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Some sort of AU version of Quest for Camelot movie, this time with Kayley as a lesbian, different plot, villians and else. Part of the plot was made with the help of great Operandi, where he is (he is not dead, I just don't talk with him in a while)

Will Kayley save Cumalot from the Prudes? Well, let's hope
King Robert Baratheon had come North to grieve with his friend and make him Hand of the King. However, after meeting the Starks he's more interested in conquering his best friend's wife: Catelyn Stark.

Themes: Gang Rape, Anal, Brainwashing, Mind Break

Summary: Natasha finds herself targeted by Hydra for 'extraction' and 'reassignment'. She doesn't go easily, but she goes all the same.

Themes: Dom/Sub, Robo Sex, Rough Sex, Subterfuge

Summary: Number Six aims to seduce a high-ranking member of the human military so that she can blackmail him and make the eventual Cylon attack all the easier. Her plan is perfectly executed too...
Characters from the DC/CW series (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) shrink and grow.

Interactive chapters from  and
In which a guy nervously fucks Sadako. (Warning: Does not contain actual ring of cum)
Astrid is preparing to celebrate her and Hiccup's anniversary with a long night of tender lovemaking. When she opens the door it's not Hiccup she finds, but Snotlout, warning her of a huge storm about to batter the island. Spurned and trapped by the storm, Astrid's going to make the best of the situation.

A 'How to train your dragon' commission.
Inspired by Rampage (2018)

Three giant humanoid animals come together for one reason; to have a lust fueled threesome in a destroyed city.

Commission of HTTYD

Themes: Mind Control, Dom/Sub, Master/Slave

Summary: This is a new commission based extremely loosely around the Lewd CYOA from what I understand. Like, you don't have to know anything about that to enjoy this. Basically, an OC with dimension hopping abilities and other powers uses them to have sex and collect toys from his favorite universes.
Shadowcat goes off to investigate why Wolfsbane is late for dinner. As she morphs through a wall to find her friend, she instead finds Wolfsbane in heat, and currently being completely stuffed by Wolverine's cock. Instead of leaving Shadowcat decides to stick around, curious and a bit eager to have some fun of her own as she watches her friend being 'assisted' by the more experienced mutant.
The Second-born prince of the Seven Kingdoms is on a quest; to breed the women of Westeros, nobles and lowborn alike.

Will include Breeding (impregnation Fetish), Incest, Cuckquean, NTR, Rape, Domination, and underlying theme of Misogyny.
Self-indulgent quickie, featuring a sap pulled out a locker, an extraordinarily horny busty Xenomorph girl, and lewdness and crudeness.

Howard and Penny are finally ready to tie the knot and get married. But amidst the joy of their impending nuptials Howard's work gets in the way when he has to show an aspiring actress how to think and act like an engineer.

A commission for ChadCastle26.
While working as a mercenary, Stith is hired to investigate a deep space mining colony that's gone dark, only to find herself captured by a horde of strange creatures. How will our intrepid heroine get herself out of this one?

A Titan A.E. commission for EndGamer.
Sequel to A New Kind of Breed. Several months after their escape from MAGELLAN, Iris McMillan and her weird family arrive on the world of McGregor, only to realize that their escape from a monster-infested space station has led them into a monster-infested jungle.
Story contains some guro (since it's Alien vs. Predator, duh!), but not during sex. 
Astrid is enjoying life, being with her boyfriend Hiccup, training dragons and saving lives. Only thing she doesn't realise, She has an admirer who's been a little obsessed with her for sometime. And unfortunately for her, the old Viking has just found a stone that'll make his dream's come true. 

But just whats wrong with Astrid?

Mildew/Astrid pairing..
Hiccup takes control of the dragons and decides to he's going to embrace the Viking way of life. And conquer every island along with every dragon and female in his path.
The standard story of a media conglomerate CEO who takes the asses of two of her assistants, then gives up her own to the local superheroine.

Contains: Lesbians, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Strapon
When SHIELD brings Loki in after his stunt in Stuttgart, he is taken to the glass cage and locked away. And while Fury tries to break through Loki's resistance, the Æsir finds an unlikely ally in his enemy’s niece.
A lonely Daenerys seeks comfort in the beasts of Dragonstone.  

KINK KEYWORDS: Bestiality, Blowjob, Rimjob
Series - Aliens vs. Predator
Characters: Machiko Noguchi, Two OC Yaujta
Tags, Anal, Deepthroat, Skullfuck, Throatfuck, Slut, 

After hunting Hard Meats with her two yautja companions, Machiko Noguchi decides to indulged her wicked side.

AN: This a reduxed version of the original fic, its adds some new things and cleans up most of the typos/spelling mistakes from the original. Enjoy.
A good old Pennywise Smut story, this is my first ever story so I’d really appreciate some constructive criticism please!

Contents: NSFW, Male/Female, Pennywise/Reader, Horror, Dub-con, Fear Play, Dry Humping, Rough Kissing, Rough Sex, Forced Orgasm, Lots of Tasty Drool.

Summery: An old friend comes round for dinner…
Free Write

Themes: Horror, Extreme Bondage, No Sex

Summary: Alright. So. Altered Carbon is a new Netflix Original Series that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone and everyone who enjoys Cyberpunk, futuristic settings, Sci-Fi, and the most depraved pile of debauchery I've ever seen on Netflix. 

That said, if you haven't seen Altered Carbon, you may not want to read this piece. It is SPOILER-HEAVY!
Day two of Fan-Fic-Feb!

With ICarly viewership at an all time low the team decides that their product needs to adapt to an older audience. While Carly and Freddie are out however Sam takes this philosiphy to a whole new level.

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