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To help her daughter Candace relax, Linda takes her and her friends to place she visits quite often.
Commission like most of my work, Paulsin again for the win.

Phineas has one last day to show Isabella now, with a street carnival he has a chance to show her along with making something new.
This is going to be a three parter, as always, fun for the whole adult family.

Phineas has had a thing for cameras, what could happen when he sees people in his life having sex?
For front, everyone in the story that needs to be is of legal age. That said, our buddy Corey Peters is the reason for the season this time around.

We catch Stacy Hirano and Linda Flynn-Fletcher in a meeting of fortunate events; some prying done and poof. The contents of this story.
Ferb begins his internship at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated...what could possibly go wrong!?
When Candace’s obsession with busting her brothers makes her a nervous wreck, Stacy and Jeremy stage an intervention. (threesome, fingering, mff, teens, Phineas and Ferb)
An Inator-related mishap gives Candace the body of her dreams. Trouble is, everyone else likes it, too...and they can't keep their hands off it. [Candace/Linda (a smidge), Candace/Stacy (quite a lot), Candace/Jeremy (whoo, mama)]
When Candace reluctantly takes a day from busting her brothers, she finds out there's a wild side to her, her friends, and even Danville. She just can't remember it...
Tonight's the Big Summer Concert in Danville, but Ferb & Candace have women problems, along with a polite rampaging Robot on the loose...

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