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Jonothor Targaryen (Jon Snow), the Second Prince of the Valyrian Empire, is the disdained and estranged son of High King Rhaegar Targaryen, regarded as the beast of the royal family, the Warrior Prince who is sent off to fight and bleed for the newly formed Empire, while his brothers drown themselves in luxury and grow softer by the year. It was his blood and steel that built the empire and it would belong to him, one way or another. 

Themes: Mind Break, Rough Sex, Breeding

Summary: Alexei Volkoff tasks Sarah Walker with proving her loyalty by seducing a Russian Businessman to get him on the side of Volkoff Industries. Unfortunately for Sarah, she's been tricked, and the mission is nothing but a trap.

Supergirl TV fic: Ruby accidentally walks in on her mother Sam and their friend Alex in a compromising situation. Rather than being disgusted, Ruby finds it hot, and a whole new family dynamic will be born from the proceeding night of family debauchery/bonding.
Summary: When Ramsay sends Violet and Myranda in to seduce Theon as part of his torture, they make a different choice that leads to a very different life for Theon and both girls. (Theon/Violet/Myranda)

Content Warnings: Pregnancy Kink

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
(Written Commissions are open!) Life never seemed to throw Trina Vega a bone, that is until a chance encounter lead her down a path of stardom she never expected to go down. Yet finds she has no compants about. (Victorious fanfic, full of yuri and other kinds of kinks too long to list at moment!)
Supergirl TV Story. Kara (Supergirl), her sister Alex, and their friend Nia are drinking round Kara's and telling stories. Quickly it devolves into a night of sweaty coupling that changes their lives forever. The two sister's incestuously embracing every fantasy they'd ever had while thoroughly enjoying Nia's monstrous alien cock.
Monsters, in the movies, almost always just focus on destruction and mayhem. However, what if things were tweaked until they were a bit more...lustful? Presented in a hentai-like way, see how the monsters of cinema fulfill an entirely new purpose! Plenty of sexy times ahead, indeed...

Suggestions for movies welcome! Wouldn't want to keep the monsters waiting...
An alternate ending to the series (that was made long before season 8 came out) that has slightly less fire, about the same amount of plot twists, and more sex!

When Jon Snow falls, what will the women around him do to bring him back to life?

M/F, F/F, creampies, incest
Katherine decides the simplest solution to the love polygon she's in with Elena and the Salvatores is if everyone just fucks Elena.
Margaery Tyrell, aka the Smirking whore from Highgarden has a plan to become Queen of Westeros. Together with her hung brother Sir Loras Tyrell, the incestous pair decide to sluttify the various noble ladies, queen's and princess of Westeros.Fair warning: Plenty of Cuckolding/gangbangs/bestiality and nasty sex ahead!

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which Buffy tries to get on Snyder's good side, only for it to massively backfire... and yet, when all is said and done, she couldn't be happier.

Esme Frost adjusts to her new position, serving in Lorna Dane's Hellfire Club.
Both Elsa and Anna know how they like to get treated. How they like to get treated all night long. And they have the power to make exactly that happen.
The Lannisters believed they had destroyed the last of the Reyne family during their rebellion. They were wrong, and in the aftermath of Prince Rheagar's defeat of Robert Baratheon at the Trident, the last Reyne makes his plans to return.  

No sex in the first chapter

Written on Commission

Check Out My
A story focusing on Astrid Hofferson from HTTYD asking Hiccup to make leather restraints for her so she can live out her sexual fantasies - and getting herself in way over her head, ending up helpless in a tight leather prison at at Hiccup's mercy.
Fandom: Alita: Battle Angel
Summary: When Alita demands the Hunter-Warriors join her if she beats them all, Zapan asks what she'll risk in return. She, and Hugo, will spend the rest of the night regretting what she offers. (Alita/Zapan, Alita/many)
Content Warnings: Dubcon/Sexual coercion, humiliation, heaving/vomiting up come
A man watches the cursed tape. He knows full well what it brings but what arrives is not aware of what he'll bring. That's the problem with slowly walking out of a screen. You never realize you might be the one to get grabbed.
Legends of Tomorrow: Sara, while looking for Nora dark in a time before Sara was even lost at sea, was looking around Star city. Finding her younger self, on what she remembered as a terrible date, Sara decided to show her younger self a good time. Laurel later finding her sister fucking her sister, the older of which finally deciding to try incest.
In which a guy fucks the curse of an old murder house away, in a spiritual (heh) successor to my Ring fic from a while ago.
Laurel thinks Sara and Oliver are back together.
Morgan Chase has run afoul of some powerful sorcerers and is waiting for death to come. A call from Camp Crystal Lake to deal with the feared undead killer Jason gives her an idea to fix two problems in one. She just needs to give Jason a new outlook on magically changing him into a woman who obeys her orders.
Summary: King Jon and Queen Daenerys need an heir, but the queen is barren. Their solution: Jon impregnates seven women, one from each of the Seven Kingdoms. And the queen is there to personally oversee each impregnation.
Content Warnings: Cousin Incest, Aunt/Nephew Incest, Brother/Sister kink, Femdom

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Summary: Robert Baratheon survives 'the game', but Cersei and their sons do not. He needs a new queen and heir, and many noble ladies are eager to try and fill the position. (Harem-fic)

Content Warnings: Parent/child incest

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Set in season 5, Lena's urges to repay her feelings of pain and betrayal are taken to a surprisingly sexual place.

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