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After the Doctor chooses to save one random girl's life in defiance to the rules of time, little does he know that this single act of mercy will doom her to the depths of human depravity.
Themes: Torture, Rape, Guro, Snuff, Slave, Mutilation, Selfcest.

Summary: Time tore her into a million pieces. A million versions of her, living and dying all over time and space. The Doctor has a dark secret in the TARDIS, and Clara is about to find out what it is.
Based on either episodes or ‘what if’ scenarios, the Doctor's friends and companions could of had much worse situations to experience. A collection of one shots from the horrors of the past to the monsters of the future and how they would defile the Doctor’s companions. Suggestions are always welcome :)
With Graham and Ryan off the Tardis for a while, The Doctor decides to have a 'girl's night' with Yaz. Unfortunately her choice of party location leads to them both being bred by pink-skinned futa amazons.

Amy Pond always wanted to be snuffed, so when she reports as a Sexy Green-Skinned Alien Snuff-O-Gram to Heather's dorm room for her girlfriend Bill's birthday, she gets exactly what she asked for.

Tags: Amy Pond, Bill Potts, Heather, F/F, Oral, F/F/F, Fingering, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, Roleplay, Dissection, "Xenophilia", Cannibalism, Prostitution, Snuff
Free One-Shot

While stuck on a near-future earth Amy makes some money doing the one job she knows how. When an outbreak of curiously created Cybermen roam London however her mundane situation takes an exciting turn.
A Sexy Schoolgirl shows up for Clara Oswald's Sex Ed class claiming she's the new anatomy for her demonstration. Will Clara do in the cute redhead?

Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, Prostitution, Willing, Dominant and Submissive, scalpel, F/F, Schoolgirl roleplay, Trophies, Fisting, Dissection, Sex Ed, Nipple-ectomy, possible snuff.
[A continuation of my previous work]

Clara and Lady Me have made a wrong turn in their TARDiner and ended up on Mondas! Will they be able to quell the Cybermen this time? It's a smutfic, of course they will!
After arriving in Pompeii, the Doctor and Donna split up to get more information about how close the city is to its doom. Donna is met by a group of mysterious strangers who tell her to follow them. What happens next? Read to find out.
Based on the pic by Sassafras

Clara is stuck in the Nethersphere with Cybermen after her. In an attempt to stay alive, she has to convince the Cybermen that she's the Doctor. But how will she do that?
A naughty nurse shows up at Martha Jones' door claiming she's a Snuff-O-Gram from her boyfriend. Will Martha do in the cute redhead?

Willing, Doctor/Nurse roleplay, F/F, Debreasting, Body Mod, D/s, Snuff, Racism
With the Doctor safe and a TARDIS of their own, Clara and Lady Me are off on their adventures... But Me has something special planned for Clara, whether Clara likes it or not.
Amy Pond decides to embark on a whole new career: a Fuck-O-Gram! Rory's none too pleased, but that's what you get when you marry a slut!
Following the events of a strange day involving shop-window dummies and a mysterious man calling himself the Doctor, Rose Tyler wants nothing more than to enjoy some alone time with her boyfriend, Mickey Smith. However, Rose is about to discover that life in plastic can be fantastic...

Based on events from the episode Rose (Series 1).
by The Scene-Stealer (aka Dr Evil)

The Cybermen are collecting data to use in their war against humanity, and what better test subjects than the Doctor's female companions to abuse and humiliate, with the help of rogue Time Lord Borusa.
A fanfic of the modern doctor who episode "The Doctor's Wife", an alternate, vorish, reality.
Under the guidance of the sinister new Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald perverts the time streams of the Doctor's former companions - literally.
In an alternate universe the Time Lords were not completely destroyed and more than just one survived. In this universe, one eccentric young Time Lord lands in a college dorm room and his Tardis is set upon by an ingenious young college girl.
Ace has a bit of fun with the sonic screwdriver.
Romana II/Peri spooky nonsense/erotica in Victorian London. This is an old work (way back in '04, before the new series!) but I saw that the only Dr Who related stories on HF were Torchwood stories!!
Just what CAN you do with a stopwatch? Jack and Ianto show us. Jack/Ianto Torchwood YAOI
It had been so long since his last tryst, he needed a fix. Ianto looked like a great choice. Jack/Ianto Torchwood YAOI

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