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Sword finds himself up close and personal with Professor Magnolia's assistant, Sonia, after the professor is called away.
When Rosa loses to some members of Nimbasa City's basketball team, she's not ready to deal with the fact that they don't want money from her, they want to take her body, whether she's receptive to it or not, and fuck her until she is. Anonymous commission.
A young trainer finds a magical potion he thinks will give him the ability to turn himself into his favorite pokemon, he's almost right.The results turn out to be more interesting than he could have imagined.
Now eighteen, Ash and his friends decided to go to the beach, a secluded area owned by Misty's sisters. What they didn't expect was for Jessie of Team Rocket to be there, nor her new beau and his huge wang that puts Ketchum to shame.
Having a masterful Pokémon trainer like Red was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the citizens of Galar. Because of the increased traffic in the region due to his presence, Professor Magnolia set up a battle pitting Red and Sonia, one of the best trainers in all Galar, against one another for a collegiate lecture and demonstration.
Sonia gives him a gift for participating in such a great learning opportunity.

[Red/Sonia, sequel to A Beautiful Defeat]
Jessie has failed Giovanni for the last time, and now she must learn how to obey orders. 

Beware Poképhilia, Drugs and Aphrodisiac, Large Penetrations, Stomach Bulging, All The Way Through (cum), Bondage.

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James is fed up with Jessie, and he and Meowth hatch a scheme to rid her of her arrogant attitude once and for all by hiring a half dozen hung men with grudges against Team Rocket to break her in.
An anonymous commission.
The world of Pokemon isn’t just filled with wonder and adventure. It’s also filled with utter debauchery and crazy amounts of sex. No ships, no romance, no NTR. Just a mind-breaking, hedonistic, slutty girls sexual anthology. 

Following separation from her husband, Suiren's mother enters into an obscene sexual relationship with some little kid from Suiren's school. On a regular basis, she tarts herself up as a juvenile whore, forgoes parenting for illegal sex, and gargles copious amounts of semen for her child-boyfriend's entertainment.

Shoutouts to jp artists.  /SS/ CONTENT -- SEE WITHIN FOR LINK
When an overly cocky Hilda -- brash and rude in the wake of beating Team Plasma and the Elite Four of Unova -- treats you like garbage in response to a friendly challenge, you decide to make a wager on the result of the match that results in her being your helpless fuck slave for a night.

Reader/Hilda.  Commission. 
Vidya game babes are getting transported out of their universes - and into a world of nonstop fuckin'. Midna and Hex Maniac are the first victims, but they won't be the last.

Well on her way to fight the Elite 4, Taylor decides to take a shortcut when leveling her Arcanine, Cinders. Turns out power leveling with rare candies makes your Pokémon a bit hard to control!

Beware Pokephilia (beastiality between a pokemon and a trainer), mindbreak, stomach bulge, unrealistic penetrations, and lots of cum, rough sex, all the way through. 

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Red puts Nessa in her place. 
After a long streak of victories, Nessa finds herself with much more than she bargained for.

Lusamine has finally received an offer for her daughter's oral virginity that she can't refuse; Lillie is brought in to her mother's side business of sleeping with wealthy donors, and her mother is there every step of the way to make sure she learns to perform well. Anonymous commission.
After capturing May, Jessie uses her big cock to convince the Hoenn trainer to join her side, and recruit others along the way to bring HypnoRocket to prosperity. Victims will include, of course, Ash Ketchum.


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The ladies of Galar have been cute so far, but just how raunchy can things get? Let's start by seeing Nessa and her Drednaw giving the gym and its attendees a public show, for starters!
Bea catches Nessa in the gym leader's changing rooms, and as always, Bea convinces Nessa to indulge in some more fun than she had been planning to have after a match.

(locker room sex, vanilla, clothed sex, cunnilingus, lesbians)
A certain Pokémon trainer is looking to take a break from traveling, battling and training to find some fun in the sun at the Battle Resort. His old rival, Shelly of Team Aqua, isn’t going to make things easy for him. Or is she?


(Male Trainer/ORAS Shelly, sweat, dirty talk, cock worship, impregnation, fluff)
Ash catches a Hypno in the wild, and uses it to his advantage.
The infamous 'sex wager' Pokemon battle is something everyone's heard of, but you're one of the few trainers going around with the courage to actually offer it, and Pokegirls the world over have lots of differing opinions on such an offer Especially when they lose and you make damn sure some of them pay up. Commission for Yugogon. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
Nessa and Sonia are best friends both awkwardly and aggressively trying to keep their Pokephilia from the other, and when Sonia stumbles in on Nessa with her Octillery, the secret breaking proves better for both of them. Commission for simo09
While doing research in Galar, the free use capital of the Pokemon world, Pokemon researcher Sonia is approached for a little fun by an older man who wants to fuck her in the ass.  Sonia has no problem obliging.

(Twitter poll fic!)  (Also, shameless bandwagon hopping.)  (Free use setting, anal sex, creampie.)
When Seifer met with Magnolia and Sonia, he knew he was going to get some sort of help. Although he didn’t expect to be helping her in a strange way. (Sudden fic)

Tags: vanilla, big dick

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Just in time for a quickie with Professor Magnolia's granddaughter Sonia at the Lab!
Bro I'm hyped for Sword and Shield after this direct.

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