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Based on the picture with the Sam name.
Jazz comes back from college to find her family's home empty with no sign of anyone being there for years. She investigates where her family went, only to find that Maddie and Danny may have a great reason for not being in Amity Park anymore.
Chasing Desiree across town leaves a half-ghost/half-human hero annoyed and frustrated with her attempts to corrupt Tucker again. Danny then comes up with a random idea on how to defeat her with ease and intentionally makes a wish of her to be his sex slave for one day. She is bound by her ghostly laws into granting his wish making sure the boy was sated with her body as she learns to enjoy it.
Includes: Humiliation, slave, racist play, pet play, incest, and more
Thanks to some interesting side effects of his powers coupled with a fair bit of luck Danny has created a nice harem of sluts from his hometown and nearby Middleton that want nothing more than to pleasure him in any way he desires. This is how they spend a long weekend.
DP/KP crossover
Weekly Prompt Poll Winner (Chapter 2 & 3 are currently exclusive on my Patreon!)

Themes: Threesome, Fucked Silly, Worshipful Sex  

Summary: Danny Fenton is a nerd with absolutely no popularity. Danny Phantom on the other hand... has groupies. Very hot, very popular groupies. Upon realizing just how much Star and Paulina lust after his alter-ego, Danny knows there's only one thing to do. 

X over with Kim Possible and Danny Phantom. 


Themes: Soul Manipulation, Reluctance, Incest, Brainwashing

Summary: A far less moral Danny Fenton learns to use his powers not for good, not necessarily for evil... but however the fuck he wants to use them. And if he's going to have to protect Amity Park from a bunch of damn ghosts all the time... well, the Phantom might as well get a little something-something back, right?
Amitypark is full of three things; danger, idiots and ghosts...

The one intelligent student in said Amitypark comes across everyone's favorite bedlah babe in Danny Phantom...

Hijinks ensue.
Sam is a total freak, in the sexiest way possible, and poor Danny's just gotta go along with her crazy plans, even if it means hiding, invisible, in the girl's showers...

UPDATE 9/14/19: Chapter 3, Part 1!
Maddie is sick and tired of having her needs ignored by Jack and Danny is tired of seeing her suffer. What's a well meaning ghostly son to do?

Commissioned by EndGamer.
When Danny is caught watching his mother sleep, she makes him pay for it... by worshiping her feet. (Danny F./Maddie F.) Be warned, this is obviously an incestuous story.
One-Shot. Dash runs into Danny in the locker room, he has had fantasies about the nerd for mouths, but hasn't done anything about it until now.
Warning: Yaoi, force
Danny has a Crossdressing fetish with Sam, and Dash catches Danny in the act. Danny now has to bee Dash's maid for the weekend, but what will happen?
Maddie goes sees a man to resolve a few problems of hers.
Danny has been failing in his classes so Sam decides to seek out Mr. Lancer and convince him to help.
I wrote up this story after seeing Dedwait's picture VLAD WINS!! Please give him a look as he is highly underappreciated and I would like to see more of his work.
Well, as this IS an erotic fan fiction if you are reading this you have some idea of how the characters involve already look like and the various relationships are with one another. 
Remember this is rough draft and particularly geared as a framing for a comic (if anyone's interested?).
What the Fenton couple do for their first year anniversary.
Sam Manson wants alcohol.

Guess how she does it?

Commission for Anon
A story I did awhile ago on Johnny 13's abusive nature manifests itself once too often and a hero must intervene on Kitty's behalf, but will shared grief lead to other emotions?  Based after "Livin Large" episode of August 2007.
A little Valentines Day one-shot sexual romp by none other than your favorite undead diva, Ember.  She has an itch to scratch, and only her lover, the great Danny Phantom, can reach it.  Set in an alternate timeline from the original story

This is the story of Danny trying to juggle school, saving the world and how he turns to Sam to help him......relieve stress.
Danny Fenton gets a computer which can fulfill all of his most perverted desires.

Disclaimer: I don''t own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. Please don''t sue as I do not gain any money from this story.
It''s Christmas Time, and Valerie finds herself on a mission for Santa, hunting down one of the Ghost-Zone''s most dangerous...while avoiding Danny Phantom.

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