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When Subaki fantasizes about Corrin, he has a routine to follow. First and foremost, he needs a mirror.

Originally written in 2016.
Takumi and Corrin are forced to face their feelings after an incident during archery practice.

Pseudo-incest, originally written in 2016.
Manuela, tired of not finding a suitable husband, goes to locate one among new new hires at the Monastery. However, her fondness for alcohol may make her night a bit more memorable.
Seteth may have taken an interest in the new professor, but Flayn knows how to bring his attention back to her.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
Catherine finds out why Shamir keeps slipping away once her duties are finished for the day, finding her in the stables with her horse, and before she knows it, Catherine is joining in.
He was just a bandit, and they killed his kind by the dozens. But he was luckier than most. He would get to return the favor. And if any of them survived... it wouldn't be out of mercy. [Fire Emblem Fates] [rape, snuff] [commission]
Constance wants to rebuild her house, and decides that Byleth is just the man for the job.

A smutty oneshot originally written for a commission.
After Petra accidentally wets herself in front of Byleth, their relationship takes off, until it isn't accidental anymore.

Omorashi, watersports, and smut oneshot originally written for a commission.
Frederick and Tharja may be an odd couple, but they at least share a mutual attraction to their tactician.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
[Fire Emblem] [Tiki (Futa) x Lucina]

Tiki requires Lucina’s help to sate her primal draconic urges before she loses control.

Tags: [Breeding] [Futanari] [Heat] [Knotting] [Monster Girl] [Oral Sex] [Vaginal Sex]

Commissioned by MaskOfShame
Felix and Leonie haven't sparred in a while, and quickly get carried away.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
Byleth gives Dorothea a massage that quickly turns into something else.

A smutty oneshot originally written as a commission.
The time that Bernadetta gets to spend with Hubert is always special to her.

A smutty oneshot originally written for a commission.
Annette asks Byleth to teach her something that isn't exactly in the lesson plan.

A smutty oneshot originally written for a commission.
Jeralt takes care of his daughter in many ways.

A smutty oneshot originally written for a commission.
Byleth and Edelgard are reunited; for the latter, it has been years, and for the former, only a day.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
Byleth and Seteth sneak off to the latter's office.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
The costumes really aren't necessary for Seteth to teach Hilda how to put in more effort. Really, in this department, the lessons aren't necessary either, but Byleth isn't complaining.

Another maid and butler story, again written for .
Bernadetta agrees to submit entirely to you and Leonie, happy to have a safe place to work out her desires. Later, she shows the two of you just how much she has grown.

A smutty oneshot with petplay, foot play, and role reversal, originally written for a commission.
The idea was all Edelgard's, though Hubert doesn't mind nearly as much as he may claim.

A smutty oneshot in which Edelgard and Hubert put on maid and butler outfits for Byleth. Originally written for .
Byleth has her ways of inspiring Bernadetta.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
Both Byleth and Manuela have wasted too much time assuming that the other won't be interested.

A smutty oneshot originally written for .
Lately, Bernadetta has had a hard time keeping her desires in check around Hubert.

A smutty oneshot originally written for a commission.
Jeralt pushes Byleth to her limit, and then a bit more beyond that.

Omorashi and watersports, originally written for a commission.
Takumi and Oboro are a little impatient today.

A smutty oneshot originally written for a commission.

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