CEO who plans to subject her to a radical personality shift. Anonymous commission
It was a one-shot wonder of a mish-mash of Stalker and Cyberpunk. Probably going to feature one of my Cyberpunk 2077 characters. Enjoy! This is my first piece so be gentle with me! A stalker goes off into the wastes for a contract only to find out what lurks in the abandoned places of the world.
A successful woman takes her younger sister out on a luxury star liner for her 18th birthday. After a hard night of partying, the pair awake to a grizzly scene. Just what is going on?

Contains: Non-sexual Gore/graphic violence, mild horror/suspense themes, Pheromone based mind control, monsters not involved in any sexual shenanigans, sister on sister incest and probably far too much plot for this kind of smut.

Done at the request of a friend.
A playful alternate universe where Anthros reign supreme, and the celebrities of our world take their place as entertainers of a different nature. The story follows Alice, a young orphan girl who hits jackpot with her adoption to a powerful werewolf. Scifi and Fun!
In the 22nd century, the solar system has been explored and colonized. The nations of Earth are trapped in a deadly game of colony and empire - a game overset when an FTL experiment on the Saturnian moon of Janus rips a portal between our solar system...and somewhere else. What lays on the far side of the portal shall change the future of human history.

But will it spell the end for us all? Or the beginning of a new golden age?

Only time will tell.
An intrepid scientist develops a virus to enhance the sexual drive of women, along with several other personally chosen personal characteristics. Having had a very successful test with his daughter, the pair of them take their invention on the road!
A girl finds herself caught in a plant's unbreakable vice.

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