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What if Kylo Ren wasn’t an immature idiot, and the First Order’s Troopers were actually trained to deal with Force users? Where would Rey be then? This story basically runs from one hour and thirty minutes in the Force Awakens and onwards into the Last Jedi.

Perspective: Male antagonist.
Themes: Heavy gag and restraints, abuse, loss of virginity, humiliation, mind rape, loss of identity, mind break, body rape, character death.
Bit different, than my other work. This is a teaser to a original story i worked on, but didn't finish.

There's no sex in this, only some fight and violence. To transfer a fight scene from my mind into the words is quite hard for me. So it may be crude and confusing (nothing new with my work, probably).

I'm willing to expand this story, if people show interest. Otherwise, I'll leave it as is.
Star Wars: What if Anakin's lover wasn't Padme, but young Ahsoka Tano? When on a mission together, the two fear that this might be the end. Feelings come to light, and the two make love, not caring about differences between species or the Jedi Code. Includes: Age difference, Monster girl, and romance.

Random sex stories with characters from all over Star Wars! Including EU and Disney Canon. Basically any characters that I feel like writing about. Not sure how often I'll update. But I'll try my best.
[font="Lucida]Cara and the Mando are on the trail of the Child's species. When pursuing a lead on a remote planet, they're ambushed by a creature with special plans for Cara.
Jabba makes use of Leia, and subjects her to more of his advances as they approach the Sarlacc pit, just before hi untimely death.
So this is kind of just a random idea, but I think people will have fun with it. I like the Sabine character, but sometimes... well things just always feel like a little too much for her. Curse of TV characters I know, but I started thinking like... what if it was all an Imperial trick?

So here we go based on that random line of thought. Hope people will find something to enjoy with where I take this tale.
Queen Apailana of Naboo relieves some stress with a self-love session after an emotional and somber day.  Takes place during the very end of Star Wars: Episode III, shortly after the rise of the Empire. 
During the rescue of Hera Syndulla, the Lothal fuel supply was destroyed. Grand Admiral Thrawn is not happy and personally carries out Governor Pryce's punishment...

Takes place during Star Wars Rebels 4x11 and originally inspired by  picture by InquisitorSpurius
[Star Wars] Three Jedi walk into a bar...and find a human named Rey chained up in between the urinals.

So they do what any good Jedi would do: piss on her and have a little fun. Who would've ever thought that Ahsoka, Aayla, and Barriss could be so mean spirited?

(Futa/F, Group Rape, Watersports, Piss Drinking, Free Use Slut)
I can't say the new trilogy knocked my socks off, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few fun ideas in there. What would happen if the First Order was actually competent and could keep hold of Rey once they've captured her? It would be a very different tale (in 5 chapters).
Set in the 9th movie, Rey ends up killing Kylo and going to fight the Emperor alone instead of speaking with Luke. She loses, badly, but is convinced along another path. A path on her knees before her Emperor.
Ysanne Isard takes a break from her duties as de facto ruler of the Empire to have a tryst with Imperial Agent Kirtan Loor.
Set after the conclusion of Episode 9, Rey needs some time to relax. She decides to retrace the journey of her mentor, Luke Skywalker, from his origins on Tattooine all the way to Endor. 

Unfortunately, her story has its own share of hurdles and struggles. Namely getting fucked by almost everything from Mos Eisely to Dagoba
Rey meets her fate in a duel against Kylo Ren in the snowy forest, and is never the same again
With a very special birthday coming up Ahsoka Tano is invited to a celebratory meditation session/life lesson.
[Feel free to leave a comment by the way I'd love to hear what you think of my work]
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The Former Matriarch of my Sith Clan in SWTOR is a Debauched Hedonist & combo Entertainer/Executioner for the Hutt Cartel. She is a comical character in Roleplays & has outstayed her welcome many times.  This story will feature the lewd drunken shenanigans of Sith Pureblood Bounty Hunter Azul'de & her Fuckit List of every sentient species in the galaxy. Featuring Guest Stars from my ERP. Enjoy the smut and references!  I will also take requests.
Two stories where, as the title says, some creatures of Star Wars have some fun with Iden and Rey respectively
Commission based on an AU. It follows the Alternate Ending of the Revenge of the Sith Game. After killing Obi-wan and Palpatine, Vader takes over the Empire and enjoys the benefits. One of the greatest challenges is the building a group of Force-Sensitive warriors. Thankfully, there are many females for him to conquer. 


Themes: Oral Sex, Humiliation, Alien Sex

Summary: Based on this picture by InCase. In which Rey would never have survived on Jakku as just a scavenger. She would have starved a long time ago, if not for The Box.

In an unspecific era of Star Wars, Jedi Apprentice Semaj (an OC) accidentally learns through his Master, Rey (same character, different backstory), that he's really good at a certain Force power...
When Merrin joins the crew. Cal starts to feel something for her and things start to get interesting when get captured by the Second Sister. Trilla.
Cal/Merrin Trilla/Cal Trilla/Merrin Future Trilla/OC 
A Commissioned Piece.
Brianna the handmaiden begins to fantasise about her friend the Jedi Exile. After an intimate sparring match, Brianna has the most intense wet-dream of her life, with her and her beloved mated and married.

Leia held many titles throughout her life. Her son Kylo Ren endows her with the one by which she will be most remembered - and all the duties it entails.

Content Tags : BMod COMPLETE CR Ds Fet HJ Inc MC MF Ms Oral Other Slave
After encountering a pack of tuk'ata hounds who use her as the pack bitch, Leia begins to fall to the dark side.

KINK KEYWORDS: Bestiality, Non-con to Con, Mind-control, Impregnation, Pregnancy

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