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When the Tall Grass tribe finds an enemy’s daughters spying on them, their chieftain orders her male warriors to punish the girls…all night long.
The strong and well-mannered Ms. Liberty faces her archenemy in a fight for the destiny of the Britannic Empire. This is a short (well, not-so-long) story I wrote for fun; I had been thinking for a while about a Victorian setting for one of my superheroines, as well as an opportunity to write in a more outdated and funny manner. Admittedly, I might have been influenced by playing Strange Brigade. Poppycock and all that sort of things!
Set in the 1800s. A Reverend & his busty blonde daughter go missing, looking to convert natives to Christianity. Her boyfriend and his redheaded terror of a sister come looking for them. Have they been eaten by cannibals or worse...
It all goes about as well as you'd expect :-)
One for the fans of those WIP jungle cannibal movies, like Further Adventures Of Tennessee Buck :-) 
A serialized telling of the centuries of success of the Wardwells- a family that produced strongest, smartest sons in Europe, and maybe even the world. What else would these men do, but whatever they wanted with the women of that world? Yes, all of it. All of Europe built Empires, but nobody does Colonizing like the Wardwells.
An Amazonian Centurion is declared a hero after a vicious battle.
A Japanese prostitute in post-WW2 Yokohama is bought by an American soldier. She muses that American penis very large but Japanese penis oh so tiny. So very small Japanese penis. 

Commissioned by JG.
It is the eve before the battle that will end the war. Lord Commander Aria Schezobraska is anxious, and visits the tent of her lover James for a hand. Written from James's point of view. An erotic short story featuring original characters Aria Schezobraska and James Stromiskar.

Found out more about these characters at !
John, a British explorer has just uncovered a lost tomb on Egypt, and is about to fall into a different kind of trap

(The feminine penis kind)
This story was spread out over 6 posts with the same photo/drawing that got me inspired with this story in the first place.

Other than the setting being in El Dorado, and a girl is kinda the main person in the story, I can't say anything else. Check the tags.
The sun is about to rise on the 20th Century. A Queen watches as a Parliament gains more power, even as a war is won. A new captain has become a hero to the Nation. The two will share a moment, as the great games of the powerful are played.

Beyond, read short tales of Captain Lauren Blackburn.
Cleopatra's daughters are setting out to make their mark on the world. To do so, they will forge many very sexy alliances... Needless to say, they will have plenty of good, wholesome fun along the way. [Sequel to Cleopatra's Harem] [yuri, futa, rape, enslavement] [commission]
Dynasties come and go in Ancient Egypt and the gods tend to rise and fall with them. So in order to restore order Osiris sends an overworked and lonely Anubis to the land of the living in order to kick-start the next Dynasty by impregnating as many mortal woman as he can and maybe find a goddess or two for himself.

Contains: N/C, Impreg, Fucking of Mythological beings, Harems, Cum Inflation, M/and a lot of F, and some Incest depending on how you look at it.
Once Upon a Time in the South, Chapter 01 (from )
Chapter one of an on going epic, with much thanks to my Muse...
Cleopatra and her daughters have been brought a batch of captives--prospective additions to the royal harem. Now, they need only test them and break them in. [rape, orgy, harem, incest, monster girls]
A group of oppressed succubi leads a revolution to liberate the factory enslaved proletariat, all hail General Suckretary of the Lilithian-Communist Party of the Succulent Union Josephia Staliat

Focus on communist-succubi-group-sex.(parody)
On an airship brothel that travels from city to city, the working girls find themselves getting into and out of trouble and fun as the world slides into war. 

Currently, Book 1 and 2 are finished and I have started Book 3.  I will post chapters as I finish them.

If you can think of tags or warnings that should be added, please let me know.  Please Rate and Comment!
A girl, an asylum, a gentle doctor, and a horror beyond words...
A Sassanid Warrior-princess and her beloved companion have to stand together to stop an invasion of their homeland, and of coarse get lots of opportunities to do the dance with no pants along the way.

Chapter zero is set up, so no sex and only mild nudity.
The Great War ended with a human victory - but only thanks to God's smallest lifeform. The common cold killed the Tripod Builders, but not before they left the world in ruins. Now, George Wells - son of a British author living in exile in New York - finds himself caught up in a deadly conspiracy centered on the surviving Red Martians and the hope of a nightmare future which might only be averted with all out war.
From the diaries of Penelope Maidenhead. Join her, her friend Kate, and servant Sita as they travel the world, searching for a cure to Hysteria. The bane of Victorian women, an overactive sexual drive hinders Penelope's chance at a good marriage Will this tropical plant hold a cure? Why does it appear to be moving? What is it doing with those vines?!?

The (possibly) first ever, and possibly the only, Opala x Farah story! Contains INCEST, FUTA, and IMPREGNATION.
People think being royalty is wonderful, but the hours are long, and the work is draining.  There are a few perks that make it worthwhile, though, and a faithful consort never hurts, either. 
Something simple, to start things off here.  A little adventure, a little intrigue, and at the end, a reward for all that non-smutty reading, faithful viewer.
Eighteen years ago, Cleopatra VII Philopater ascended to the throne, becoming Queen of an Egypt subject to the controlling whims of the Grecoroman Empire. Tired of watching her nation's women suffer the indignity of vassalhood, and frustrated at the inaction of the Goddesses of Egypt, Cleopatra takes matters into her own hands. An Erotic Fantasy Thriller, co-authored by Inzomniac.

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