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An alternative take on the start of the series where Ranma shows up to be wed, only to end up marrying Soun instead at the behest of the family. 

Commissioned by wnelson001
It's odd, for a marriage to be between one man and four women who can barely tolerate each other. But Ranma's just barely making it work. And the girls can't complain when it's their turn.
Akane is now happily married to Ranma. She is also secretly a submissive slut to some big black guy. Uh oh! Maybe Ranma will end up like her in the 2nd chapter???

Warning: There is BBC raceplay stuff in this
Reposting another oldfic.  Akane gets doused with a genderswap curse, and she and Ranma finally have it out for each other.
As it says, various passages about Ranma's life. Especially as our favorite martial artist becomes more and more lewd as time goes on.
Ranma isn't sure how she ended up in this room, with these girls. But one thing's clear. They've got to play this game to get out. And there are a ton of twists and turns with every roll of the dice.
Imagine if the rules about what happened if Shampoo lost a fight were, well, a bit different. Just a tad.

Oh and Ranma ½ was a hentai manga.
A yaoi cock tail fic with some cock hugger spice, this yaoi isn't for everyone, if its not your thing I understand. If you like my work please consider supporting me on !
Ranma-chan is one horny lady. Yuri and Kei are two horny ladies. All things considered, it's a match made in heaven.
Ranma and Akane's engagement is a no-go, so Nabiki steps in to fill her role. This certainly isn't just so she can have Ranma star in porn, no sir... [commission] [exhibitionism, pornography, rule 63]
Akane takes her revenge on Ranma for accidentally peeping on her; she's having grilled redhead tits for dinner!

Based off a picture by BoeserWolf.

Tags:  Akane Tendo, Kasumi Tendo, Ranma-Chan, breast grilling, Non-Consensual, Non-Fatal, implied cannibalism
After getting roped into being the entertainment at a bachelorette's party, Ranma finds out that she likes it. Showing off her body, and seeing how much the other women there 'appreciate' her dancing and costume.
Ranma didn't plan to try and overcome her fear of cats. But the three catgirls had something else to say about conquering her fears. And it turns out they have an excellent approach to therapy. July's $10 Patreon story.
Ranma Saotome has come to Nerima to become engaged to one of the Tendo daughters. The girls all seem interested in him... in both halves of him. As it turns out, the three sisters are kind of sluts, and they wanna make Ranma just like them. [yuri, het, pegging, futa, gangbang, dubcon] [commission] 
Ranma has bad luck, and Kasumi has terrible judgement. [gangbang, drugs, tentacles] [commission]

Themes: Loving, Gentle Sex, Handholding

Summary: An AU in which Chad from Bleach ends up at Furinkan long before Ranma ever arrives on the scene. Akane and the big man end up getting together, and of course there's sexy. Sexy, sexy, sex.
After Ranma-chan gets hit by a youma's arousal beam, the Inner Senshi quickly come to take care of her. And the only way to get all that nasty energy out of her is through some repeated, hands-on intervention. Feburary's Patreon story.
Ranma-chan has a knack for making people mad. And when all her rivals and enemies get together to discuss revenge on the busty redhead, there's only one way things can go. And Ranma-chan doesn't mind it a bit.
While Ranma-chan goes to visit her mother, her three lovers start talking about how much they enjoy their favorite redhead. And from there, the conversation logically moves on to how they enjoy their favorite redhead.
When Ranma-chan goes to visit her mother, she almost reconsiders when a wave of booze washes over her. But Mommy dearest doesn't wait for the escort she hired to get cold feet. She drags her fun for the day (who did such a good job dressing up as her daughter) to her bedroom.
It's Ranma-chan's birthday, and everyone's invited. Or at least, all of her dickgirl lovers are, for a day of fun, games, food and presents.
Ranma-chan has needs. Needs like getting fucked a lot. And the gloryhole is the best place for her to fulfill those needs. And then, one day, she gets three lovely toys to play with at once.
In three different stories, Ranma ends up eating an Aging Mushroom with a thirty centimeter stalk. Now that he (or she) is middle aged, what can he (or she) do to relieve the lustful burning inside him (or her). A commission for Fellgrave.
Here it is, the sequel to "Where is P-chan?"

Ranma and Genma travel to China, in search of the Spring of a drowned boy, the cure for both themselves and Ryoga. But the experiments made on Ranma take this father/"son" journey down a much darker path

Contains: Gender bender , Bestiality , Incest , Reluctant , Sleeping
Anything that Ranma does as Ranko ‘doesn’t count’, he’s decided, opening up a world of sex addicted depravity for Ranko that reaches her peak when she decides to chase the biggest dick she’s ever lusted for: Ranma’s. Commission for CypherThree.

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