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Paramore is losing clout with the record label, and a one-on-one meeting between lead singer Hayley Williams and the black record exec Mr. Kingston goes south immediately, when he decides she needs to submit to his desires to get back on top, and he likes it hard. Commission for simo09
How do bad movies get such good reviews from critics sometimes? Find out with Brie Larson, after the Captain Marvel critic screening! (with image made by me)
Christian rock singer Jen Ledger gets kidnapped by a perverted fan. He has prepared a very special device to test the musician's morals regarding sexuality. An automated chair outfitted with all manners of sordid sex-toys! Will her sense of decency hold out against their expert pleasure-ministrations? Or will her mind shatter trying to fend off a smouldering unwanted orgasm?

Commissioned by: Anonymous
Mak is a Talent Recruiter -- someone who travels and signs stars to the company to help manage them -- and a damn good one.  His life has been comfy, but it will take a turn when he visits the next client who agrees to meet with him.
Recount the time when Natalie Dormer swung by your acting class!
Will the RT-people have what it takes to survive on a deserted island? Or will chaos reign supreme as the normal everyday rules don't apply anymore? Expect many chapters and a lot of reader interaction for this one!
This category will contain any interviews and stories involving the story profile mascot Alex. My proofreader Sycx has based this character largely on herself and will be supplying me with answers for her interviews and interesting ideas for short stories/erotic adventures Alex could find herself in. I'll try to involve RT-related content in these stories as much as possible! Especially Jessica Nigri will play a big part in these stories, due to Sycx' particular bias towards the busty cosplayer!
Consider this a cautionary tale about the results of training your loyal, loving wife to become addicted to the idea of cheating and guys with massive penises. 

Commissioned by MrTransplant.
My Secret Desire series.

Follows a family that is into bondage... and some more dangerous fetishes. 

You can find the pdf versions with 3D images on my google blog, along with my other 3D comics and videos that can't be posted here: 

(Tag says real people, but its fictional characters I just couldn't find a category for that.)
Jessica Nigri meets a Lucio cosplayer while in her Tracer costume, and ends up deciding to humour his ship if he'll humour her curiosity about black men. Commission for simo09
Aftrer the success of her Gamer Girl bathwater, Belle Delphine opens up a special few spots on her Patreon for one single round of sex with her however they want, and between a fat nerd with a foot fetish, an aspiring e-girl like herself who wants to sit on her face, and a black guy ready to make her do that ahegao face for real, Belle is in for more than she bargained for. Commission for simo09
a small collection of one shot erotic stories
A man decides to write a 'review book' about how good female wrestlers from WWE, NXT, Impact and beyond are at having sex. An excuse to just fuck sexy and powerful females? Would you expect anything else?
Guy has wife. Wife has sister. Wife says, "Fuck my sister."

Guy says, "Ok."

The end.

Commissioned by Gaige
Futa Celebrities fighting each other
A pop star at the top of her career decides she wants to start a family. With whom? No one else but her seasoned, grizzled bodyguard, of course!

This one was commissioned but ended up going way overbudget. There are some awkward transitions as a result but, you know, whatever.

Commissioned by Gaige. 
An actress daughter of a billionaire had been kidnapped. There was only supposed to be one victim, but why are there now three of them?

Nicola Peltz/Sophie Cookson/Odeya Rush

One Shot. Based on an idea/series by Cadeauxxx.

Alexandria Daddario films a porn parody of San Andreas with male pornstar Danny D.
Well why'd you break up with your college sweetheart, huh? Did you think you'd go out and slay all that hot, wet poon waiting for you? Well that's not how the world works, BUCKO, and now your sweet little college girlfriend's the wife of a hot, successful ambiguously black stud and you're going to watch them fuck. YOU'RE GOING TO WATCH.

Commissioned by FrattingIllnini
Young Sebastian has a fetish. That fetish is seeing is darling girlfriend, Linda, get blown out by other men. Linda, a shy young woman frustrated by Sebastian's fetish getting in the way of their relationship, finally agrees to cater to him "just once".

Will Sebastian be able to recover after introducing Linda to Fredrick and his MAGNUM DONG? Or will he forever be lost to the man who scrambled her insides and put one of her kidneys on top of the other?

Commissioned by Bullyswelcome. 
lovers meet up for their  monthly  affair
Enjoy a very special episode of the 'Always Open' podcast featuring Barbara Dunkleman, Jessica Nigri, Ellie Main, and Arryn Zech in plenty of naughty, lascivious, and downright slutty ways!

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