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[Commission] After receiving a mysterious massage chair, Natasha Romanoff A.K.A. the Black Widow is wary and wishes to return it...yet a mysterious voice and program within possessing a very compelling voice makes it so she tests it and gets the experience of a lifetime...And nothing will ever be the same again.

Contains hypnosis, penetration, anal, corruption and a plethora of other kinks.
Patrolling for a seasoned super hero like Squirrel Girl is a piece of cake, or nuts in her case. But while people like Dr. Doom or Galactus may be interested in only one thing that she can stop them from getting, she'll find out that even common crooks want things she may not be able to stop.

Contains: Non-Con and Ballplay.
Miss Marvel lets herself get kidnapped by an extremist group that is kidnapping young Muslim girls. But it doesn't take long for her to realise she is way over her head!
contents include: Racism, submission and extreme dirty talk 

Another commission! For inquires about my commissions such as kinks, themes and prices email me at Enjoy the story!
Summary: Many of the female Avengers want to seduce Peter Parker and claim his virginity for themselves. The Black Widow doesn’t bother with seduction. (Natasha Romanoff/Peter Parker, Natasha/Peter/Wanda Maximoff)
Content Warnings: Mommy kink, Femdom

Fitting inside the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes world, Ms. Marvel (who joins the team next season I hear) gets introduced to some of the Avengers' toughest villains (and their cocks)
Captain Marvel fails to respond to a request for help. To pay her back, the man she abandoned wants to break her - and once he gets his hands on her, that's just what he does.

A commission - if you want one, you can contact me on Patreon

Includes heavy violence - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
Kara Killgrave finally has the life she's always wanted. The perfect boyfriend, perfect job, perfect everything. But why does it feel so familiar?
Wonder Woman and the Justice League have interfered with vigilante justice once too many times.  Intelligent men and women have come to take matters into their own hands in a way that will be acceptable to the halls of power and the rest of the world.

This will be a dark story and if you dislike dark endings this story is not for you.

This will be an ongoing story, I will try to post a chapter a week, right now I have 35
Jessica never really did recover from Killgrave's influence.
Nebula spared the version of her from the past by forcing her to confront her love for her sister, and once the dust settles, the two Nebulas seek out what they both really want: Gamora between them. Anonymous commission.
Carol Danvers, aka. Captain Marvel, shows a tentacle monster who's the boss.
Laura Kinney (X-23) has a problem. That problem is being 18 but looking like an 11-year-old (so legal loli). She needs to release some pent up sexual energy. 

Unlike Fox, I'm gonna tell you the timeline of this story: 7 years after Logan
Captain America feels guilty for getting his Muslim neighbor's husband arrested, but based on her naughty reaction, it seems he doesn't have to worry.
After the War, Peggy joined the SSR. All she needed was to be given a chance. Sadly, after an encounter late at night in the office, Peggy was faced  with what everyone thought of her. And after, Peggy would have to become the whore her co-workers thought she was or give up on being the agent she always wanted to be.
When Thor leaves Rocket, unable to go through with the objective of seducing Jane & extracting the Reality Stone, it's up to Rocket to make up for it. Especially now that he has to keep her from screaming...
Moments after escaping Jabba the Hutt, Oola offers herself back into slavery, this time to the man who had freed her: Beta Ray Bill.
A offer to anyone who wants to do erp/srp/ NSFW superhero rp on discord.
After Senator Robert Kelly becomes President of the US, coincidences become too great to ignore. Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), and Sharon Carter (Agent 13) join a team of Special Investigators to determine whether or not there is a larger conspiracy at play.

From Russia, With Love
A short little blurb in celebration of America's Independence Day! Featuring Shannon Carter, the American Dream!
Vision craves exploring all the possibilities that his new human form can provide, while Wanda is more than happy to assist.
A series of super women sexfighting. Any and all suggestions and requests are welcome. First part is a reworking and extension of liguy31's story "She-Hulk Meets Power Granny."Future stories will be 100% my own work. Wanted for this to be my base. If asked by him, I'll take this down immediately and rework it. 

With the technology he brought back from the future Deke has built an immersive reality video game that lets him live out his fantasies. What happens when Daisy finds out that she has a slutty cameo as one of the interactive characters?
Based on that scene in the most recent episode of Agents of Shield (Season 6/Episode 4). Ignores all future episodes.

Themes: Rough Sex, Teacher/Student, Bondage

Summary: This story is an Alternative Universe very loosely based on the MCU, but with groups like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four and others all added into the mix as well. Set after an alternate take on Infinity War/Endgame. In which Peter Parker begins to attract the attention of the women from the Marvel Universe...

Collab with AwesomeOrange!

Jane Foster gains control of the Reality Stone, and begins to use it for her own ends. Who will be felled by her new powers, and what is her plan? Tune in to find out!
Carol Danvers has been trapped by her Kree ex-comrades on a ship full of Skrull refugees and two humans. Brought before the Supreme Intelligence for re-education, Carol is defiant. That is, until the universe's most advanced AI finishes analyzing the Tesseract, the source of Carol's power, and taps into the very foundations of Carol's being.

[Mind Control, mind break, brief tentacles, FD, FF, MF, MFF, breeding / impreg, alien, BE]

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