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A sister's lust for her femboy brother causes their relationship to degrade into depravity.
An old story from early on in my writing days. By the way, both characters are over 18- in fact, Izzy is 22, and Erika is 32. 
You hear that Literotica? They're legal! 
*Angry grumbling* 
Discovering that her lazy twenty-year-old son has been spending his allowance on a findom across the pond, a furious mother gets drunk and decides to teach him a gassy lesson.
It can be hard, raising a teenage daughter all by yourself. Harder when you know she's going to turn into a succubus. But at least there are steps you can take to help her with that.
A young woman enjoys a night making love to her boyfriend with absolutely no invasive thoughts or flashbacks towards being raped by her father at all. Nope. No siree. 
A Dad and his daughter share some quality time before bed before they are almost caught by Mom.

(Father/Daughter, incest, creampie)

Themes: Threesome, Incest, Rough Sex

Summary: In which a father takes his daughter and her lifelong BFF out on his yacht for a vacation after finishing up his divorce with his now ex-wife. Little does he know the true feelings that both young coeds harbor for him.
This is an assortment of the various  one-off roleplays I've done and the partners have agreed to let me post them! Stories have been adjusted to follow the rules of this website with regards to age and other bits and bobs. If you see anything that breaks the rules, let me know and I'll quickly fix it!
Blood is thicker than water, and the Knight family immortalizes that concept. A clan of vampires who draw their powers from the incestuous relationships between parent and child. However, there has never been a male heir in centuries leading to much knowledge, lore and power lost to time. Explore how the family rediscovers their vampiric legacy in the modern day, unaware of the machinations turning around them.
The Thompson Family.

My Family.

It's kinda weird, but this is the things that have happened to me ever since moving back in with my Mother and Younger Sister.
A little sister gets sick of her love not getting through to her older brother and does the only reasonable thing. Drugs him, ties him up, and rapes him till she's got his baby.

Commissioned by Enigmatic

This is a fan-made continuation of HatofulHatefucker's Breaking in the City Slicker involving the same incestuous family, bimbo mom and her son. Plus an OC of mine being the 'third culture kid' taken in from China to live with them.
Right when the parents are about to go on a trip, their son hits puberty in the weirdest way: his boner won't go away no matter how many times he cums! Eventually, his older sister gets tired of cleaning up his mess and takes matters into her own hands...

Comedic story featuring shota
William has just dropped out of College. His parents accept him back but wants him to find a job as soon as possible. In this crossroad in life he finds out that his mother is a member of a chat server dedicated to Mother/Son incest. He starts to spy on her, and it sets him on a new path in life. A path together with his loving mother.

What is a young man to do when learning that his mother is not only in love with him, but has a secret side to her that he had never expected.
An amoral young scientist transforms and brainwashes his mother for her own good. Or so he says.

Tags: Mind Control, Age Regression, Bimbofication, Slavery, Incest

It's a simple story. Guy has friend. Guy invites friend to stay at his house. Guy has hot mom. Guy's friend fucks his hot mom. 

Commissioned by Madlik

UPDATE: Madlik has opened up this commission if anyone wants to continue it/add chapters as long as it maintains the themes present in the base storyline. If you''re interested, reach me at the email address on my profile.
[font="Lucida]Susan is ecstatic when her older brother shows up for a surprise party on her 18th birthday after they'd been drifting apart ever since he went off to college.[/font]

[font="Lucida]But her brother came with a nefarious plan in mind.[/font]
Nicole and her mother Abby celebrate the girl's 18th birthday in a very special way. Chiefly by engaging in carnal lesbian incest!
My uncle and his friend were both “straight” men that loved to be in the country side. Anytime my dad took me to my uncles I would have to stay there for a week. 

Little did my dad know that my uncle and his friend were boy ass craving men that loved watching my face in pleasure when they double penetrated me with both of their cocks. 

By the time I had to go back I had atleast 20 loads they kept inside of my ass with a buttplug for the ride back to my house. 

Themes: Quasi-Incest, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which a young man, adopted by two loving mothers with three loving sisters, loves and wants all of them.

Commission for Greenhorse 13

On her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel's dreams about Mother Gothel finally come true.

Contains incest, slight bondage and the tugging of breasts. 
A short romance erotica between two siblings. That's about it.
Lovey dovey stuff ensues.
A slutty suburban exhibitionist gets more than she bargained for when she starts teasing her horny teenage son.

Incest, impregnation, mF, reluctant
Life is tough for Kotaro, who everyday has to suffer under the whims of his tyrannical little sister, and having nowhere else to turn he decides to try out the All-Purpose Sibling Training Program. Join him, as he valiantly goes through all the scientifically-proven steps of sibling bonding, and see if he succesfully ends up regaining his pure,wholesome, not-at-all-weird relationship with his dear sister.  

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