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This is book 3, which covers more recent activities. Barb has become too comfortable because of the zero-competition and becomes mellowed out, with the necessary consequences. Meg's patreon career has risen rapidly but some complaints about it start to appear and she's losing profits because of people sharing her sets amongst themselves for free.
Another story I wrote inspired by a set by Kassandra Leigh. I am a huge fan of hers and her work just feeds into my imagination and fantasies so well that I couldn't help but write another one. She's a huge inspiration to me and I can't recommend that people go support her enough. 

Anyway this story is based off of her "swallow your soul" set she did a while ago. She's a succubus and I awoke in a room of her design and to find that I'm her newest plaything, lucky me.
Another Story I wrote about another cosplayer I like (you can find her at / for a set she should be releasing soon. As with most stories I write it's just my imagination running away from me and writing about whatever turns me on at the moment.

Themes include: Futa, Futa x Male, Blowjob, Anal, 69, Facial, Cumswallowing, Spitting.
This is book 1, wherein Meg still works at RT and she and Barb have an ongoing competition with each other.
They both want to become the most popular and influential woman working at the company and the RT office will soon be transformed into a war zone, as some personal issues are thrown into the mix.
One lucky fan meets his dream girl.

A/N: I wrote this under a different username on a different website. Please enjoy.
A story I wrote about a cosplayer I'm a fan of (You can find her at / and I highly recommend supporting her as I think she is an amazing person who creates even more amazing work) . A set she did a few months ago inspired this as well as my own imagination running away from me, combined with how she would caption previews of the set.

Themes Include: Blowjob, Slight dom/sub Vibes, Anal, Facial.
I have set a challenge for myself. Get a photo from every set Meg Turney releases, and turn that into a short, smutty story. I'm not setting a word limit for myself, so they may be smaller or larger depending on my inspiration.
I am also attempting to do them in alphabetical order from the ones I receive, but I'm sure that will not last.
Photos used for inspiration will be included in the story.
Just a short little meg-related thing I wrote.

This site is a little lacking in RT-related content and I always wanted to write some smut about Barbara and Meg, so expect some new stories on here eventually.

If the concept of fake interviews is decently received, I'll do some more.
Selena Gomez is sick of her fame and success, she lets the people in her life manipulate her into becoming a prostitute. 
The behind the scenes story of how Selena Gomez got her role in Spring Breakers and everything that happened while filming it.
Selena Gomez's car breaks down in the middle of a lonely road. 
Selena Gomez will do anything to further her acting career, including working with one of the biggest perverts in the film making business.
Selena Gomez is feeling sexy and takes advantage of a young fan at a bar.
Selena Gomez has been brainwashed by a cult and a daring reporter investigates the story. 
Selena Gomez gets really horny whenever she visits the City of Lights.
Cardi B teaches Selena Gomez how to be a stripper.
Struggling with depression and anxiety, Selena Gomez stops at a dinner in the middle of nowhere and gets involved with one of the truckers there.
Kendall Jenner wears a see-through dress to the 2017 MET Gala and it awakens something dark and dirty in Selena Gomez.
Vogue Media launches a new celebrity porn division and it all starts with Selena Gomez. 
Selena Gomez gets stuck in an elevator with one of her biggest fans.
Selena Gomez catches her step-father jerking off to her music video and it changes her family forever.
Victoria Justice and her sister Madison Reed get into an orgy at Coachella.
While attending a private party, Australian Cosplayer, Katyuska Moonfox, meets a strange woman who unlocks a night of pure depravity.

Commissioner wished to remain anonymous.
You were always a fan of one of the best erotic cosplayers out there, and now was your chance to claim a secret prize for your dedication. (Second person POV)

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