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Another take on some of the concepts explored in my previous Little Mermaid bad end fic. Consider this a short remix of sorts.
A Greenhorse 13 Commision. Ariel takes her daughter Melody for a swim but Melody doesn't want to go as she is feeling sad about her boobs not being as big as her mother's. When her mother discovers this she realizes the only solution is to give her daughter what she wants.... 
An alternate bad ending to the story of the Little Mermaid, where Ariel and the prince fail to defeat Ursula. She makes Ariel her plaything and, with her newfound powers, subjects her to countless tortures, all to sweeten her revenge against Triton.
Ariel hits a growth spurt and ends up feuding with another mermaid over the perfect sea shell bra.
A very naive Ariel's desire to learn more about the customs of the surface world ends up getting her into all kinds of sexy antics. Tags : Oral/Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cum swallowing, Facial

I always wondered why Ursula wanted Ariel's voice. I mean, if she wanted the pirnce, she could just go get him, she is a damn sea witch after all. This is one of my ideas of what could have been...

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