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The Marines have instituted a new rule where pirates can be disciplined in any way seen fit by a high ranking marine at the rank of Captain or higher. This has been done to discourage the growth of female pirates and groupies on the seas.
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Nico Robin gets lost in the Red Light District and discovers a beautiful, convincing Futanari Girl. Is this love? Or will her mind lose out to lust? And when an old enemy is revealed Robin may be in too deep.
[Based on the 'Normality' prompt from the interactive story writing site CHYOA, lifted from the Unending Breast Expansion Adventure archive. Credit of the conception of 'normality earrings' goes to 'em fine folks of old...!

I mean, young! Forever young! Hahahaha!]

One day, Nakaba, a perverted young brother and as depraved and devoted to the carnal sins as you can be, gets a set of reality altering jewelry. With it, he tries to warp the sea's finest women, and fight fate.

(Mind control.)
When the bustiest members of the Strawhat crew find themselves captured by Mad Treasure, they soon realise there won't be any last-minute escapes: they're gonna be yar-har-hoes for life.

...Get it?

The Strawhat Pirates have recently landed on an uninhabited island after a long journey and decide to enjoy the peace and quiet of the island by taking a vacation.  The boys head out to explore the island, so the girls decide to take a little time to enjoy themselves...and each other.

Tags: One Piece, Parody, Yuri, Futa-x-Female
This takes place during One Piece Episode 24. This is where Nami is stealing the Going Merry from Luffy while at the Baratie in order to go after Arlong. In the anime, she says she is going to change to get Johnny and Yosaku (the Bounty Hunter friends of Zoro) to turn around so she can push them off the ship and steal it. Needless to say, that’s not how it goes down here.
Training to get stronger under Zoro's wing, Vivi does not seem to make much progress. However, there is one technique that actually worked on the talented swordsman that might just works...

Contains hypnosis and femdom material.

The picture used here is by Spyhunter29, used with his permission.
Nico Robin has been captured by slavers, and it doesn't look like she can fight her way out of it. But she is clever, and she knows her strengths... [commission]
Poll Winner

Themes: Big Dick, Threesome, Breeding  

Summary: After being sent to Amazon Lily by Bartholomew Kuma, Luffy spends his days training. He gets stronger, a lot stronger... so strong that the women who populate the Kingdom of Amazon Lily just can't ignore him anymore. By the time all is said and done, Luffy just may have accidentally become King... 

When a mysterious note calls Hancock Boa to a deserted beach, she doesn’t expect to meet herself. However, even the most beautiful woman in the world can’t resist the charms of her double, whether real or not. Eventually she’ll discover exactly how identical they are, inside and out...

An anonymous commission, see inside for warnings. For ease and consistency, the Western version of names are used.
Finding himself unwillingly sent into the world of One Piece, Marcus uses every advantage he has to get ahead in this new life. From sleeping with beautiful women to sleeping with other beautiful women, he'll do it all. And with the added bonus of his devil fruit powers being what they are, the fun times may never end. His only problem, who's first?
After returning from the Rainbow Mist, the Straw-Hat crew is swallowed up by a second Rainbow Mist and travel to... perhaps another universe in which everyone's sex has been switched, or do they simply trade places with another Straw-Hat crew from another world.

Undecided with where to go with the story so I am open to suggestions or other writers who want to continue it

The tags are based on what can be expected in the future
When their egos start to grate on each other's nerves, Nami and Nico Robin escalate until they are fighting for domination when left alone on the ship.
The mermaids of Fishman Island decide to thank the ladies of the Straw Hats for helping save their homes. [yuri]
In which Carrot tries to raise money to bail the Straw Hats out of jail.
Nico Robin gets captured by Blackbeard. She knows all too well that if Luffy finds out he'd try to save her, but currently the Strawhats stand no chance of winning this battle. So she has to find a way to persuade the merciless captain to spare her crewmates and keep her capture a secret.

slave/ degradation / gang-bang / impregnation /piercings
This one involves a devil fruit power from One Piece and taking it to an extreme. How extreme? So much so that I dare anyone to top it. Hope you like it. 
Had an idea about what would happen if a minor One Piece character suddenly became the focus of the story. This was the result. It's a long one, so grab a snack before reading. Hope you like it. 
Nico Robin reunites with the one she loves after a long long time. And the only way to reunite properly is with a loving Blowjob. Furry, Robin/Chopper. Big Dick, Dick Worship etc. 
In another storyline, Nami never left her home island and lived with her sister Nojiko as a pit fighter. One day a golden opportunity comes where only one can leave the island by going through the other.
Weekly Prompt Poll Winner/Commission

Themes: Fucked Silly, Dom/Sub, Big Dick   

Summary: Luffy and his crew are relaxing at a spa. Everything seems fine... but Robin has a plan. She quite enjoys games... and Luffy's innocence makes him all the more enticing. If only she knew the beast she was unleashing... not that she minded, by the time he was done with her. 

A/N: It's been forever! I'm going to start writing again! Yay. Anyway, I have finally got up to speed with One Piece and I'm inspired! Anyway, I hope you like this, it's meant to be funny and sexy, nothing too serious, as it involves my OC! Enjoy!

I obviously don't own One Piece, otherwise, I'd have ALL the Robin body pillow covers like, I'm not even lesbian, but bro. Anyway yeah haha.
After two years away, the Straw Hat Pirates have returned to Sabaody Archipelago! But wait, don't they look a little different than before? Monkey D. Luffy, also known as Demaro Black, plans to leverage his name's reputation to land in bed with the greatest courtesan on the island - Nami!

Commissioned by anonymous!

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