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After an argument with Soul, Maka heads out to relieve some stress. She ends up in a love hotel with a very charming man, only he isn't so charming once her clothes come off. Commission.

Maka and Black Star FUCK and get KINKY.

Soul and Maka have been busy since the Kishin incident. When they finally get a chance to spend some time with their friends Blackstar and Tsubaki, the ninja duo suggests something neither of theme expected.

A commission.

Themes: Rough Sex, Mind Break, Big Dick

Summary: Medusa resurfaces, intending to take Crona and reforge him into a weapon for her. But she bites off far more than she can chew when she threatens his new friends.
Black Star's training is at it again, making a mess of things, and nearly killing him and his weapon. Tsubaki is patient as ever. What does Medusa thing? That Black Star is the bitch in the relationship, and Tsubaki should make like any girl with a brain and say "Fuck him!" Or, her~

Commissioned by: //
A lone figure sets out on a goal to find and claim a prize of the dormant Kishin. Her intent is to control the demon god for her own means, but is given far more than she could handle.
This is a series of short stories told in the S.E. universe. Obviously they are fan fiction and will contain certain creative leaps, if you will, but I hope they are entertaining for a broad audience overall. Each has a variance in theme, so keep your eyes open. The next chapter may suit you! 

As always, I love comments and feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think about the story. If you're shy and want to contact me privately, I take emails via . :)
Two years after the events of Soul Eater, everyone has changed quite a bit.
soul feels the need to finally have fun with blair after he is done with his keshin soul hunting with maka


-this story isnt fully done yet, the stories arent fully made i just left them this way to finish them for later
Why was I surprised that no one had thought of this... -_-

Anyways, male!Crona X Eruka, partially a crack-fic, and Medusa is a big bitch(what else is new?). Involves het, impregnation, and snakes. Don't like, don't read.
They were as different as night and day, and yet, they were drawn towards each other. MakaXFemale!Crona.

Also, please bear with me here, this is the first time I''ve tried writing this kind of story. Explicit nudity/sexual content just to be safe.

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