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Both Elsa and Anna know how they like to get treated. How they like to get treated all night long. And they have the power to make exactly that happen.
The Lannisters believed they had destroyed the last of the Reyne family during their rebellion. They were wrong, and in the aftermath of Prince Rheagar's defeat of Robert Baratheon at the Trident, the last Reyne makes his plans to return.  

No sex in the first chapter

Written on Commission

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A story focusing on Astrid Hofferson from HTTYD asking Hiccup to make leather restraints for her so she can live out her sexual fantasies - and getting herself way more than she bargained for.
Fandom: Alita: Battle Angel
Summary: When Alita demands the Hunter-Warriors join her if she beats them all, Zapan asks what she'll risk in return. She, and Hugo, will spend the rest of the night regretting what she offers. (Alita/Zapan, Alita/many)
Content Warnings: Dubcon/Sexual coercion, humiliation, heaving/vomiting up come
A man watches the cursed tape. He knows full well what it brings but what arrives is not aware of what he'll bring. That's the problem with slowly walking out of a screen. You never realize you might be the one to get grabbed.
Legends of Tomorrow: Sara, while looking for Nora dark in a time before Sara was even lost at sea, was looking around Star city. Finding her younger self, on what she remembered as a terrible date, Sara decided to show her younger self a good time. Laurel later finding her sister fucking her sister, the older of which finally deciding to try incest.
In which a guy fucks the curse of an old murder house away, in a spiritual (heh) successor to my Ring fic from a while ago.
Laurel thinks Sara and Oliver are back together.
Morgan Chase has run afoul of some powerful sorcerers and is waiting for death to come. A call from Camp Crystal Lake to deal with the feared undead killer Jason gives her an idea to fix two problems in one. She just needs to give Jason a new outlook on magically changing him into a woman who obeys her orders.
Summary: King Jon and Queen Daenerys need an heir, but the queen is barren. Their solution: Jon impregnates seven women, one from each of the Seven Kingdoms. And the queen is there to personally oversee each impregnation.
Content Warnings: Cousin Incest, Aunt/Nephew Incest, Brother/Sister kink, Femdom

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Summary: Robert Baratheon survives 'the game', but Cersei and their sons do not. He needs a new queen and heir, and many noble ladies are eager to try and fill the position. (Harem-fic)

Content Warnings: Parent/child incest

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Set in season 5, Lena's urges to repay her feelings of pain and betrayal are taken to a surprisingly sexual place.
A little change in lifestyle for Kensi and Deeks
The mysteries of the gargoyle king are revealed
The Brady Family seem like a perfectly normal family.   Appearances are deceiving, because Mike and Carol have very naughty plans for their oldest children

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Elvira is on a trip and, while lost, has herself an encounter with a certain bloodsucker on a lonesome desert road.
Summary: A marriage between the Mother of Dragons and the King in the North seems like an ideal match for both sides, but Missandei wants to decide for herself if Jon Snow is worthy of her queen.  (GoT: Jon/Missandei, future Jon/Daenerys and Jon/Daenerys/Missandei)
Content Warnings: Past Rape/Noncon

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
Thea is drugged up to her gills and goes for a walk only to get caught by some... less than upstanding men.
a godly hung/monstrously endowed peter Parker and   An oversexualized aunt may are both pornstar they just don’t know that each other is in the porn industry.
Four sinfully sexy tales of cold blooded hotties. Based on the Bishoujo, Rule 63, versions of famous movie slashers!

READER BEWARE! These erotic horror stories contain scenes of non-con, reluctance, violence, and death (often involving sex). They are fun and sexy stories, but they're still horror stories. Enjoy at your own risk. 
Poor Kate gets trapped in the elevator and is abused till she meets a dreary end. 
Warning - contains death
President Kathleen Spencer makes a very special announcement to the American people.

Tags: 3Plus COMPLETE Exhib Fet HJ Humil MF Ms Oral PWP Toys Other (Cons > noncon reveal, blackmail, bukkake, demotion, clothing change, self-degrade)
Buffy sure wasn't expecting to lose. Especially not to a bimbo of a succubus. But at least the ridiculous demon has something else planned for her besides death. And Buffy even quickly comes to love it.

Themes: Dom/Sub, Rough Sex, Breeding

Summary: Kate Beckett discovers how foolish she was to follow Russel Ganz all the way to LA, and then to continue pursuing him even after her Captain told her to go home. Russel is all too happy to show her in vivid detail what kind of woman she really is.

Daenerys's accepts a bet from Cersei that gets her into a sticky situation

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