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Day 3 of FanFicFeb

In a dark alley behind a club Jessica Rabbit waits for her usual hold-up by the Toon-Patrol. To get them off her back for good though the two parties first have to strike an interesting deal.
Jessica Rabbit is a bit down on her luck, her job isnt paying and Roger's debts are amounting. Fortunately Horsecock Harley has a solution for her.
Jessica Rabbit readies to bed her new husband on their wedding night, soon discovering that Roger's been hiding a massive secret in his trousers.

KINK KEYWORDS: Cum Inflation, Ahegao, Giant Phallus

A request from Anonymous
Jessica Rabbit gets brought to real life by a ritual performed by a massive (in more ways than one) cult just for the pure purpose of getting used like a toy. 

UPDATE: 05/23/2018


Tags: magical ritual shit, mild transformation, stomach bulge, cum inflation, massive/hyper cocks, throat fucking, bukkake, blowbang, double penetration, gangbang, nipple penetration, impregnation/breeding, mild incest, enlarged/hyper sperm

Hope you all enjoy!
Based on a prompt submitted to me by an anonymous user.

Jessica Rabbit pulls one lucky admirer into her grasp and between her lips.
Certain scenes from the movie featuring Jessica Rabbit having sex.
After Roger's passing Jessica finds solace in another's arms. Also sex.
Jessica Rabbit's big tits finally get her in trouble when an unfortunate tardiness sets off a chain reaction of libidinal passions around her.
Les gros seins de Jessica Rabbit lui attirent enfin des ennuis lorsqu'un retard malencontreux déclenche une tempête de passions libidineuses autour d'elle.

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