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Themes: Oral Sex, Humiliation, Alien Sex

Summary: Based on this picture by InCase. In which Rey would never have survived on Jakku as just a scavenger. She would have starved a long time ago, if not for The Box.

In an unspecific era of Star Wars, Jedi Apprentice Semaj (an OC) accidentally learns through his Master, Rey (same character, different backstory), that he's really good at a certain Force power...
When Merrin joins the crew. Cal starts to feel something for her and things start to get interesting when get captured by the Second Sister. Trilla.
Cal/Merrin Trilla/Cal Trilla/Merrin Future Trilla/OC 
A Commissioned Piece.
Brianna the handmaiden begins to fantasise about her friend the Jedi Exile. After an intimate sparring match, Brianna has the most intense wet-dream of her life, with her and her beloved mated and married.

Leia held many titles throughout her life. Her son Kylo Ren endows her with the one by which she will be most remembered - and all the duties it entails.

Content Tags : BMod COMPLETE CR Ds Fet HJ Inc MC MF Ms Oral Other Slave
After encountering a pack of tuk'ata hounds who use her as the pack bitch, Leia begins to fall to the dark side.

KINK KEYWORDS: Bestiality, Non-con to Con, Mind-control, Impregnation, Pregnancy
When the Clone Wars began, the promiscuous Aayla Secura was beyond excited that she was going to lead the 327th Star Corps. Now it’s been two years and she’s about to get to know some of those clones even better…

(Maledom, spitroast, creampie, slight wardrobe malfunction)
Bastila's first encounter with the reprogrammed Revan isn't easy but all seems to be going according to the council's plan. Until a memory gives Revan a hint of the truth.
Stories set a long long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away...

To keep my HF stories tidy and in the same category, I put my most popular story on Ao3 (Restless in Space) in the same space as a joke story about Rey fucking a fishman.

Yep. I am going to hell and deserve to lose all my patrons.
A commission of a certain scene in Star Wars: the Last Jedi.  Instead of asking Rey to join him after during their final confrontation, Kylo decides to assert his dominance and show Rey her proper place.

M/F, Rape, Piss, Necro, Watersports, Torture
Perhaps it is new Clone Wars episodes on the horizon, or perhaps it is The Mandalorian TV Show, but I've been juicing to write more Star Wars. This is the culmination of that energy, a story about Ahsoka after she leaves the order. The twist is that I will be looking to you readers and fans to guide the story at choice moment that will cap the chapter.

I hope everyone enjoys this new storyline. 
Tublica, as a Dark Lady of the Sith, is obviously far too busy to get impregnated, even by her pirate lover. But when she finds a woman who looks almost exactly like her, the solution becomes so, so clear.
After the rescue for Han failed, Leia is forced to play slave to Jabba, practically bowing to his will. That includes, naturally, using her alluring body in that sexy slave costume to please him whenever he wanted. Commissioned story.


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As Rey sneaks out of interrogation, she mind controls the trooper to drop his guard and his blaster. What else can she get him to drop?

Contains: M/F
After Order 66 had taken place, Padme had gone into hiding, protected by Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano. After Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader and exterminated all the Jedi, Padmé went on the run, Ahsoka Tano guiding her as her personal protector...

A Patreon Story
Holdo is bored on a diplomatic mission.
A beautiful Jedi Master puts three of her students to the final test
What steps led Oola to her fateful dance the night Luke arrived at Jabba's Palace? What indignities must she have suffered, to be willing to defy her master's demands? Let's find out.

An innocent question leads to an impromptu sharing of sexual knowledge between species.

Tags: Futanari/Hermaphrodite, Star Wars, Xeno, Unique Cocks, Blood, Masochism, Casual, Exhibitionism, Public, Handjob, Masturbation
Mission distracts Bastila from her Jedi duties before Juhani joins them.

Contains: Anal, F/F, Futa, Rimming.
Leia, still reeling from the emotional whiplash of everything that's happened since the Tantive received the stolen Death Star plans, finds escape in the arms of an old friend from Aldaraan, putting on her own private ceremony in the Yavin temple great hall. Written as a commission.

Tags: Emotional Sex, Vaginal Sex, Doggy Style, Big Dick, Blowjob, Facial, Creampie
The young Mandalorian Sylee just finished her training and has been accepted as a warrior of her tribe. Some of her peers, however, disagree and she will have to prove herself, before being fully accepted.

Takes place during the old republic. 

Also going to be mostly focused on sex. I'll try to keep the chapters shorter, since people seem to prefer that.

PS: I will be continuing the other star wars story, just wanted to mix things up.
Asha, a Twi'lek Jedi knight, manages to survive the attempted purge of Order 66. Now, she and a young masterless padawan named Del Xedic must escape from Coruscant and find safe passage to the Outer Rim territories. But will she and Del get along as they're forced to hide their true Jedi status, and travel as master and slave?
The journey of Sky the acolyte as she struggles to become a sith. Will she succeed or end up as someone's sex slave?

Trying to build the story to accommodate one sex scene per chapter. 
A Sith lord decides that a plan offered to her could use some refining. OCs. CW: mind control, death, no actual smut

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