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In an alternate universe, Jill Valentine isn’t the heroine she seems. She mostly survives by virtue of her partners, offering the few skills she has along the way. As Raccoon City falls, Steve Burnside is about to see what those skills are.

Commission for Mystery Street
This Story follows Sheva Alomar's vacation in the United States. Receiving a distress call from a Native American Reservation, the busty, black BSAA agent answers the call...And soon finds herself on the receiving end of a hung, native american monstercock.

Notice: This is a Halloween story and may contain some disturbing content. Read at your own risk...
The events of Resident Evil 6 go off the rails when the C-Virus starts turning men into sex-crazed, well-hung, mindless monsters -- and gives women the ability to control them, as well as a powerful addiction to their cocks and cum.  Because why not?

(Dubcon of the "sex pollen" variety.)

Chapter 1:  Helena Harper gets infected, and gets ideas.

Chapter 2:  Ingrid Hunnigan, Leon's mission control, gets a visit from a newly corrupted Helena.
Excella Gionne is used to getting what she wants, and unfortunately for them what she wants usually isn't what they want.
|| Commission for a client.

This story contains: mild coercion, oral, spitroasting, messy cumshots, excessive cumshots, threesome, mmf.

Rebecca Chambers thinks all is well and the past is set behind her, up until a knock at the door leads to a rude interruption she won't soon forget. Two Tyrants attempt to get the upper hand on Rebecca, but will she overcome their lewd approach?
Resident Evil 5

Excella Gionne seems to have it all: she's beautiful, brilliant, and the CEO of Tricell's Africa research division. Yet the one man she desires, Albert Wesker, seems to have no interest in her. 

Luckily, Tricell performs human experiments. Meaning that Excella has all the black cock she could ask for waiting in the cells. Now for a way to get one of those black brutes to want to fuck her...

Commissioned by a person wishing to remain anonymous. 
Each chapter will be a snapshot focusing on corruption, breeding, pregnancy, oviposition, birthing, lactation, and all other related themes. Readers beware: there will be blood. Not every scenario is noncon, but some will end in a gory death. Each chapter will be tagged appropriately.

Feel free to leave feedback! I am always trying to improve my writing, any constructive criticism is much appreciated!
Set in an alternate universe where Leon met Ada Wong and Claire Redfield long before the Raccoon City incident. When the Raccoon City outbreak occurs and people are infected with the S-Virus, Leon is forced to watch as his Girlfriend Ada and his best friend Claire are captured by the notorious Mr.X who is more than happy to show baby faced Leon how pathetic he really is.

Warning, Hardcore cucking ahead!
Nothing witty for the title, sue me.

So for now this will feature Clair getting busy in REmake 2 with a few of the ladies therein. Maybe I'll expand it to other games as well? But I hope you all enjoy this.
Over the course of a brutal night, Ada Wong is broken by machines, sex toys, and zombies. She is broken, and turned into a mating machine for BOWs until she finally learns to love it. Includes: Non Con, Mind Break, Bad End. 

Claire infiltrated the secret Umbrella lab, and the plants take a liking to her.

(lots of mind breaking cunnilingus.)
Rebecca's a rising star eager to do anything for her career, even if it means coming into the office of a superior officer to earn 'favours'. And your particular idea of favours involves her getting herself into that cute basketball outfit she wears so well. Anonymous commission, reader if of unspecified gender but has a penis.
Sheva Alomar visits a Hong Kong businessman only to become the latest victim of his specially designed Umbrella virus.

KINK KEYWORDS: Non-Con/Rape, Mind-Control, Impregnation/Pregnancy
In which a brainwashed RE6 Sherry is fucked by an increasingly degenerate series of men she all thinks are Leon. Commissioned by anonymous.

WARNING: Piss stuff.
A retelling of RE2 remake with a loooot of fucking in it.
Consider this a mini-game or something.

My first (and most likely only) comm. They gave me free reign, but it wouldn't have been me if I didn't make it weiiiiird.

Transformation and cumflation and machines, I guess. And derps.
Jill Valentine's Capture at the hands of Albert Wesker left Jill with a huge futanari dick. Engaging in a relationship with fellow Racoon City Survivor Claire Redfield, Jill shows Claire that her bitch-taming monstercock isn't the only surprise she has in store for Claire.

Commissioned by Roxas
Claire Redfield encounters a copy of herself that tries to hinder her escape from the police station. And the strange encounter raises many questions about her actions.
This is a guest story written by my good buddy AllenKnott3, with two sex scenes in the second chapter written by yours truly.

The story takes place in Dimension 185 and is an amalgamation of the Resident Evil's films and video games. Characters are present from both continuities, along with other characters from other similar franchises, and newly created characters.

(multiple cocks, mind break, harem, breeding)
As a tie-in with Kingsway , I will be writing a story inspired by his works. It will follow the heroines of Resident Evil as they grapple with a mysterious new affliction that makes monsters uninterested in them as a snack... well, the munch munch kind of snack. Though the content features gross monsters, there is no protagonist guro!
This is the backstory of Victoria Holgrave. A once missing young adult that reappears in the Tall Oaks Outbreak. 

locations: Tall Oaks, [TBA]

If you would like to support the story development and allow me to write full time, please support my multifaceted Patreon~
This is a story based on the Resident Evil series by Capcom – with a bit of reference to Rockstar’s GTA3 as well. All characters used without permission.
This story contains beastiality, extreme stretching, NC, mind control and… well, I guess you could call it necrophilia. If you know Resident Evil, you’ll know what I mean. Either way, if you don’t wanna read it, don’t. If you wanna read it, go ahead and have fun.
A short trio of stories I did to accompany animations made by noname55, you can support his work on his Patreon:
Commission: Agent Lupo is separated from her squad and has to hide out in an armored truck with a random collage student for a few days before an evac team can come get her. How will the two pass the time?
Buy me a coffee!!  
In an alternate dimension of the resident evil universe, the male gender does not exist. Males characters like Chris or Wesker are swapped with female versions of them, and the female characters like Jill or Rebecca are now futanaris. Only 1 in 50 are born futanaris. 

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