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[Peach x Futa Bowsette]

Peach humiliates and toys with Bowsette, only for Bowsette to get angry and flip the situation on her.

*Note: Contains reference to "Super Princess Peach" gameplay mechanics* :P

[Futanari x Female] [Femdom] [Humiliation] [Rough Play] [Oral] [Anal] [Deepthroat/Gagging] [Dubious Consent] [Pegging] [Vaginal] [Foot Worship] [Lesbian Rimming]

Themes: Rough Sex, Breeding, Fucked Silly

Summary: Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser again. But is all what it seems?

A catfight between Peach and Pauline from the Mario series. who will win The princess of the mushroom kingdom or the Mayor of new donk city.
As always feedback is appreciated I hope you enjoyed it.
After Samus saves her from the King of Koopas, Princess Peach is insistent that she repay the bounty hunter some way, and the extremely virile Samus has an ideas as to how she can do that.
Princess Peach's kingdom is getting further and further into debt. Fortunately for her Wario is more than willing to lend her some money. Of course with Wario everything has a catch and soon Peach finds herself accepting a proposition she cannot refuse. 
This is a generic description written up because I kept exceeding 500 chars for description so the actual description will be in the beginning of the story *grumbling about not being able to have fun*
Peach gets fucked by Bowsette and Mario shows up at some point, there, short and sweet.

Contains: Mario Bros Parody, Futa, Cuckold, Slight bondage, Genderbending, Male-on-Female, Futa-on-Female
Princess Peach travels to the Human World to assist those in need. Is she willing to do whatever it takes to help people, even if it means her throat is used as their personal mouthpussy?
A requested rematch based on my first ever wrestling story. When the video game wrestling leagues start to merge, an old grudge is revived between Peach and Tifa.
Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, pilloried, and fucked by his underlings before the king takes his pleasure.

Contents: F/M+ gangbang, pillory, large cocks, lots of cum, light cumflation.
His lust for women to break and bend doesnt stop at his world forcing him to see out new fresh women to conquer and tame. 
A series of crossover specials where Zeltor meets new bitches to fuck.

Commissioned by the amazing 
Peach, Daisy, Pauline and Bowsette try out the new board game at a party, put through some kinky dares to win.
Kuupa, a descendent of the Mushroom Kingdom's scourge, is set to take up the mantle of terrorising the Kingdom. She hopes to accomplish this for herself, and for her inexplicably-human little brother who is destined to oppose her.

Surely the heir to the legendary Bowser won't be held back  by her inborn desire to be a babymaker for her brother? 

Bowser gets his hands on the Super Crown, but while it gives Bowsette the strength to go toe to toe with Mario, it also implants some long pent-up desires of a certain Mushroom Princess. And the longer she tries to suppress them, the more firmly they eventually take hold.
Yup. We're doing this. ^_^

Tired of Bowser kidnapping her, Peach finally decides to take a new approach with the beast, letting her take her crown to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. With just one catch...

Tags: transformation | lesbian |public display |squirting

A commission I did
One of the rare futa Ones

Peach Vs Zelda in a futa form
Winner gets knocked up
This will be the first of a few, or many, chapters of what happens when a Boo happens to meet a sleeping Princess Peach...

I do not own any of the characters from Super Mario. They belong to Nintendo.

All characters are over 18.
A trip in the wayback machine to my first dirty story ever. The royalty of the Mushroom Kingdom goes up against the rebellious and busty Final Fantasy brawler.
[Mario Bros] Princess Peach surprises Bowser with a special wedding anniversary gift: a three-princess blowjob! Thankfully Daisy and Rosalina weren't too busy to drop by and suck a massive dragon man cock.

(F/F/F/M, Cock Worship, Oral, Cumplay)
Shantae, Sky and Rotty get sent across dimensions.

Meanwhile, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy notice a giant warp hole spit out the three Sequin Land heroines and beauties. After making sure they are alright, the princesses and the heroines quickly connect and decide to have a slumber party. Of course, it's going to be one hell of a sexy all girl night!

Themes: Consensual, Gangbang, Breeding, Bukkake

Summary: Mario and Cappy go off to another Kingdom to get more Moons, leaving Peach to have a girl's night with her 'good friend' Pauline. Of course, then Pauline tells Peach all about what she does for fun around here... the Princess will never be the same again.

[MxF, Big Ass, Ass Play, Anal, Vaginal, Cowgirl, Prone Bone, Foreplay Heavy]

Short one-shot story spurring from somebody's request on 4chan.

Anon interrupts Peach as she's playing a new Mario game while in her pajamas, and they bet on who's the better player. The truth: they're both terrible. But not that it matters, because things escalate in a matter of minutes.
Set during the events of "Paper Mario," A nearly defeated Bowser has wished himself back to the start of the game's events. Now, armed with a new plan, Bowser will ensure that he defeats Mario and makes Princess Peach his own. He just needs to make sure that when the plumber comes to save the day, the Princess doesn't WANT to be rescued.

And all it will take is a few well-placed wishes.
Mockingly grimdark setting of a dismal, post-apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario is long-since dead and Princess Peach rides alone scavenging for scrap to sell and avoiding the various factions and bounty hunters who'd want her dead if they found out where and who she was. When a new kid appears to fall from the sky, she comes to refer to him mainly as "Player."
Goofy puns and references abound while pretending it's dead serious.
Princess Peach is now a tyrannical dickgirl queen and a massive pervert. She enjoys nothing more than abusing and humiliating her dozens of crossdressing maid servants, subjecting them to whatever kinky fantasies she can imagine. Enjoy day to day glimpses into her world of power, luxury, and sex.
Exhausted after a long day at court Peach wants nothing more than to spend some time with her favorite plumber. But when she finds him with another she sets off to find a partner that can sate her desires.

Commissioned by ChadCastle26.

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