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A quick one-shot I wrote for a Valentines Day contest about me having an unsatisfying encounter followed by a very, very satisfying one.

This is my first work and a tale of a girl recently become an adult and looking to prove herself to her village elders.  There is masturbation and tentacle oviposition (egg impregnation).  I have commissioned a depiction of the character and situation, found here - //  Please let me know what you think!
Tentacle "aliens" that invade earth sneakily are slowly growing in power and knowledge by "assimilating" certain individuals, both male and female, *no one is safe.

* besides the children, because that would be illegal
During a weird and wacky text message exchange with a person claiming to be a wizard, Coby sarcastically wishes for his berry-flavored energy drink to turn into a cute, tentacled slime girl and cram her tentacles up his ass. He thinks it would be hot if it happened, but doesn't expect it to.

Then his wish is granted...
A young lass finds a wild Tentacleplant growing down the road from where she lives. These plants not only are somewhat sentient, but they secrete a popular narcotic amongst university students like herself. It's only a matter of time before it's uprooted by the local authority, but what will she get up to before then?


First chapter is just world-building, skip to the second if you're not too fussed on context!
Kei has a lot of ways to have fun. And somehow, her adventures always end up with her taking a nice, hard dick in her ass. And what's the problem with that?
It's been a decade since the Cracking, and what's left of the world is a dismal and twisted place. Goth teenager Raine Leclair's just doing her best to survive in what she calls the Black City, but it's hard when the only person she can have a conversation with is her roommate... a tentacle creature named Zazkoroth.

[dickgirl] [impotent] [consentacles] [anal/DAP] [light horror] [dark comedy]
Stella has a night time encounter with an alien creature that brings her to reevaluate her view of herself and the girl that torments her.  
Commission, Sequel to Cold Hot Finances and Sore Loser, Gaping Winner.

With Ochakos help, Nemuri has found out that Shoji Mezo has the biggest dick in the acadamy. She hatches a plan to try that one, but Ochako is not off the hook yet... on the contrary, shes deeply involved.
Very deeply.

Check out my  for updates on all my stories!
Experiments investigating a mysterious, newly discovered virus go awry in a small Chrysalys Corporation laboratory when one of the test subjects escapes.
A tentacle girl invades the room of a young woman who is unable to sleep, but can't move. Luckily for the woman, Miss Nilla and her tendrils have just the cure for her.

UPDATE! You can hear Miss Nilla read this story !

Happy Halloween!
Al and Sam enter the Dampest Dungeon to find out why multiple female adventurers have vanished.

What they find there is is more horrifying than they could possibly have imagined.
When Zone-tan goes on vacation, she brings only the choicest studs to keep her company. After all, no beach break is complete without sun, sea, and tons of semen.

The same setting as my previous Containment Breach story, providing an explanation for the events that Dr. Brenner has to deal with. Dr. Victoria Lazlo has heard the whispers of an Anomalous being from outside of conventional reality and she will do whatever it takes to ensure that she can consummate her love for her new god.

Contains corruption/hypnosis elements, consensual tentacle sex and submissive/dominant sexual themes.
Two Hobgoblin girls find the monster of Tataku Beach.
A story about a futanari who goes on an adventure to the Amazon rain forest after seeing a curious image online. It involves tentacles so if you're not into that just letting you know now.
Two girlfriends attending wizard college have fun with a modified spell.
What's better than a shower after a workout? Well, probably not a massive growth of alien tentacles coming to make you nothing more than a breeding pig. 

Beware tentacles, an intense solo shower bit, unrealistic penetrations, plenty of cum, rapid pregnancy and birth, and some other stuff. 

If you enjoy or want to see more stories like this in the future why not help support me at:
Where Courtney has sex with basically everything. Includes bugs, arachnids, humans, and plants. Feedback is welcome.
Whilst following their master and his servants into the swamp, the two Jeannes get caught in the slimy tentacles of a monster. Typical. Will they be able to escape? Will they remain pure maidens throughout it? Will Alter ever stop complaining? You'll have to read to find out.

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Whenever she gets wet the tentacles come... swimming, bathing, showering, even in the rain they come. The more water there is the more of them appear. No matter the place, no matter the time, and no matter how embarrassing the situation they ALWAYS make her cum.

- For a Dirty Writing Prompt

Tags: Humiliation, Forced Orgasm Squirt, Self-Facial, Sweat
As the world falls apart, a woman rushes to stop the madness. But her fate was written in the stars long ago.
Some free trials give you a lot more than you bargain for.
Sophie Meyer was given one warning: don't use the shower. She should've listened.
A tentacle monster retelling of King Kong

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