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Third part of a personal commission for Draenicdelight!

Jaelynn Duskbloom's power grows, and Ayase Winterglaive - a mature, intense Warden - seeks to investigate the younger Sentinels rise in both partners and personal growth...

Contains: Futa x Female, Mindbreaking, Breeding, Intense Oral, Vaginal, themes revolving a MASSIVE cock, and multiple messy finishes!
Elise jacks you off, because you deserve it and you do what she tells you to. For now.

(Elise/reader with a penis, mommy dom, jacking off, dirt talk)
In an alternate universe lies the planet Kalindra, which is home to many different peoples from both Azeroth and Toril. On this world lives a middle-aged Draenei Mage by the name of Arina Essyth. Her dark and abusive past has haunted her for decades, driving her to fantasize about many different terrible and twisted things. But she's never had the guts to actually try some of the disturbing things she's dreamed of, at least not yet…
Patreon commission tier reward for Micah!

Lilyana Brown finds herself manipulated by the female Satyr Zaer Felseed - becoming her horse cock slut!

Contains: Futa x Female, themes of sheathplay, cock worship, manipulation, ass worship, anal, extreme amounts of cum with slight inflation, and a lewd expulsion of the copious amount of seed!

Summary: King Anduin Wrynn has been advised to marry and father an heir from one of the many eligible women of the Alliance to secure Stormwind's future. Only... The best candidate happens to be his Auntie Jaina.

Themes: Pseudo-Incest, Hardcore Fucking, Impregnation, Oral, Marriage, MILF
Patreon Tier reward for TheRandomOne!

Arion Sunswell comes to a crossroads when he needs to interrogate a Kaldorei. Will he have the spine to stand up to his prisoner, or will the well hung, beautiful Sentinel get the best of him?

Check out the previous chapter!

Contains: Futa x Male, verbal abuse, oral, degradation, and a messy finish - of course!
A man returns from service to find his home gone and his city unwilling to help, but luckily he finds his place in the arms of a stranger.
Just an excerpt from a story I've been working on.  Based on the "What if you woke up one day as your WoW character in the real world" premise.

Everything I start to write eventually ends up as erotica at the very least.  If you can get through me trying to stick to a plot, there will be sexy fun-times.
Private Commission for bubba121212!

Zahrine is a powerful Priestess of the guild Fearless, and feels a general lack of respect from her guildies. It was only when she leaves and has to return with her tail between her legs does she realize she had made the worst - or best - mistake of her life...

Contains: Male x Female, Multiple Themes of Degradation, Bimbofication, Oral, Anal, and BIG COCKS.
Elisande is from the tabletop warcraft (homemade, as I'm a game designer) RPG campaign that has been going on for many years. The stories skip time but tell of her romances both when alive and as a Death Knight (she was quite a romantic when she lived, but quickly embraced her slutty side once turned). I will be adding other chapters later. 
Xolotla, the Darkspear troll death knight, has been called upon to repay her debt to the Zandalari Empire by recovering a hallowed treasure stolen by a brazen human pirate: a mysterious blue necklace. As she and her two Zandalari companions chase after the corsair and her precious cargo, they encounter the bizarre, alluring, and hypnotic secrets hiding among the distant islands of the South Seas.
After getting separated from his party the Lightforged Priest Hanlet finds out something about himself he never knew.

(Lightforged X Zandalari)
(M x M)
Random story about Jaina Proudmoore and Alexstrasza. (Warcraft) Warning low quality. 
The story of Draenei Shaeila and Troll Tzun'Talai, as their journy begins. 

Visist my page to read more stories at
This is a recent story I wrote or at least earlier this year and for now the last story I write using other people's o/c's. Thought it would be fun to write a story and have you the pervy reader :P fill in the blanks and takes place on Azeroth

Marcella Nightwalker (c) Maxbass
Cali'Fon (c) Sinister
Cavalina Dawnwalker (c) CavDirshel
You have recently taken a job as a guard at an archaeological dig-site in Uldum. There you meet Elise Starseeker.
This is going to be a small collection of random World of Warcraft themed one shots.

Chapter 1: Broken Pride, tells the tale of Jaina Proudmoores life as a wow boss. (Gangbang, non-con, mindbreak)

Chapter 2: Slut of Elune, details an encounter between Tyrande and Sylvanas, as the two try to settle their differences (Catfight, Domination, Dub-con) 

Chapter 3: Fading Light, (Lesbian Gangbang, mind control, tentacles)
After being punished for missing his shift on guard duty Thoim Deepsteel gets bored at his new post and prays for someone to save him from the mind numbing work.
Patreon commission for Anon!

Alexandra Steele is a Paladin of renown prestige and faith to the Light; that is until her addiction to corruptive cum overtakes her. This brings her to a seedy, underground gloryhole to suck off two demonic shestuds and bringing herself to embrace her hunger for their corrupted seed...

Contains: Futa x Female, Corruption, Addiction, Degradation, Gloryhole Fun, Split-roasting, and a messy finish!
A chronicle of the end of the Sin'dorei people after a successful Worgen invasion of Quel'thalas following the events of the Battle for Lordaeron.

Contains: Worgen on Elf, Knots, Wolf-Dicks, Cock Worship, Cum drinking, Mild Degradation, Tattoos, Mind Break and Male to Female via the use of some sketchy alchemy.

Done by request, might add further chapters if the story garners interest.
A human relic hunter delivers her latest haul to a Tol'vir curator seeking Titan Artifacts. Will they be able to agree upon a price when she doesn't want to accept the standard fee?

Contains Loving, Cuddling, Pro Negotiating Tactics, and oh yes, a big honking Tol'vir railing a human.

Done as a request for a friend.
An exhausted Blood Knight is taken prisoner by a slim Ren'dorei frost mage. Can she get back to where she belongs?

Contains Mind Break/Mind Control, Yuri, use of Void creature dildos and mild Ren'dorei/Sin'dorei racism.

Prompt done at a friends request, hope you guys enjoy!
In an AU version of Azeroth, a down-on-her-luck Valeera Sanguinar has to make end's meet serving as a bunny girl waitress in Neo Orgrimmar's hottest new casino. Commissioned by fblvka.

Following her defeat at the hands of Horde adventurers Torgus and Korlain, Vanessa VanCleef has been forced to languish in the Stormwind Stockades as the guard's favorite spunky little cumdump. However, no cage can hold a Defias for long, no matter how much dick she has to go through to earn her freedom. Commissioned by anonymous.

Patreon Tier reward for TheRandomOne!

Booty Bay is a terrible place for a slip of the tongue, and Arion Sunswell now has to deal with an arrogant bruiser seeking to abuse his visit for her own gain...

Check out the previous chapter!

Contains: Futa x Male, Blackmail themes, degradation, oral, and a messy finish!

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