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When the shepherds discover Tharja's shrine to Robin they were initially shocked. Then thanks to black magic, She proves her loyalty in a public display.
A plotless, non-explicit drabble about Kiragi and Selkie cuddling naked.
Corrin was unable to choose between his true family in Hoshido and his adopted family in Nohr, so he chose neither.

Some might call him a coward but Corrin knew he could unite the kingdoms.

But for now he has to deal with the sexual needs of the many female comrades he has accrued, starting with his Hoshidan younger sister, Sakura.
Be it divine or fell, dragon blood circulating through a human body does not simply gift them with a tremendous quantity of power. But also with an equally tremendous madness-inducing lust clouding their minds.

Here are the children of the Fell and Exalted bloodlines coping with this problem in the most depraved ways possible.
Igrene was looking for Fae when she stumbled across a gang of bandits. Everything went downhill from there... [gangbang, rape, ryona] [commission]
King Corrin's nightly 'tending to' by Felicia is interrupted by his wives, Hinoka and Camilla, who expected their husband in bed that night to conceive heirs, but the throne room is as good a place as any for that business. Anonymous commission.
Kaden and Hinata conspire to have Takumi finally confess to Oboro, it works. 

Maybe a little too much. (Takumi/Oboro)

Tags: Love potion, first time, vaginal sex, rough sex, 
First time writer here, after reading smut for many a night I figured I'd try my hand at it myself. Hope y'all give it a read, maybe give me a bit of feedback on how I can improve, but go easy on me; it's my first attempt and I'm just looking to write some easy smut.
With the Holiday season coming by, Annette prepares the perfect gift for  her best friend Annette: Herself! The peppy ginger casts an ancient CTF  spell on herself and turns into Mercedes' cock, allowing her to finally  bed with Mercedes' crush Byleth and uniting the two best friends  forever.

Themes: Foursome, Rough Sex, Loving Sex

Summary: It's Robin's birthday, and Tharja has finally reached her limit. She's going to have her beloved, by any means necessary. But... she may need help. And she's grown ever so attached to their daughters from the future, Noire and Morgan...

Olivia wants to loosen up for a Halloween party. Simple, right?
Not if the potion Tharja brewed gives her an insatiable lust for dog cock!

Includes: Dog Sex, Knotting, Cocklust, Oral Sex, Dog Worship

| Commission Info
Garreg Mach Monastery is a renowned school for the children of the three empires. As it just so happens, the year that a new instructor joins the staff, rumors begin to surface about him. Are these rumors true? If so, the women of the monastery are in quite a lot of trouble!
Manuela holds a vocal training course in her bedchambers, helping Bernadetta, Leonie, Dorothea, and Byleth expand their throats with her cock.
If you like what I do and want to support me, please consider pledging to my !
Asugi and Shiro have sex. That's it. (Shiro/Asugi)

Tags: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Prone Bone.
Tharja is back up to her mischief trying to get Robin to notice her and her alone. Her news plan involves giving Robin something to encourage her to come to her.
Manuela has been trying to entice the emotionally cold and distant new professor around Garreg Mach, but when she finally makes a move Byleth can't resist, she also uncovers the beast within. Anonymous commission.
After finding a present in her room, Olivia finds a set of slutty clothes just for her. Thinking its a present from her husband Chrom, she eagerly puts them on. But what she doesn't realize, is that the longer she wears these clothes, the bitchier and brattier she becomes. Soon, a bratty version of Olivia starts manifesting in her head, and it doesn't take long for her to take over for the real one.
As the war with Plegia finishes, Sumia gathers the courage to confess to Chrom - only to find out he loves another. The heartbroken girl finds solace in prostitution.

This one was a collab with Veiled616 - his set for it is over at
As the war with Plegia finishes, Sumia gathers the courage to confess to Chrom - only to find out he loves another. The heartbroken girl finds solace in prostitution - what eventually leads to her demise.

Includes extreme violence and a consensual, if accidental, death - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it

This one was a collab with Veiled616 - his set for it is over at
Azura and her fellow dancers give Corrin the birthday present he doesn't realize he needs: all of them at once, to satisfy his draconic 'endowments' and awaken the best inside of him. Commission for Turtle.
Unable to find sleep, Kiragi is visited by Selkie, who shares the same problem... and another. (Kiragi/Selkie).

Tags: Mating Cycles/In Heat, Kissing, Happy Sex, Foreplay, First Time, Vaginal Sex, Cowgirl Position, Holding Hands.
Spoilers for Part 1 of Three Houses

Following Edelgard's assault on the Holy Tomb, the freshly-crowned Adrestian Emperor ended up captured by the Church of Seiros. Of course, a crime like that would not go unpunished.

Includes rape, extreme violence and deaths, and lots of non-con stuff - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it

This one was a collab with Veiled616 - his set for it is over at
Shamir takes you to the sauna to get you to unwind, but once you're at your most relaxed, she makes a less than selfless sort of move on you, revealing what she's really after. Anonymous commission. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
After arriving in Hoshido, Corrin's sword: the Ganglari, dissolves into nothingness. However, unlike usual, there is no attack on the capital, and instead a pair of glasses are left in their absence. Corrin puts on the glasses thinking not much more of it. But he'll soon find the strange mystical power of these lenses, as the mo8ment he looks at someone, they turn into a stereotypical girl who lusts only for him. Soon the world of Fates turns into much more of a Harem than before.
Byleth refuses Hilda's request to aid in the conflict her house is holding down at Fodlan's Throat, and in her desperation, Hilda forces herself on her teacher, who is too honourable to go back on their 'deal'. Anonymous commission.

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