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Grimm are often misunderstood creatures. One facility in Vale seeks to understand more, and is willing to pay young huntresses to interact with Grimm under their watch. With the goal being to find a way to cease hostilities, interaction means a lot more than simply killing them, as Blake quickly finds out.

Blame x Grimm 
Going to the wrong party, a sexy bunny girl dressed Mitsuki meets a group of evil doers that show just how hard they can party. And she shows them she can party even harder.
Tags: Monster on girl, gangbang, rough-sex


Themes: Rough Sex, Game Reality, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Han Song-I decides to pay Song Jin Woo back for all the easy work she got because of him. After all is said and done, Jin Woo makes a startling discovery... namely, he gains experience points towards his next level from having sex.

Jaune Arc ran a small clinic in Vale offering hypnotherapy to deal with life's woes. Healing comes in many forms and if he takes a little pleasure along the way? Well, that's only fair. It's not like his patients ever complain and he always gives them exactly what they ask for. From showing Ruby just how confident she can be to teaching Weiss how to accept and enjoy taking orders from her team leader. No task is too great and no treatment too sordid.
When Bell unexpectedly asks the special Sage of the Loki Familia for guidance Riveria is initially reluctant to even get close to the boy.Cue one night later she summons Bell to her bedroom under the pretense of 'Advice' and decides to seduce him and truly see what all the hubbub was about with this boy.
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Summary: Uraraka arranges a special surprise so she can finally confess to Deku. But when he doesn't show up, a classmate is there to reap the rewards. (Uraraka/Kaminari)
Content Warnings: Anal sex, quasi-NTR, sexual electroshock play (very light)

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Finally getting her feelings across made Shinomyia Kaguya’s colder side take over and show her beloved Miyuki just how much she loved him. In public. Commissioned by Anon

Tags: Public sex, Vanilla, dirty talk

Themes: Breeding, Rough Sex, Genderbending

Summary: In which Reimu decides that she needs to get around to having a child so that she can pass along the teachings of the Hakurei Shrine Maidens. Who better to ask then the strongest person she knows? But where exactly will this rabbit hole lead...

The sleepy suburb of Vale plays host to a dirty little secret – the Cougar Club, run by the horny housewives of the town, allowing them to share, indulge and enjoy the carnal pursuits they’ve been missing out on for so long. Jaune knew nothing about the club, but a chance interaction with Summer Rose will see him introduced to all the hungry milfs, just desperate for a young man to warm their beds.

Themes: Mind Break, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Akki Nago is a bit smarter than his massive size makes him out to be. Managing to screw up Rushuna's reload and disarm her all at once, the big bad bandit leader goes on to teach the blonde Senshi a lesson in fucking with him and his gang. The Smiling Senshi's journey ends before it has a chance to begin.
[SSSS.Gridman] Yuta asks whether Rikka enjoyed her group date. She says no. She's lying. Commission for WaddleBuff.

Contains: Impregnation Risk, Foot Fetish (brief and near the end).


Themes: Selfcest, Futa, Dom/Sub

Summary: In which Louise is bored, after having mastered her Void Magic and defeated all challengers. She's so damn bored... until she comes up with an idea!

[ltr]Forgetting that Lelouch takes his wallet with him to class, C.C. orders herself a pizza and has to figure out how to pay for it.[/ltr]
After lying about needing to go on a mission just so she could spend time with her boyfriend, Sarada makes a discovery about her Sharingan in a situation she wouldn’t have expected.
Weeks into her relationship with the pair of boys, Pyrrha is loving every second of the sex they have and positions they get into. At one time though, she spies a curious pair of eyes on her, watching her as she enjoys herself. Her concern isn't on what to do to make it right.

She's more curious on how to get a third cock out of it.

Anonymous Commission. Sequel to Pyrrhic Competition. See my bio for more information.
Weiss struggles to accept that her affection for Ruby is likely one sided. Upon finding a ring with hypnotic powers, Weiss starts using it.

She challenges her own morals, finding herself straying from them and indulging in her forbidden desires. Her lust only seems to grow and it consumes her sanity, bit by bit. How does she overcome this conflict before there's no turning back?

I do hope you enjoy.
Kurenai starts off her day with a walk through the Leaf Village, wanting to take advantage of the day off that she has.
Katsuki Bakugo x Ochaco

Rough Sex, Mindbreak
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Summary: Todoroki asks Uraraka for a hands-on sex ed lesson. She's all set to decline, until she sees how much he's willing to pay. (Todoroki/Uraraka)
Content Warnings: Anal Sex, Prostitution

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.

Themes: Slutty, Rough Sex, Dom/Sub

Summary: In a bit of a twist on the common scenario, Riser doesn't have to win a Rating Game or use Mind Control to make Rias fall in love with him. As it turns out, Rias Gremory is simply slutty enough and enamored enough with the power that the Phenex Family represents that she's perfectly okay with their marriage, and eager to get some. 

Breeding season is upon the animals and half-animal servants in Chaldea. But, Gudako is only one person! Plus, she wants a Saber comfortable asking her for dirty favors.

(Warning) Contains:
- Slight Blood Play
- Double Lizard Cocks
- Sex with a Dragonkin
[RWBY] As heiress to the Schnee fortune, Weiss's behavior reflects upon her whole family. So when her father pisses her off, she decides a 'leaked' video tape of her getting familiar with a bunch of faunus boys from school is the best way to respond. Patreon poll story.
After an odd encounter at the cemetery, Ai-chan thinks that her odd situation has been left there, only to discover an odd feeling rush over her when she gets home. The ghost that groped her at the graveyard is still haunting her, eager to have a little fun with her J-cup breasts and curvy body.
[font="Lucida][size=100]Commission for Shugo on Discord. When Cinder Fall comes to Beacon during her mission, she stumbles upon one Jaune Arc and soon realizes just how special he is in comparison to the other men she's seen in the past. Will Cinder be able to focus on her mission, or will she succumb to her curiosity and infatuation with the Arc male?[/size][/font]
It's Kimihito's birthday, and he finds a special present waiting for him in his bed. [sleeping sex] [Monster Musume] [commission]

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