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Billy desperately wishes he could save the last pig they have from being slaughtered by his pa. He makes a desperate prayer for God to intervene, and after a freak storm discovers that Emelie has been transformed from a mere pig into... something divine - yet she remains his pa's pig by rights.
(Emelie is CyanCapsule's creation). 
Rough shemale facefuckin', starring a woman and her Blade.

Ochako gets her holes gaped on live TV by an over-hung Mirio Togata. What more could you want?

A collab with Gutardi: //
A University where Breast Expansion and Breast Transfer is pretty common.
Luna, a local buxom, blonde MILF, Mother of three enjoys making her neighbours happy. Very happy. To the point of sucking and fucking a few of them to make sure to remain as upbeat as possible. With all that, Luna still has to work and take care of her three babies. Welcome to MILF-Town! 

Genres: MILF, masturbation, big/huge boobs, blonde, BBC, and more...   
Weird crossover, right? Farah from LoQO meets a busty Renamon, and the pair quickly begin trying to out-slut one another.

After all this time, Miia gets exactly what she wants - and moreover, what she deserves.

[font="Source][size=112]Rhonda Blake, a full-time MILF who just left her cheating husband, hit the road with her Camaro in hope to find new, exciting adventures ahead. While she isn't expecting anything special from her road trip. she's going to encounter someone that will remind her of her past, bringing her life full circle.[/size][/font]
My first real request!

A girl desperately wanting larger breasts, seeks help in the form of a potion. 

Contains: Human to monstergirl transformation, expansion, and lactation
I have dreams about most people in my life. One of them is a busty friend of mine I have known for many years. She told me I should write down the lewd dreams I have about her.

Contains: hourglass expansion, transformation, cum inflation, cum through, tit fuck, silliness
[font="Amazon]Evelyn is a model and she fell in love with her boss [/font]
[font="Amazon][url=/ what Evelyn 's look .[/url][/font]
For a certain lonely young man Christmas is about to take a special turn as an unexpected visitor brings with her some ancient Yule time traditions. 
Scathach has been captured, but she refuses to become her captor's servant. What's a burly, draconic stud to do?

We kissed warmly, and my hands could not help sliding down her body, from her huge breasts to the already wet vagina ...

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I gently reported her to the sofa and kissed her neck and huge breasts, she was very excited, and the vaginal was very wet.
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I play with her in the water, then took off her bathing suit, only her upright breasts were exposed, I kissed her breasts and nipples, and she made a seductive cry, and I slowly entered her body...
Character prototype:
The night before her wedding, her fiance and his lover to make love in front of her! She felt upset and decide to marry a strange man the next day. Originally thinking that this casually married person would not be happy, who knows that every day after marriage is very sweet ...
She decided to love this man with all her love.
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A serial story between my neighbor Amelia and me .
We are all orphans so we always take care of each other. She is a hottie who has huge breasts and big ass . I thought of her as my sister until one day...
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I looked at my sexy but lovely wife, I think she was really cute. I walked over and hugged her gently, and said: It's okay, let's take it slowly.
I took off her sexy pajamas, and her body was completely naked in front of me. I kissed her warmly, rubbing her huge breasts with both hands, she was panting, my hand slid smoothly to her hips, and then slowly entered her body ...
I stared straight at her. Her looming huge breasts and buttocks attracted me, and then I rushed to kiss her big breasts and touched her huge ass. Look her photos : 
Stories between big breast sexy girl and man.
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Ana is a big breasts and ass girl .Last night I had sex with her and the feeling is amazing .
I touched her boots and ass ,and her moaning is crazy .
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Bartholomews started out as a posh university that promoted female empowerment - though it retains its prestige, it's become nothing more than a hellish trial for the busty girls that must get through while accepting the abuses of their older professors with indifference.

Commissioned by Hopviq
Just a bunch of lesbian monstergirl sex. What more could one wish for?

In other news, I finally passed 1000 followers on HF! Neat! Thanks so much for your support.

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