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Wonder Woman's jet is intercepted by the villainess Black Shine. What plans does Black Shine have for this poor heroine? Who else will fall prey to her desires?
Inspired by Sigma vs Omega. A series of stories in which Zatanna and Circe set each other up to be humiliated gangraped and degraded like the hot and slutty costumed rapebait they are. This round Zatanna wins and sets the immortal witch up to be used and abused as a cumdumpster by making her magic backfire on her very badly
Over centuries of life, Diana of Themyscira, from her (relative) youth on Paradise island to her time today in the Justice League, never missed a chance to enjoy herself.
[Spider-Verse] Spider-Gwen's been caught! Bound to a table in Olivia Octavius' lair, the heroic young woman has to endure the abuses of four very active tentacles. Will she be able to endure the mayhem sowed by this frizzy-haired villain?!

(F/F, Tentacles, Rape Play)
Beast Boy decides it's time to teach Raven what she really needs. And what she needs is to learn that she's a bitchy little goth rapeslut that gets off on being humiliated, degraded and used as his personal fucktoy.
A brief look at how things are going on Olympus in the same universe as my Law of Themyscira story. Commission. Oneshot. Split scenes.
After receiving a blackmail notice, Power Girl arrives at the location requested only to find her blackmailer is...young. Legally young. When she finds that he's not all that bad a kid, she figures he at least deserves something.
Another Greenhorse 13 Commission, a sequel to A Darker Shade of Purple. Trish Walker decides to follow Jessica to Josie's to find out what her adoptive sister has been upto and is shocked at the debauchery she finds inside. In order to save her sister from the perceived danger, she'll awaken a sexual side of herself she didn't know she had in her.
I'm planning on a number of fics that I'll gradually work on. Partly to get the smutting, which is something I enjoy writing. Partly to finish things that I'd started years ago as I've been meaning to. And partly because we could always use more smut centered around certain characters. Some will be of a similar theme to "Lady Death: Overloaded", others might not be. It'll depend on what I'm feeling at the time. 

Hopefully my writing's improved a bit in the last couple years.
Another Greenhorse13 Comission. Shortly before Jessica Jones S1, Jessica finds herself craving more sexual depravity after escaping Killgrave and convinces herself to go to a criminal hotspot and let everyone inside have their way with her. 
A slip of the tongue after teaming the Birds of Prey unleashes a secret Batwoman didn't want to let out, but Huntress and Black Canary are receptive to her desires, and send things onto a course of pure chaos in the process. Anonymous commission.
Mystique is keeping a big secret from Sabretooth. And when he finds out about it he's going to teach this shapeshifting rapebait what happens when an arrogant bitch like her pisses him off

Themes: Mild Bimbofication, Submission, Master/Pet

Summary: Zatanna, on the recommendation of her agent, goes to a day spa in order to refresh herself after a long, grueling tour on the road. Little does she know that the spa is actually a front intended to turn her into a submissive, airheaded, cum-hungry fuckpet...


Themes: Rough Sex, Mind Break, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Black Manta and his new friend  go ahead and hit Aquaman where it hurts... through his women.
Based on Hunted. When two horny criminals have a hot trashy piece of rapebait like the Black Cat to play with how can they not have some fun with her?
Set in an alternate universe where Donna Troy (Aka Wonder Girl) was born to the rebellious Bana-Mighdall tribe in Egypt instead of Themyscira. In this alternate reality, Egypt is a covered in tropical rainforests instead of the Sahara Desert. Donna's Best friend Raven agrees to participate in a Breeding Ritual which may turn out to be a bad idea.
An unexpected discovery made by the Diggers sisters in an ancient underground city leads to a series of sexy events for both friends and enemies as an ancient race is let out into the universe seeking fertile females to breed-good thing there are plenty of sexy ladies to choose from!
An obese lonely young black man named Tobias is bored of his everyday life and decides to body swap into another person: Power Girl! Now stuck inside the body of a beautifully strong woman, he, now nicknamed She, decides to have a little fun with DC's resident embodiment of a strong woman: Diana Prince!
(Note, this may be confusing but in this story, Tobias after the body swap is referenced as She)
Wonder Woman should have remembered that blessings are not all powerful, nor unconditional. And that she's not the only one to have them.

Now, Batman and Superman need to remind her that. And if she doesn't like the lessons... all the better!

Dedicated to KateTheSorceress and her marvelous filth.

Warning; there is a lot of female pain and a good amount of male pleasure. But the opposites are effectively absent.
A man that creates fan theories for the superheroes and heroines that exist in the DC universe, suddenly finds himself with the ability to reshape reality... he of course uses his powers for good.

By that I of course means he makes sure that how he views the heroines and heroes is 100% accurate.

(My first submission to Hentai Foundry despite being on the site for years and randomly commissioning people for things.)
Scandal Savage puts together a new team for a heist against the Kobra cult. She really shouldn't have filled the team with hot fuckable women.
A city sealed off from the rest of the world full of horny men and hot bitches in cockteasing costumes? It's not going to end well for any of the women of Gotham
What actually happens when Lexcorp makes a horny 18 year old Super Clone in a world full of superheroine and supervillain rapebait? He fucks the shit out of them of course!
Power Girl finds Huntress's pink kryptonite, a contingency meant to help Helena stop her friend if she was ever mind controlled, but pink kryptonite doesn't work like Helena thinks, and instead of apologizing to Kara she is doing something much more intense than that. Commission for parappa642
While investigating the sale of sex-slave superheroine clones, the Black Widow inadvertently ends up trading places with her fucktoy facsimile.

Can the Black Widow escape from her new fate as a brainwashed sex-slave? Can her copycat clone resist her supercharged sexual urges in the real world? The answer to both of the questions is 'no, of course not'. Especially since external forces might be maipulating events for their own entertainment.

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