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Suppressing a memory from his childhood, Jeremy has made it through life forgetting how it even happened, or that he was at fault. But upon meeting the sorcerer Zatanna in a most surreal environment, it's only the beginning of his steps to his destiny.
Wonder Woman's last Night in the states
Mari Macabe is Bruce Wayne's guest to a Wayne Foundation Gala. When they both disappear fairly early into the party, most of the guests have a pretty good idea what they are up to. For once, they're right. Quick little Batman/Vixen smut story.

Tags: Stripping, Blow Job, Cunnilingus, Sex on a Desk, Cowgirl, Creampie

Commission for: JediJay
Cheshire is free of the league of shadows and goes into business for herself, her goals, Recruit a new army of assassins, and Fuck any hot babe in the ass until they join her 
Sort of a follow up to the 'Clandestine Conjugal' story.

Sorry its a month late guys.

Your critiques and comments are welcome.
Your Likes & Faves even more so

Wonder Woman should have remembered that blessings are not all powerful, nor unconditional. And that she's not the only one to have them.

Now, Batman and Superman need to remind her that. And if she doesn't like the lessons... all the better!

Dedicated to KateTheSorceress and her marvelous filth.

Warning; there is a lot of female pain and a good amount of male pleasure. But the opposites are effectively absent.
A little parody fan-fic based on 2 D.C.U


Your critiques and comments are welcome.
Your Likes & Faves even more so

The many exploits of Krypto the Super-dog, and Ace the Bat-hound, as they join forces and team up with the many heroines(and sometime villainesses) of the DC universe, in this pulpy short-story serial.

Note: This is a commissioned series; credit goes to: //
Drop him a thank you note, if you enjoyed it.

Comments welcome. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for reading.
Diana finds herself in need of some Sex that's what her Lover is for.
[Justice League] After succeeding at a challenge offered by Zeus, Diana Prince earns a truly remarkable reward: an island all her own that will remain untouched by war and strife. Those that she chooses to live there will enjoy eternal life...but they will all need to acknowledge her as the ruler, as well as become willing members of her harem.

The hunt for the most desirable of the DC girls begins.

(Futa/F, Harem)
Wonder Woman is offered an opportunity to star in a film, but when the director tells her that her chest is too small for the role, how far will she be willing to go for the part?
When ancestral outcasts return to her island, Wonder Woman volunteers to duel their leader in a sexual contest to prevent a war.
Lex patted himself on the back. Not only has he gotten his arch enemy, superman in chains, he also now has the lovely super girl in his office. All to himself. Ready to pound his face in. Just like he planned. 

Tags: Rape, Blackmail, anal


This is a series of Stories where Wonder Woman and possible other heroines get caught and fucked by several different villains am willing to take request
Commission for Shazam89

After his encounter with Huntress and Harley Quinn, Nate is invited to Huntress' room for a one-on-one session with her. 
He arrives to find that it will actually be a two-on-one with a certain robotic woman...

Futa / male and futa on futa
Double anal penetration
Urethra play / cum injections / cock and ball inflation
Wonder Woman catches a lungful of Mister Mind's spores, and then proceeds to act erratically and completely out of character for the rest of the day. Fortunately? Harley finds her, and while kind enough to protect her identity exploits her nonetheless. No explicit sex or much of anything graphic, actually!

A commission!
Commission for Shazam89

Nate is laying low after his recovery at Titans Tower, but he couldn't be more bored.
Maybe a little alone time with Harley Quinn is what he needs to unwind...

Rough sex
Futa / frotting
Excessive pre-cum / urethra play
Maxima (from Superman:TAS 'Warrior Queen' episode), decided to pursue an all-girl harem to please herself.

The 'harem ladies': a sizeable number of DCAU's best heroines and vilainesses.

Series currently in halt. Possibly returning soon. Written in partnership with a co-write
Wonder Woman interrupts Batman for an impromptu sparring match, before taking her prize. Batman.

Themes: Mind Control, Gangbang, Dom/Sub, Master/Slave

Summary: Based heavily off of the Justice League Unlimited episode “Grudge Match,” where Sonar, a C-List villain, is revealed to be able to control heroines minds via their communicators. In the episode, the heroines are simply used for cage fights. This commission is going to involve the more obvious route instead.
Wonder Woman must venture into the lair of a Sex God to get a hold of a powerful waepon, however she may have bit off more then she can chew.
The DC Erotic Canon is a new master-thread for all of my DC Comics-oriented stories. All of these stories take place in order and in the same "universe."

Ecstasy on Havania (Starfire/Bleez, fu/fu)
Valentine's Day with Harley Quinn (Wonder Woman/Harley Quinn, fu/F)
Genetic Attraction (Power Girl/Supergirl, fu/fu)
Christmas Competition (PG/Starfire/Atlee, fu/fu/fu)
Summer, Winter (Misfit/Black Alice, fu/fu)

More tags per chapter!
I stole this chapter from Saren's interesting Amazo vs. the DC Universe.
His Mera chapter was by far the most interesting to me, and because my brain is sick I rewrote it in my style. I focus pretty heavily on her as opposed to Amazo, or at least, I tried to.

If I need to take it down I will.
A Christmas story a little late. A genderswapped Darkseid ( kind of based on ) falls for a human boy, and the dark goddess of a conqueror slowly starts to soften up.
Artemis is captured and made to worship an alien queens feet.

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