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Summary: Caught with her pants down and ambushed by Himiko Toga, Ochako is transformed into a bimbo cocksleeve and becomes extremely close to the blonde villainess... Very close.

Themes: Fucked Silly, Mindbreak, Bimbofication, S/M, Facefuck, Creampies, Futa/Female, Massive Cock, Dubcon


Themes: NTR, Corruption, Disgusting Slob

Summary: In which a fat, disgusting slob with psionic powers is locked away in a pocket dimension for 5 years by Queen Dyspear out of fear that he would turn those powers on her. When he finally breaks free... he's no longer interested in working for anyone, good or bad. It's time to get some on his own.

A lack of trust in her fellow student has Kirigiri playing cards with Celeste. Overconfidence has her needing to follow Celeste's orders for an entire hour. What could possibly go wrong? Commission for Kinky no Kyoukai.

Contains: Sounding, Pegging, Light Bondage, Impregnation.


Themes: Big Dick, Breeding, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Nagatoro takes her teasing too far one day by following her Senpai into the boy's locker room while he's taking a shower. She (and her friends) are soon taught the error of their ways when Naoto finally snaps.

Wanting to learn from her defeat during the festival, Uraraka asks Katsuki to spar with her. When he's not his usual self, she decides to have him test her strength in a different way.  (My Hero Academia)

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Merlin is a simple man at times. He senses Master’s emotions, he goes in for the feast. When the Magus of Flowers builds up a bond with Master, Alter Cuchulainn can’t cockblock the Caster anymore.

(Warning) Contains:
- Tentacles
- Cum Inflation
- Leeches Mentioned
Request for Allcreation103!

A magus, named Ewan Melling, discovers the Clock Tower and eventually Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia. Post Fate/Apocrypha story but before Fiore goes out to New York.

(Warning) Contains:
- Incest Mentioned
- Light Tentacle Play
A short romp where Kaede Akimatsu helps Maki Harukawa realize what she's been missing all this time. 
Surviving after your head has been bitten off is pretty unusual. But it happened to Mami, and now she has to deal with the rest of her life with a head that comes off. Including some uses she never thought she was going to get out of it.
Winter and Weiss spend a bit of quality time together while avoiding a Halloween party that their family is throwing.
Miitsuru Kirijo goes on a journey of depravity and lust in this corruption story featuring Scat, Feet, Armpit and Stink fetishes. Follow her journey as she becomes the disgusting toilet she’s meant to be.

Made by 
Rikka is growing bored on her class' summer field trip to the river.

Nothing a quickie with the hunky rafting instructor can't fix.
Listless on a boring cruise, Rikka Takarada has some fun with an American tourist. [SSSS Gridman]
Jaune did not expect to wake up covered in sweat. He never expected to wake up while getting pleasured. He never expected it to be Oscar Pine beneath his blanket. Yaoi one-shit smut, be warned.
[font="Lucida][font="Lucida]Yasaka the milf with the biggest breasts of DXD needs to have fun, but found more than she was looking for.[/font]

For more information see the following link: />
It's a game they play each and every night, one where she pretends to be asleep and he pretends he believes her. A game played between father and daughter, and one no one can ever find out about. A game where Taiyang slips into her room late at night and Ruby does all she can to keep her excitement hidden.

Commissioned work
Yui Arata from Raita's Zettai Mahou Shoujo series loses the sweepstake for her beloved Asai, and as a result ends up in a wildly perverse relationship with her adult male gym teacher: a known lolicon with an unwashed cock large enough and virile enough to fulfill the needs of any budding sizequeen.


A quiet night at Beacon, Glynda spends time with her beloved students. Threesome. Commission made by RelatosH, published with his permission

Themes: Rough Sex, Dragon Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Kirche summons a big red dragon instead of a Fire Salamander, and her new familiar has certain... needs.

You and Ruby have been friends for sometime, with the understanding your teammates are annoying when they have company over. One day though, Ruby comes to you asking for a favor, saying you're the only one she trusts to be fair with her

With what she's asking, fair is a subjective word.

Anonymous commission from my Patreon.
Katsuki just can't stand the fact that a specimen as perfect as Ochako ended up with a loser like Izuku. Once he sprains his leg during a class run and is left alone with her, he decides to take measures into his own hands - until Izuku stumbles over both of them in the act.

Anonymous commission
After the fall of Beacon, the girls of RWBY find that in this world some people abuse their trust and take advantage as not everyone can hold onto the remnants of good left in the world. Some people are selfish. Many are lustful. All have their sights set on the girls of RWBY.
Absolute power. Absolute Dominance. Nothing in this world could withstand the mightiest General's strength and determination. When she had a goal in mind, she would go forth and achieve it to their dying breath. No matter the supposed danger or difficulty, she was Esdeath, and nothing could last against the strongest warrior on the planet.
This is exactly what you think it is.

Includes: Mating press, loss 2 koma scenario, Deku and Ochako.

Comission for KingLong. 

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