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Halloween Special: If you like my work consider supporting me on . [font="Lucida]Killua returns after the hunter exam to reunite with his boyfriend Gon. Since they are both hunters, they decide they are ready to go all the way. Gon's got a new trick up his sleeve one Killua is gonna love![/font]
Alternate Universe: Hunter x Hunter Parody: Tier 1 

Themes: Inhuman Sex, Master/Servant, Rough Sex

Summary: In which an experienced hunter finds out what the Chimera Ants are doing in the NGL zone before they can fully get off the ground. He barely makes it out alive, but not before inadvertently picking up a certain Royal Guard along the way...


Themes: Prostitution, Big Dick, Massage

Summary: Everyone has their own way that they deal with stress. Not a single other member of the Phantom Troupe could have ever guessed what Machi Komacine's is.
A year after their meeting, Kurapika is forced to share his life with Chrollo and the rest of the Phantom Troupe members. Despite his repulsion and anger for the Troupe leader, Kurapika feels deeply bound to the man, making him unable to escape or be separated for too long.
Kurapika is a young and desperate man, living in Yorknew City, unable to reach his dreams or socialize with anybody. On the Internet, he mets a very uncommun user... Despite his fears, Kurapika starts to trust the man blindy.
During an assassination mission targeting a mob boss, hoping to follow that act with a swift robbery of all his possessions, Machi and Shizuku, two members of the infamous Phantom Troupe thief band, get captured just before the killing strike. The two are then thrust into a wager that rids them of their freedom and soon after suffer the consequences of their murderous plans through rape, humiliation and slavery.

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