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Themes: Bondage, Romance, Rough Sex, Oral Sex, Loving Sex

Henry was assigned to be Maid Marian's personal bodyguard, as he was requested to spend the summer with her in a manor house. He thought there was nothing special between him and Marian, that it would be just a holiday. However, Marian had something special for him, which is going to reveal the truth that will unite them forever.

Featuring: Henry from Kingdom Come Deliverance. 
Hiro Hamada has a problem, it involves being a late bloomer, teenage hormones, and the beautiful bountiful goddess known as Gogo Tomago...

...hijinks ensue.
Melody has been stealing glances at her mother's breasts for a while now. Long enough for Ariel to notice, and during a swim together, Ariel decides to show her daughter all the pleasures found under the sea.
Based on a picture by Deuceworld, the Queen is a African woman who is jealous of Snow White's gorgeous body but when she's given a unique item she'll steal all she can to surpass her step-daughter.
A Girl meets world commission: Topanga overhears Riley and Maya talking about her breasts and it brings up some naughty thoughts, she decides to act out these thoughts and take control of the two teens.

Another commission, for inquiries about commissions such as prices, themes and kinks that I write email me at Enjoy the story!
After an unsatisfying life in Auradon with Ben, Mal - daughter of Maleficent - returns to the Isle of the Lost and, after a pleasurable encounter with Harry Hook, sets into motion a plan for revenge against the Heroes of Auradon.

A/N: if anyone goes on and finds an interactive story called Cuckold Crossover, the part with Harry Hook cucking Ben with Mal is written by me so please don't accuse me of plagiarism. Its my work on someone else's story and I'm putting it on here.
Princesses Sophia, Amber, and their mother Queen Miranda show an Ambassador that monarchs honour trade deals. And that there's no better collateral than getting to be between a royal's legs. Except, of course, getting to plough 3 of them. Especially now that the Princesses are old enough.
The queen and princess of Arendelle are throwing a Halloween celebration, but Elsa is still nervous being around Anna's larger bust, as she grows feelings over her younger sister. It's not helped that she's made a habit of stealing her panties, especially ones that are essential to her Halloween costume...
Captain Amelia tries to be a woman of principle and a good leader.

She just needs to let off some stress now and then.

This relief comes in the form of letting Jim Hawkings fuck her brains out.

M/F, Furry, Excessive Cum, Facial, Creampie, 

Merida has a bit of fun outside away from the castle. Taking the moment to unwind and let lose.

Judy Hops accidentally finds out her partner has a massive, knotty cock. She quickly falls down the rabbit hole of depravity as her pent-up goody-two shoes personality finally needs a vent after all these years. And Nick, having a sadistic side, does not mind one bit.

Themes: Anthro/Furry, Knot Worship, Latex Bimbo, Mindbreak/Hypnosis, Dubcon, S/M, Fucked Silly

A preview of one of my Patreon Exclusive Stories.

A peasant girl is kidnapped by the legendary sorceress Maleficent, and enslaved in her isolated castle. Ordinarily this would be a terrible situation, but for whatever reason, Maleficent drives her new pet absolutely wild with lust. This isn't helped by Maleficent using her to relax, or by introducing her to her coven.
Queen Elsa and a lucky guard like to role-play in the bedroom.
In order to infiltrate Auradon Prep, Maleficent schools her daughter Mal in sexual initiation to become a Succubus.

Commissioned by: Greenlion13
Anna has talked Queen Elsa into trying out her special blend, and she's about to take the next step...
Mother Gothel happens upon her sweet little Rapunzel in the middle of some masturbation. Well, what kind of mother would she be if she didn't lend her daughter a helping hand?

Or a helping titfuck?

Futa x MILF (kinda), natch
A yuri orgy with all (or almost) of the Disney princesses and leading ladies.

I knew you were wishing for such to exist. And now, it does!
[Tangled and Frozen] Rapunzel has a problem - her girlfriend Cassandra has a tiny little peanut penis! She's so worried that such a small thing won't satisfy her the first time they have sex that she never thinks about one possibility: that Cass is a grower, not a shower. She's in for one heck of a surprise when she finds herself face to face with the biggest cock in the kingdom!

(Futa/F, Big Cocks, Comedy, Romance, Sexual Exhaustion)
The morning routine. Cinderella gets up early, prepares breakfast, saunters off to tend to her relative. A tray full of breakfast, a cheerful greeting, that is the way the blonde likes to start the day.

Her stepsisters, of course, would rather just slurp milk from her fat tits and have her please their hard futa cocks.
While enjoying her time alone in the ocean, Ariel has a surprising encounter with someone looking exactly like her... Hot things follow (Mermaid x merman)

Written by ()
[Commission Piece] 

After receiving a text from Honey Lemon, Hiro finds both his female teammates waiting for him with a burning question. 'Are you experienced?' 


Threesome, Rimjob, Throatfucking, Dirty Talk, Anal, Submissive, Incest, Pussy Eating, Guy/Female/Female 
An old Frozen story I wrote in 2014. I put some extra work in it referencing the actual script to Frozen. I'm not 100% proud of my old work, but I figured Elsanna is a nice pairing, and I put a lot of work in it back then. That said, be gentle, it's old work.

My old summary: How Anna's talk with Elsa in the ice palace could have gone, and how it would affect their relationship.
When Maleficent amasses power on the brink of war, she offers an invitation. All of the world's Disney princesses are gathered at her palace, and whoever wins a royal tournament gets a chance to defeat the witch herself.
Full of rough and intense combat between the Disney princesses at their darkest and toughest, giving their all for the chance to save their kingdoms.
Story also earned some reward art, so check out the finale for that!
(Due to loss of data from last time, this is a whole new spin on that last fanfic, with some stuff from first chapter here as well, depending on the scene)

When Wendy Corduory finds herself stuck in the land of Mareth, she's far from happy. Oh, well. At least the demon that sent her here says she has 100 days to survive. Not that she's going to waste them.

The real question is, however, if she'll be the same when she comes out?

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