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Summary: Having looked forward to marrying Harry for years and having built up Harry as a sex god, Ginny proves severely disappointed on their wedding night when he proves... lacking. The Weasley maiden takes matters into her own hands.

Themes: Futa/Male, Futa Groom/Sissy Wife, Sissification/Feminization, BDSM/Femdom, Cock Worship, Magical Enhancement


Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Harry goes Dark.
[Mega crossover] Spurred by the death of Sirius, Harry decides to bring the fight to Voldemort and abandon Dumbledore's plan for him. A magic mirror opens in the basement of Grimmauld Place, a portal into other dimensions and where Harry finds a magic that can give him an edge. With a loyal Hermione by his side, Harry's only plan for war is to build a harem from women of worlds both his and across realities, to meet the Dark Lord with a power he can never overcome: love. Anonymous commission.
Reader Request

Pansy's just discovered Ginny's most intimate secret, and now finds herself in quite the position of power over the sixth year. When confronted with an offer she can't refuse, how will the red-head manage to keep her head above the panty line?

The answer: she won't.
A dark and stormy evening in the Forbidden Forest turns out to be enough time to change things between a young and stacked Minerva McGonagall and James Potter, and soon she's gone from seeing him as a problem student to a stud!

This story was made possible by a commission from LordofBones!

Etiquette demands that the Malfoy men invite Lord Potter to all of their social gatherings. He never misses a chance to visit their home, nor enjoy the company of their wives. (Harry/Astoria/Narcissa, cuckolding)

Not sure how long this will be, but there will be at least one more chapter for sure.

I'm open for commissions.  More information is available on my profile if you're interested.
Minister Daphne Greengrass always gets what she wants. Tonight, she wants to take a handsome young Brazilian stud back to her office for a private afterparty. (Daphne/Harry/Original Male Character)

This fic was written on commission.  If you'd like a commission of your own, get in touch!
Patron Reward

Summary: Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson coerce Luna Lovegood into being their personal pet in their bid for a power move in Hogwarts.

Themes: Fucked Silly, Cum Dumpster, Femdom, Magical Futas/Female, Threesome, BDSM, Large Toys, Shrinking, Dubcon

Lonely Harry is given the best possible gift by Lavender and Parvati on his 21st birthday.

Themes: Roleplay, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which it's Harry's birthday, and his lovely wife Hermione has plans for how to celebrate.

What does Bill Weasley do when he returns home and discovers his wife in bed with another man? See if they need any help, of course. (Bill/Fleur/Harry)
Daphne Greengrass decides to tease Harry during the Slug Club meeting, which doesn't escape her ex-boyfriend's notice. What follows is an afternoon none of them will ever forget. (Daphne/Harry/Blaise)
Harry loves sleeping with Tonks, but he's decided it's past time for him to stop being so passive and show her what he's made of.
this story is born from all the Plot bunnies attacking me in my main story. Harry and Voldemort doing battle over various realities.this one will be over the top, smut and fan service and all the stuff I seek to shed out of My main story so not have it overwhelmed.
This is the full story behind the Harry Potter picture series "Educational Decree Number 69" drawn by artist Eccentrix (// and commissioned by myself.

It happens during Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts. The Ministry of Magic is proclaiming many "Educational Decrees" in Hogwarts to restrict the freedoms of the students.

They were 29 Educational Decrees in the original story.

But what if there was ... a Number 69?
Having caught the snitch and dealt with the media, a victorious Harry is ready for a nice, long shower. But the opposing seeker has other ideas.

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Free Use

Summary: In which Harry wins the war far more decisively than in canon. 

In a world where wizards have been freely using witches for centuries a disgruntled Hermione Granger is attending Hogwarts School of Magic. Every day the boys have their way with the willing female students but they've never touched Hermione. She's tired of being treated like a second-class witch but will she regret demanding equal treatment?
Willing female free use, male dominance, public sex, rough sex and may at times allude to incest or have touches of bondage, watersports or S&M.
Part of the Liverpool Serenade Series

Hermione finally gets what she's been panting for, and the new family gets ready to return to Hogwarts

Please Check Out My
Bill Stevens grew up as a muggle and even after a few years in the world of magic, he's struggling to adapt. He's about to flunk out of Hogwarts, and it's up to his cute tutor to make sure he passes.

But when he accidentally discovers a spell for mind control, his grades become the least of his priorities.

Fred and George give Harry the Marauders' Map to get into Hogsmeade unseen. How do they extract their payment from him?
Cormac McLaggen confronts Harry Potter after failing to get the position of Keeper. Three stories of the same scenario, but with different conclusions.

Commissioned By: Anonymous.

Even the purest of individuals being tainted by its evil's touch. For Hermione Granger, such an occurrence will only result in her endless torment.

Warning VERY DARK! 
This story is genderbend or genderswitch through all the chapter filled with one-shot.

Part of the Liverpool Serenade Series (Sequal to Get Back)  For Previous Chapters, please see my story "Please, Please Me!)

Written on Commission


The Pool Party begins and we find out what's up with Emma?

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