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The Batman is dead. Leaving behind a long career filled with many friends and even more foes, Barbara Gordon steps up from being a mere apprentice to the Caped Crusader to being Gotham's leading protectorate. Soon is she to discover though how very grim the city can be, and the villains certainly enjoy having a pretty face around...
The Gotham Sirens have cooked up a nefarious, yet oddly vague, plot. Can the heroines of Gotham City (and surrounding areas) stop their sinister schemes, or be caught in the Venus Flytrap of evil?
The xxx-version of the Catwoman DLC for Arkham City.
The Amazon accidentally angers the Goddess of Love and must learn some respect the hard way.

What would happen if Batgirl had dropped Joker off at Arkham Asylum in the game?

Well she would be fucked all night by many of the Asylum's residents!!!!
All creds aren't mine find more of the creator here //

Justice League member Zatanna finally embraces her slutty side

Themes: Rough Sex, Monster Sex, Mind Break

Summary: In which Batwoman walks right into a trap and gets blindsided. At least she figured out where Spoiler and Black Bat both got off to...
Thanksgiving short starring Batwoman where she uses a new sedative that has unwanted side effects...
The year is 1986. Carrie Kelley is Robin, and she has a secret- she's addicted to interracial porno. Thankfully for her, she lives in just the right part of Gotham where black thugs she fantasizes about can be found

Contains: Interracial, BBC, teen, age difference

Request by AshuraAnderson
Catwoman sneaks into a mansion to steal a sapphire worth billions. She can retire forever! Stealing it turns out to be easy. Keeping it a secret though is...

Also easy. Cuz anal
Selena Kyle could confess to many things, since she ever-so-much loves stealing things under the guise of her alter-ego. But what else could give her more of a thrill than stealing a married man away from his wife for a night?

Contains: F/M, Consensual, Collar (BDSM), Cheating, Deep-Throating, Lingerie.
The Joker has a plan, but he needs an outside hire. To do this, he turns to Harley Quinn, who is sent to recruit Killer Croc by any means necessary. This probably isn't how he intended it to go, but hey, whatever works.
When a young vampire's kill is interrupted by a big bad futa werewolf who steals her prey, she tries to fight back. Needless to say it doesn't go well and the vampire ends her night stuffed to the brim with hot, steamy Werewolf spunk.


Four snippets of Patreon exclusive stories to show you some of the neat content available over there. Because the real horror is capitalism.

When Batgirl grows bored with a stakeout mission, she finds ways to entertain herself, including playing with her body. However, the more aroused she gets on a nightly basis, the more lewd her thoughts and curiosities get. Perhaps she's starting to like this new experience? 
A month after the killing Joke, Barbara Gordon is trying to move on with her life after being paralyzed. One night as she is attempting to remove the naked pictures the Joker took her from the internet she begins to realize that she has developed a Fetish for being helpless and used by others. Wishing the Joker had done more to her that nights she goes looking for him and Harley hoping that they will do even more to her. A Greenhorse 13 Commission
Thieving pussycat bitch Catwoman makes the mistake of pissing off Two Face and he decides to teach this slutty catskank a lesson. By having her gangraped by every single crook she's ever stolen from or pissed off. This pussy is going to be sore by the time they're done with her
In hunting down and taking revenge on his parents' killer Dick Grayson finds himself infused by an alien power, exalting him as Earth's first Night Caste. Now working to steal from the thieves that infect Gotham as the vigilante Robin, Dick must contend with the ever growing Super Villain and Super Hero population while pursuing his own path to enlightenment.
Huntress is in thrall to a sinister force. Batgirl and Black Canary go undercover at a prestigious boarding school to save their friend. A Birds of Prey adventure with a darkly erotic twist. Slow Burn.

Mind Control, MaleDom, M/F
Starfire has come to Gotham to meet her new boyfriend's family, and Batman thinksd nothingo f taking such a capable heroine out with him on patrol. At least until her alien physiology responds to one of Poison Ivy's sleep spore plants by entering a state of sexual desperation only Batman himself can fuck her out of. Anonymous commission.
Tim Drake finds Harley Quinn in an abandoned factory, but when Harley turns the tables Tim finds something out about himself.

Includes: Tentacles, rape, oral, anal

Commisioned by MisterE327
Harley Quinn isn’t cut out for an upstanding nine-to-five office job. But down on her luck and out of cash, she isn’t cut out for starving to death, either. Stripping seems like a happy medium.

Anonymous commission
Nightwing is captured by (Futa) Harley Quinn and used for her amusement.  
Handcuffed and blindfolded by Batman, Selina Kyle waits to see if he'll give in and fuck her. But it's the Man-Bat who ends up taking her up on the offer.

Started writing this on Easter, finished writing this on Easter. Kind of short, not my best work, but its got a slutty bunny themed girl getting boned on Easter, so it has what it needs for an Easter celebratory story.
Cassandra Cain has a mission to save a group of men being trafficked to Roulette by Scarface and the ventriloquist, Payton Riley. She infiltrates a tanker, hiding in the cargo container with the men and must find a way to keep them from panicking. Cassandra finds a way with what she has at hand.

Contains: Oral, Intercourse (anal and vaginal), & Gangbanging

Commissioned by MisterE327.

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