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On his quest to travel the world and steal all of its riches for himself, the ninja bandit Earthquake comes across a new kind treasure he can claim for enjoyment.
Hi, Monika here! It's the night before the big festival for the Literature Club and the club member you've spent preparing for tomorrow with wants to get to know you much more intimately. Enjoy a passionate evening with Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri or, of course, Monika. That's me! Do you promise to re-read my chapter the most?
Max agrees to visit a seedy bar with Chloe, only to end up having her first BBC experience at a glory hole. 
After a relatively stressful week of classes, Aiko spends her empty office hours relieving herself from the stresses of being a professor.

Tags: Masturbation, Sex Toys
Feng Min becomes acquainted with the strange new inhabitants of the entity's realm.
Telltale Walking Dead Season 4. Clementine and Violet are fooling around when a walker with a very large futa cock stumbles onto them. The two girls have a lot of fun with a very dead Lilly. Warnings for gore, futa, and kinda a bit of necro.
Yosuke already has a strange life being one of the few mixed raced men in Japan. And it becomes stranger still when lover is a pre-destined to him by a Shinto god, that visits him every night to ruin his bed. 

Tags: Vanilla, furry on human, NSFW

A Anonymous Commission. In an alternate version of S01E02 of Telltale's The walking dead, the St. John family kills Lee's group except for Clementine capturing her and tieing her up in the bedroom. Mrs. St. John has plans for Clementine and her Big cock....
When Eve gets separated from her friends, she’ll do whatever it takes to get back to them. After all, traveling alone is dangerous. One never knows what one’s traveling companions are thinking, or what tricks they have up their sleeves.

Commission for Radec23. Set in the Elsword universe.
[Fate/Grand Order]  To celebrate one of the most brutal and hard-fought victories they've managed, the team of Mash, Artoria, Altera, Scathach, Tamamo, and Jeanne settle in for a night of mutual relief and masturbation with one another. Patreon poll winner
An otherwise worthless peasant has something that Yennefer wants. Yennefer has something that he wants. He offers a deal that she doesn't like, but she has no choice but to take it. Anonymous commission.

Contains: Blackmail, Cock Worship.

Antisocial, awkward... But packing heat: the Ultimate Arts and Crafts, Jataro Kemuri's massive member is about to become Hope's Peak Academy's next obsession.

Danganronpa AU where all characters are now older, nobody is dead and the female Warriors of Hope have big breasts. Commissioned by SHSLDespair.
Minecraft where everything is female except Steve. So horny villagers, anthrogenic animals and monster girls. What's not to love?

-everything is realistic looking, not block-like, it's just the world of Minecraft-
A new recruit gets hired at Rainbow, little do they know that he’s going to get his way with them 

(Hey people, Second chapter is up, let me know who should be getting Mesmerised next)  
Request by user darkrage6! Cheers love,  and enjoy!

A Saints Row-themed story this time, featuring the buxom and delicious Saints lieutenant and her aforementioned Reality TV show!

Based off pure speculation to the show, and all that.
Saints Row isn't copyright to my property, but my OC is.
Monica 'IQ' Weiss is sent on a mission to set up a surveillance system in an old abandoned house. Little does she know that Tina 'Frost' Lin Tsang has already set up base there and does not take kindly to intrusions. 
Dokkaebi and Ela make an appearance later on.

Kinks: Lesbian, Catfight, Rough Sex, Domination, Choking
A modern-day courtroom drama AU set against the backdrop of crime ridden Vizima.
When a former convict is charged with attempted murder, two rival attorneys soon find their battle gets hot and heavy in a way they didn’t expect!

Triss Merigold as the fiery defender
Yennefer Vengerberg as the ice-cold prosecutor

It’ll be somewhat slow to build up – there is a plot – but the smut will come. Could even end up like my earlier stories, stay tuned!
A brief Darkest Dungeon scene based on the idea of creating an alternative "origin story" for some or all of the classes of the game (I've been playing it a lot recently). This follows Paracelsus, the Plague Doctor, and her encounter with a disease that is a bit more lively than expected.

The story contains some (nonsexual) description of dead bodies, autopsies, etc. Otherwise the story includes monster/tentacle sex and noncon elements.
YorHa decides to "product test" two of its new android models, 2B and 2P by letting them push their sexual boundaries with two of the most hung, horniest men they can find., one black, one white.
Summary: Camilla hosts a game for her playthings and plans to rig it, but a jealous Reincock accidentally rigs it in a lowly Dekant's favor instead.
Commissioned by: rhs
Spoilers for Kichikou Rance.
By Racism the tag means speciesism. 
After completing a quest, Mythra decides on an alternate form of payment from two elderly men. (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Contains: Rimming, Extreme Age Kink, Femdom

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Made this on request from someone on discord

Based on the MOBA game SMITE: Battleground of the gods

The Morrigan is lost in the jungle, the only survivor of a teamfight gone wrong. Meanwhile, Izanami has been on the hunt for a new playmate for her bizarre rituals

Will the Morrigan make it back home?

Well, no, this is a porno story.

Story will include: Dildo stuff, bdsm, mind break, rape, futa, inuman double dicks, and probably some other grievous things along the way
Yo listen up, here's the story,

About a little guy that lives in a lewd world,

And all day and all night and everything he sees is just lewd.

(Reader/A variety of characters across multiple media. Bicuriosity, futa, m/m, m/f, moresomes. More themes in the later chapters!)
[ltr]Jeanne’s trip to the beach takes a bit of a turn when she realizes that it’s a nude beach.[/ltr]
Mild spoilers for Sengoku Rance
Rance invites Miki to his room during Tea time and takes advantage with the power of hypnotism.
(Forceful cheating, as Miki loves Kentarou)
Commissioned by: HeWhoWasMarduk

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