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Emma Watson is Hollywood's feminist icon, a seemingly incorruptible good girl. But she has enemies. And in the desire to rid the world of feminism and talk of women's equality forever, she will be made the poster child for a new world order. Along the way, she'll experience a slow descent from upstanding, virtuous star to depraved, braindead bimbo. 
Emma Watson is famous, intelligent, and wealthy, so what can her boyfriend possibly get her for her birthday?  She always told him he was all she wanted, so... a clone?

M/F, M/F/M, anal
Sydney is poor, overweight, and unknown; he doesn't have a lot going for him. What he does have, though, is a massive cock, inhuman sexual stamina, and enough blackmail material on Dancing with the Stars dancer Witney Carson to make all of his dreams come true. (A commission for KZ-01; a sequel to a different' writer's story, not published on HF.)
On the eve of Obama's election, a crestfallen Sarah Palin is transported to fantastical alternative dimension by God. Initially believing this new earth to be a paradise, she is set upon a quest to save it and its inhabitants from the savage desert-Empire of Yondo and it's vicious Ape-God Ongkza! 

Yes... it's a sword-and-sorcery epic starring Sarah Palin!

WARNING: Contains strong racist elements. Do not read if offended by such depictions. 

Commissioned by: El Hijo Del Hundra
Scarlett Johansson stars in a XXX-rated porno parody of her film Rough Night. With two black studs Lex Steele and Ricky Johnson for interracial, threesome smut!
It's a classic case of mistaken identity as a man lucks into having sex with the famous Jessica Nigri after she confuses him for someone else at a Halloween party.
Jewish Roster Teeth starlet Barbara Dunkelman is secretly addicted to Neo-Nazi porn! When her British workmate Ellie Main finds out, it quickly changes their lives forever! Debauched self-loathing and a Master Race fetish proves to be a potent mix!

WARNING: Contains extreme racist fetishes concerning Nazism and Jewish people. Do not read if offended or uncomfortable with such material!

Commissioned by: Freson
Jessica Nigri accidentally knocks down a boy with her breast. She brings him back to her hotel room for some R&R.
When asking people about their first sexual experiences, they have automatically in mind one single experience. Actually, I don't remember my first sexual session. But, this story relate my experiences with a friend of mine (named M for anonym reasons). I'm going to tale you how we moved from simple friends to best sex friends ever.
The story is based on real events, but some details are changed for scenaristic reasons.
Paramore is losing clout with the record label, and a one-on-one meeting between lead singer Hayley Williams and the black record exec Mr. Kingston goes south immediately, when he decides she needs to submit to his desires to get back on top, and he likes it hard. Commission for simo09
How do bad movies get such good reviews from critics sometimes? Find out with Brie Larson, after the Captain Marvel critic screening! (with image made by me)
Christian rock singer Jen Ledger gets kidnapped by a perverted fan. He has prepared a very special device to test the musician's morals regarding sexuality. An automated chair outfitted with all manners of sordid sex-toys! Will her sense of decency hold out against their expert pleasure-ministrations? Or will her mind shatter trying to fend off a smouldering unwanted orgasm?

Commissioned by: Anonymous
Mak is a Talent Recruiter -- someone who travels and signs stars to the company to help manage them -- and a damn good one.  His life has been comfy, but it will take a turn when he visits the next client who agrees to meet with him.
Recount the time when Natalie Dormer swung by your acting class!
Will the RT-people have what it takes to survive on a deserted island? Or will chaos reign supreme as the normal everyday rules don't apply anymore? Expect many chapters and a lot of reader interaction for this one!
This category will contain any interviews and stories involving the story profile mascot Alex. My proofreader Sycx has based this character largely on herself and will be supplying me with answers for her interviews and interesting ideas for short stories/erotic adventures Alex could find herself in. I'll try to involve RT-related content in these stories as much as possible! Especially Jessica Nigri will play a big part in these stories, due to Sycx' particular bias towards the busty cosplayer!
Consider this a cautionary tale about the results of training your loyal, loving wife to become addicted to the idea of cheating and guys with massive penises. 

Commissioned by MrTransplant.
My Secret Desire series.

Follows a family that is into bondage... and some more dangerous fetishes. 

You can find the pdf versions with 3D images on my google blog, along with my other 3D comics and videos that can't be posted here: 

(Tag says real people, but its fictional characters I just couldn't find a category for that.)
Jessica Nigri meets a Lucio cosplayer while in her Tracer costume, and ends up deciding to humour his ship if he'll humour her curiosity about black men. Commission for simo09
Aftrer the success of her Gamer Girl bathwater, Belle Delphine opens up a special few spots on her Patreon for one single round of sex with her however they want, and between a fat nerd with a foot fetish, an aspiring e-girl like herself who wants to sit on her face, and a black guy ready to make her do that ahegao face for real, Belle is in for more than she bargained for. Commission for simo09
a small collection of one shot erotic stories

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