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Themes: Big Dick, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: Before she ever met Bob, in her first year as Elastigirl, Helen had an arch nemesis. Read on to find out how she finally took him down and put him behind bars...

- Elastigirl
- Transformation
- Incest
- Mindbreak/Mind Control
- Impregnation

Collab with Shinzu: //
While two villains make their plans to destroy the Incredibles, Mr Incredible and his kids fight a familiar threat while ElastiGirl is home to hold the fort.

Would say that this is one of the darker stories I have ever written, still hope you enjoy it

Marcella Highthorn (milf) © Maxbass
The Incredibles © Brad Bird
What would happen if Elastigirl that faced the guards at Syndrome's base, one was lucky enough to survive and take advantage of a very 'closed' situation? I think we all know the answer.

Contains: Sexual content, Rape, Impreg, and NTR. With later chapters containing Incest, Teen and Yuri.
Helen, Violet, and Dash are captured together... and forced to have a hot, nasty family fuckfest in order to save Metroville!

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An idea I had for what happened after the first Incredibles movie. Hope you like it. 


Themes: Brainwashing, Fucked Silly, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Evelyn wasn't the true mastermind behind Screenslaver after all. No, there was indeed a Super with Mind Control powers... and now that she's failed, Evelyn Deavor can't exactly pay him for his services like she promised. But that's okay. There's other ways for her to pay.
As Violet Parr matures, so do her powers.
She never expected them to change her quite so drastically, though.
And she definitely never expected them to awaken desires she never knew she had...

Transformation / Futa
Brainwashing / Corruption
Permanent intelligence drain
Day six of fan-fic-feb!

Bob Parr is troubled by the dreams of his daughter he'd had that night so when Violet comes downstairs to ask for some morning 'workout help' both of them are left with the feeling that they might want to try something else entirely!
Violet Parr was another teen girl, but her status as a super made her vulnerable to villains with certain tastes. Posing as a counselor Mesmer quickly takes control of the school, forcing Violet to do whatever perverse task he wants, whether it be choking on his foot long cock, or the football team gangbang her before fisting her senseless. Originally part of a commission, but halfway through he pulled out. Not my cup of tea but thought I should submit it.
Violet Parr comes home horny after using her invisibility to spy in the boys locker room. Thankfully she has a few toys, the thought of her dad's huge cock, and a gifted younger brother to help her. All characters are 18 or older.
4,000+ readers!

After the defeat of Syndrome, there's a lot of dangerous technology left lying about on Nomanisan Island, and Harlequin can't let it fall into the wrong hands.  What he gets is more than he bargained for with a sexy, lonely Mirage on one side and a time-traveling bad guys on the other.  (Had to post before Pixar makes my story obsolete with the sequel.)  All chapters posted.

Hetero, oral (male & female), vaginal, consensual sex, violence
A darker alternative to Sins of the Mother in which Dash Parr finds his sister Violet unbearably attractive. After going through high school obsessed with the thought of her, he finally gives in to his urges, whether she likes it or not.

Violet Parr has a problem: she's sexually attracted to her mother. But what she doesn't know is that Helen might be more open to the idea of inter-family "interactions" than she realizes. She quickly discovers that her mom can be pretty creative with her powers of elasticity...

Loosely inspired by series.

A small teaser for a story involving Elastigirl (Helen Parr) and a mad scientist.
Helen Parr aka Elasti-Girl goes undercover as a maid and ends up offering some unexpected Room Service. Inspired by this image by Stickymon. Tags : MILF, Large Cock, Gallons o' Cum.

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