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Wanda Maximoff goes to the Parkers for help with an unusual problem, while Scott Summers find his relationship with Jean tested--and his relationship with Betsy Braddock heating up.

After being foiled in a heist one too many times by Spider-Man, a frustrated and vengeful Felicia Hardy, AKA the Black Cat, seizes the chance to follow him home to his apartment. Learning his true identity as Peter Parker, Felicia decides to blackmail him into staying out of her way, and becoming her personal boy toy.

Peter learns that dealing with criminals, even the sexy ones, can be a dangerous business.
It was supposed to just be another day, but any day where he fights Venom is a day that always ends with suffering. Mary Jane was saved, Brock was beaten, but only after pushing Peter to the limit. Now he has to go home and sweat it off.

And work out why he can't keep his dick in his pants.

Anonymous commission from my Patreon.
The final Marcella sage side story from two years back and she is in the Marvel Universe encountering a troubled redheaded wife, will she be able to help her?
Gwen stops a mad scientist before he can rip apart the fabric of time and space, but he still does enough damage that time will turn back at the stroke of midnight. Rather than work to solve that predicament, Gwen strips herself down to nothing to almost nothing and offers herself to people on the street, able to embrace her shameful, secret kink knowing nobody will remember it. Anonymous commission.
Birthdays are always something special to celebrate. And when you're married, that means more things to try than ever before. And when you're the amazing neighborhood Spider-man, that means amazing things with an amazing woman.

Of course... it helps when there's more than one woman who wants to climb your pole.

Anonymous Commission, see my bio for more information!
Being a superhero can be stressful, and what better way to work off that stress than by fucking each other's brains out?

A womans first experience as a toy to her new gooey master.
A slightly different world-state after the events of Infinity War leads to a pairing I've literally never seen.

This story was first posted on ! If you want to read my writing early, why not consider becoming a patron?
After a major multiversal crisis, Peter Parker and Chun-Li are living and loving together. Recently, Chun-Li has heard about raceplay and wants to try it.

Themes: Loving Sex, Drunk Sex, Threesome

Summary: A beautiful woman moves in across from the Parkers. 

An amnesiac Peter Parker falls victim to Scarlet Witch's attempts to implant memories in him that tell him they were lovers, turning him into the perfect primal, dominant lover to sate her submissive desires. Commission for lelouch22.
An alternative turn of events based on the events of 'Spider-Man: Web of Shadows'. 

Venom has discovered how to make copies of his own Symbiote. Bent on infecting the whole of Manhattan with Symbiote's, whom desire sex as much as violence and power, can they be stopped? (Probably not, considering the general premise)

Contains: Full nudity, Sexual content, Profanity, Violence, Rape/Non-Consent, Transformation, Butt & Breast expansion, Incest and occasional Gore!
You think you know someone. You look up to them your entire life, get a crush on them and fantasize about life together... and then one day you realize, "Spider-Man's my father." 

And, as if Mayday didn't have enough to deal with, the new girl in town is claiming to be her sister.

Spidercest? Ah shit, here we go again...
While staking out an arms deal, a certain spidery heroine is captured by a group of unsavoury characters. Her only hope of guarding her secret identity is by pleasing the thugs until they're satisfied.

In which punk rock symbiote-wearing cutie Andrea (aka Mania) gets fucked by her alien goo suit.

I have a twitter now, 
This Spidery son of a bitch is fucking throats in Forest Hills, Queens, and basically, I'm a fucking nerd.

Yadayada ultimate comics, yadayada Peter fucks Carnage-Gwen's and MJ's mouth while they lounge around doing nothing, yadayada. Casual sex, cum eating, cock-worship, facesitting, rimjobs. And loveydovey, because I'm a huge fucking sap as well as a nerd.

Themes: Mind Break, Brainwashing, Master/Slave

Summary: Loosely inspired by sabudenego's Black Cat Pic. Go check them out! In which Black Cat's luck finally runs out, and someone she stole from decides he'll take his losses from the gorgeous femme fatale directly.
CM for Lelouch22-

A series of one-off stories centering around Peter Parker, everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-man, romancing and fathering children with the numerous Marvel Heroines.
When the 00 Spider bit Peter Parker during his school trip to Osborn Industries, he gained more than just the abilities of a spider.  He gained his own venom.  One that is laced with the OZ formula. When Norman Osborn commissioned Otto Octavius to create a new Super Soldier serum, only through Peter, and even Peter as well, realized the unimaginable potential of it.
Now that Peter Parker has the symbiote, no woman is saying no to him ever again.

Mary Jane decides to go all out at her bachelorette party.

A sexy Venom & Spider-Gwen tale
Mary Jane accepts a gig as a lingerie model for Girlskin clothing, her co-star on the shoot? Ava Ayala, a girl who has fantasized about becoming a set of Girlskin clothes ever since she was a teenager.

Tags: Mary Jane Watson, Ava Ayala (White Tiger), Exhibitionism, F/F, Snuff, Consensual, Romantic.
commissioned story of spiderman dealing with an onset of pheromones that drive women to try and assault the web-slinger, including of the super powered variety.

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