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Tifa made a shady deal with Don Corneo.  When she fails to make money to pay him back, she is blackmailed into going to meet with him and make good on her end of the deal.  Don Corneo's plan to make Tifa his sex slave is set in motion.

Updated the chapter that was in progress and posted it as a new chapter, I think this story will have one more before its complete. 
Tifa sneaks into the Shinra Building by herself - and becomes a test subject for one of Hojo's experiments.

This one's a Patreon story - every month, each of my 5$ Patrons gets to submit a girl, and then all Patrons can vote to pick two of them. Then, the girl is put through a scenario decided by the one who submitted her :)

Includes rape, extreme violence, and characters dying in a sexual light - if you do not like that kind of thing, then just don't read it
It started as a means to an end, to get some Gil in order to help keep Avalanche from being discovered. It was risky, but it had to be done. As time went on and desperation mounted, so to did the acts Tifa had to do to keep her friends safe.

That is, of course, what she tells herself as she goes to see Don Corneo.

Anonymous Commission, straight from
Tifa Lockhart was used to playing watch door for the new recruits, seeing as they didn't know how to defend themselves as well as she did. She did it so often that she often took risks, risks that came with their own reward. Sometimes it was just getting a short thrill to run down her leg. Other times, it was seeing how far she could push Cloud to react.

This time, it was trying to turn a boy of a recruit into a man.

Anonymous Commission, check my profile for more information!
Seven years after the events of the Geostigma, Tifa Lockhart has returned to 7th Heaven with her young son, Max. However, it's difficult to make ends meet, and a new faction led by Shinra child heir Tyler Shinra makes her a lewd offer that's too good to pass up.
Tifa Lockhart is about to discover that not all of her problems can be solved with punching and kicking. Sometimes you have to think of creative solutions, and with Tifa rocking such an amazing body, she certainly has a lot of options available to her.

Tifa drags her companion Yuffie to the Honeybee Inn for a profitable night of passion, but the Wutaian ninja has no idea what she's getting into.

(Twitter poll fic.)  (Prostitution, double penetration, spitroasting, creampies, facefucking, very light raceplay.)
Tifa is pretty good at taking care of herself, but a customer with some unusual gear manages to catch her off guard with some fancy new hypnosis tech.  It doesn't take him long to get her thinking of sucking cock for money as a worthwhile career shift. 

(Twitter poll fic.) (Hypnosis, mind control, spirals, subliminal messaging, cock worship, blowjobs, noncon to dubcon.)
While Materia hunting with Tifa, Yuffie finds a penis shaped one. What power could it possibly hold?
A two-part story where Tifa Lockhart goes into the infamous Don Corneo's mansion, only we see what happens when Cloud isn't around to save her.

Commissioned by anonymous.
Tifa and her friends continue visiting their hometowns.

Next is Tifa and Clouds Hometown, Niebelheim. While Tifa is sad with old memories, Barret is there to comfort her. Also her other friends are there for her too, in times of need. And she is happy for having them.
Tifa Lockhart is one of the strongest women on all of Gaia, but is she strong enough to resist the temptation of a big black cock? 
Contains slow seduction, and themes of implicit racism. 
The Avalanche group is on their way too visitng Elmyra, after Advent Children and some other things happened. Tifa, Cloud and Barret on visiting tour.
After a long day of work at her bar, Tifa gets to spend some quality time with Cloud. 
After feeling the lost of her childhood friend on that Bridge, Tifa s Pain is unbearable for her. Luckily there is someone to help her..
This is my first story, it's kind of fucked up. Basically a neckbeard finds some experimental materia and turns Tifa into a humiliation slut.

It's gonna get weirder. I'm not gonna be nice to Tifa.
Tifa uses magic to grow a cock. Unfortunately, her spell goes awry and her cock ends up being an absolute freak of nature! Can she escape a cramped restroom before she completely covers everything in her steaming, stinking spunk?

Basically a Kingdom Hearts fic, but you could also see it as a Final Fantasy 7+ Kingdom Hearts fic.

After arriving in Traverse Town, Sora, Donald and Goofy run into a woman who aggressively wants to know their purpose for coming here. Can they beat her, and if so, what will they do with her?
Tifa Lockhart faces off against Yang Xiao Long in a battle for her life...

(formatting should be readable now)

Aug 21st : cleaned up the ending and chapter spacing.  Added Artwork
Aug 22nd : fleshed out/fixed some of the middle parts

I’m new at fan fiction writing so please feel free to leave positive or negative feedback!
A/N: Judging by the title you may have just read, this contains bestiality. Other kinks are inflation, impregnation and total ahegao. If any of these turn you off, don't read. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but don't flame me too much. I've never written anything of this calibre before. Oh, and consider this AU. I can't stand Cloud. (In this fic, he died when the Sector 5 Reactor was destroyed.).
Commission piece, commissioner wished to remain anonymous. 

After being bested by a gang leader called Luka, Tifa Lockhart life unravels as she is broken down and reduced to a willing cum-dump. 

Tag: Abuse, Violence, Misogyny, Rape, Anal, Ass to Mouth, Mind Break, Cuck, NTR, Slut, Dark Themes.

Tifa has to owe and somehow has to settle her if she does not want to lose her bar!
Translated with Google

Cannibalism, Final Fantasy 7, Guro, Exhibitionism, Debreasting
Tifa hat schulden und muss diese irgendwie begleichen, wen sie ihre Bar nicht verlieren will!

Cannibalism, Final Fantasy 7, Guro, Exhibitionism, Debreasting
A continuation of forbidden affair. 
Tifa`s carnal affair with her dear hung comrade continues. Though as the escapades continue she gets caught. Yet she stills can`t get enough, till eventually gangbang fun ensues. 
(A fictional parody of the known franchise^^)
Chapter 2 out. New friend. groupsex
Tifa's been biding her time and suppressing her libido for her boyfriend's sake, a petite, feminine boy that really gets the woman riled up without even meaning to. They'd be celibate up until now, but after Tifa has a few too many to drink she winds up overstepping a few boundaries that had been put in place.

First time I've tried my hand at a futa pounding boi-pussy. Lemme know if it's any good!

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