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Simpsons and griffins decided to fight it out ince and for all to see who is better (only mixedfights, contains violence and non consensual sex)
All Pyrrha wants is a moment of peace and quiet. Nora doesn't understand the meaning of either.
[Steven Universe] Jasper's been really struggling since the Diamonds made peace with Earth. With no other gems to relate to, she's managed to find some solace with a very unlikely source - her new boyfriend, Greg.

The ol' Universe charm strikes again!

(M/F, Romance)
After learning that this will be Adrien's first birthday without his mother, Marinette decides to do something special to make sure it's a happy one and volunteers to become the refreshments.

Tags: Miraculous Ladybug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Exhibitionism, Enthusiastic Consent, Cannibalism, Snuff, Food Porn, Complete.
Connie and Steven are about to have their first time, but a sudden bout of self-consciousness Connie tries to shave for the first time in a LONG time to less than stellar results. 
Hiccup encuentra es elegido por los dioses para llevar a cabo la misión de repoblar el planeta con una nueva generación que separa a los dragones mejor que las anteriores
Legendary Defenders
Discovering a strange Altean artifact gave him a 'gift' in the form of strange Quintessence energy that made his genitals bigger and surround his body in an aura that excited the pheromones of the opposite sex. Needless to say this had a profound effect on Allura, and so too followed a true reconciliation between their feelings for each other.
This included girls like Romelle, Ina Leifsdottir, and a reverse-gendered Keith now lusting after him.
[font="Lucida]If you want a PERFECT headcanon for why Katz hates Courage so much in the actual Courage The Cowardly Dog series, look no further than here. Let's see how YOU feel about someone after having that someone invade your brain without your permission and then use it to completely wreck your entire life while a sadistic Chinese con artist films it on live video, shall we?[/font]
After tasting Priyanka Soup in Priyanka Caught Spying, Connie gets talked into being the prize in a sex contest between Peridot and Pearl. If Peridot wins, Connie'll be snuffed as part of her newest edible morp! But Pearl has centuries of experience, so that would never happen, right?

Now Illustrated!
After killing his longtime nemesis, Spider-Man. Kingpin decides to go visit Spider-Man's widow, Mary Jane Parker. He delivers the final blow of vengence against the spider as he turns the fallen hero's wife into his little fuck toy. Includes: Mind Break, Dom/Sub, and Bad End. Warning! This story's a little dark.

Kara Zor-El, Powergirl, the last hero of a long gone universe, was looking to satisfy herself with something that just wasn't coming. Brutes who thought they were stronger, wimps who didn't have the nerve to speak, and twats who thought they had more balls than brains. All a bunch of wimps, and the only thing that could handle her was her own hand.

Until a promise with a young 'Toyman' came calling.

Anonymous Commission. See my profile for more information.
Betty Boop feels like shes a fading star past her prime, so a horsehung fan decides to show her just how wrong she is, and teach that old bitch some new tricks while hes at it 
Contents: thicc stuff, teasing, public sex, wholesome(?), shortstack, B&W cartoon, lots of cum, the works

Note: This was also uploaded on the 89th anniversary of her first cartoon appearance, one hell of a birthday party '>->
Commission for (and in collaboration with) Turnup24

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV. They're playing an episode of Rick and Morty in a universe where Rick's Morty is a Summer. Sounds hilarious.

It's also really *bleep*ed up.
Andy's growing up. As a regular teenager full of hormones, he starts to use Jessie on a daily basis for certain needs.
Blue Diamond just doesn't understand how Pink Diamond became Steven, neither does Yellow. When Blue Pearl explains sex they naturally decide to try it out for themselves. Two ruined Pearls and a fusion later, White Diamond finds she isn't at the top of the pecking order anymore.

[Miraculous Ladybug] After Marinette discovers Chat Noir on a webcam site doing sex shows in his costume and pretending to be a cosplayer, she finds herself on his show, pretending to be a cosplayer herself, and learning how fun it is to pretend to be someone else pretending to be her. Patreon poll story.
Evangelyne goes to have a vacation in the Kingdom of Sadida, but she's also there to find a specific person. Someone she has a bond with, someone who can help melt her stress away and let her be herself. Includes: Cheating, NTR

A series of works I did for a friend. Might consider taking more MH/EAH prompts, so feel free to submit them.
Dating had never been much of Liv Octavius's scene. Too many men had been intimidated by her permanently grafted robotic tentacles and the excessively perverse things she loves to do with them. Too many women had been intimidated as well. But when during an otherwise boring work day, the perfect girl literally flies into her arms. Well who's she not to give it a go?

Writer's note: Finally got around to seeing Into the Spiderverse...
A collection of short stories about the heroes failing and being defeated. Each a standalone story, can be fleshed out by request or demand. Will feature characters from Cartoons, Video games, & Cosmic Books. All characters over 18, in mostly Non-Con. scenarios. No categories off limits including Gay, Bisexual, Futa, Incest, Etc. Each chapter will be label for Categories.
When Judy and Nick agreed to look into a case as a favor to Mr. Big, none of them expected for it to go so badly
 As Adagio Dazzle separated herself from her sisters, Sonata and Aria after the battle of the bands, she wondered the town for days alone, her cloths dirty after sleeping in a park bench, behind the dumpster and even under a bridge, she was at the breaking point as she wondered into a gasoline station bathroom for rest, from there begins the journey of her finding a new place to call home. 
A preview of one of my Patreon Exclusive Stories.

When Avatar Korra disappeared after being poisoned a powerful bender took control of the world. Murdering her opposition and building a harem of Milfs from all of the nations. With the most powerful women of the world made loyal babymakers for the Empress' pleasure. All hope for freedom seems lost, and the Empress is free to enjoy her life of luxury.

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