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As relations with the Bloodtotem tribes waver for the Horde, Arion Sunswell is sent to improve diplomatic relations... one way, or another.

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Contains: Futa x Male, verbal abuse, cock and ball worship, and intense amounts of teasing!
(reupload) Night elf archaeologist Elise is trying to solve a puzzle box relic centered around the Old God N’Zoth, but she may not like what happens when Madame Lazul, acolyte of the Old Gods, ‘helps’ her solve it…
WrathionxAnduin with more to follow!

After rereading this story the next day, I was disappointed with it so I made some edits to make Anduin a little less angry, at least at first, and added some more descriptions for the pair of them. 

Contains Sexy gay sex, oral gay sex, Anduin, terrible puns and Wrathion being the power bottom we all know he is.
A continuation of the blood elf paladin Ceres's downward spiral into perversion...or a charming story of family bonding during the holidays.

Also secretly a crossover?

This was a commission first posted on ! If you want to read my work early or get discounts on commissions of your own, why not become a patron?
A less-than-serious body of text, composed of a raw unedited roleplaying log and a silly follow-up segment that supports it.  Melissa Apostate meets her match in the Brain Fiend, who makes a meal of her and then goes a step further.
Zyana Firestrider has kept the naughty secret of her new 'bodyguard' for months now, slowly spiraling into depravity. When an aggressive elven suitor asks for her hand, what will Volhrim say on the matter? Turns out, there wasn't nearly as much speaking as she expected.

Contains Worgen on Elf, mild cheating/cuckolding themes, mild exhibitionism, master/slave relationships, cock worship, a slutty noblewoman and forced pregnancy through use of one of my favorites, sketchy alchemy.
After the end of the Fourth War, Taelia finally gets a chance to visit Stormwind.
And Anduin makes sure she receives a warm welcome.
An old Warcraft story/fic I wrote many, many years ago on Darknest.

Featuring a tale of seduction, depravity and corruption as Tyrande and others fall before the superiority of the Worgen.

Cyrnea Moonstrand led her troops out to hunt down a patrol of Orcs that came a bit too close to their territory... little did she know that she was stepping into a trap, her throat slit by her close friend Nydra who had fallen to the Satyrs and their fiendish magic. 
Nydra had turned into a succubi, a perverse being that lives off of sex and lust, and unless Cyrnea can escape their clutches, she will soon be one too.
Tyrande Whisperwind isn’t the type to spend her day in the kitchen, in heels and a dress, especially not for some mage with delusions of grandeur. Unless that mage doesn’t give her a choice.

Anonymous commission
When an orc warrior tries to cheat Santa Greatfather Winter's lists to get herself a good christmas Winter Veil present, she finds herself being the present for some very unexpected women.

A quick story sparked by a fellow writer's comment, set in the WoW universe.

Contains: light BDSM, dub-con
'Encounters' are short #AzerothStoryTime based stories for characters previously introduced through the #AzerothStoryTime main episodes.  They try to fill in the gaps left between episodes and are a kind of 'whats happening now' update, hopefully giving the readers a sense that the characters are always roaming around Azeroth doing things, even when not the star of the current episode.  Enjoy!
Azeroth is a pretty seedy place, don't you know? Plenty of illicit arenas, gladiator pits and other punching places. This takes place in one of those in an undisclosed location.

Unconscious pit fighter is sexed without consent by the young man who mops the floor of blood/spit/unmentionables. There's got to be some benefits to being lowest on the hierarchical ladder, after all.

Kinks: Rape, Size difference, M Human/F Tauren, Vaginal, "Oral", implicit violence, huge breasts.
After the end of yet another war between the Alliance and the Horde, Mathias Shaw and Valeera Sanguinar share a moment on Wind's Redemption en-route to Stormwind.
A short and silly story.  Beryl Toor is out jogging in the vicinity of a seemingly new collection of trees.  It's home to some dryads, who have a small problem.
COMMISSIONED by Teyza/sonadora33

After the events of Lorucka's Satyr Cookout, Teyza notices Theodore repeating the process with a sexy blonde blood elf and can't help but join in on the fun....


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Sharae just wanted to hunt in peace, until she's attacked and discovers the one who attacked her is hiding a little secret in her pants.

She used to be a degenerate, many years ago, but had thought herself changed until then. Now she needs to correct herself, but is that even possible in this world?

Includes (but is not limited to): futanari, lesbians, anal, large breasts and much more.

Based on World of Warcraft.
A short story I put together based on some RP I was a part of. It involves very dark themes, such as rape, vore, and guro, so be warned!
COMMISSIONED by sonadora33

Lorucka takes a trip to the satyr camp with her students Korona and Aeleana. Awaiting them is the light-forged draenei Fine'er, the satyr leader Theodore, and a very special lesson....


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In an effort to foster alliances with new friends and old enemies, Jaina Proudmoore takes it from the various dickgirls of Azeroth (and beyond)!

Contains: Anal, futa
In the sunken city of Nazjatar lies the Eternal Palace, stronghold of the reptilian naga and home to the last remains of the tarnished legacy of the Highborne. Four women - Vanarie of the nightborne, Laerea and Blademoon of the kaldorei, and Xolotla of the Darkspear trolls - arrive one by one to the lost land, each for their own reasons, but all united in their desire to defeat the naga, no matter what darkness lurks within the heart of the Palace...or within each other.
COMMISSION for sonadora33

WARNING: Contains Extreme Gore, Masochism, Rape, Degradation of Women, and Resurrection.

Lorucka, a thousand year old night elf who's birthed countless children, decides that her two students need a harsh lesson to ensure they become proper night elf women that breed children for the community. They'll be shown something much, much more painful than child birth.

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Third part of a personal commission for Draenicdelight!

Jaelynn Duskbloom's power grows, and Ayase Winterglaive - a mature, intense Warden - seeks to investigate the younger Sentinels rise in both partners and personal growth...

Contains: Futa x Female, Mindbreaking, Breeding, Intense Oral, Vaginal, themes revolving a MASSIVE cock, and multiple messy finishes!
Elise jacks you off, because you deserve it and you do what she tells you to. For now.

(Elise/reader with a penis, mommy dom, jacking off, dirty talk)
In an alternate universe lies the planet Kalindra, which is home to many different peoples from both Azeroth and Toril. On this world lives a middle-aged Draenei Mage by the name of Arina Essyth. Her dark and abusive past has haunted her for decades, driving her to fantasize about many different terrible and twisted things. But she's never had the guts to actually try some of the disturbing things she's dreamed of, at least not yet…

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