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Tsukune catches Inner Moka cheating on him with Gin, but instead of getting furious and breaking the two up, he joins in on the fun.
While on jungle trip, young couple of vampire and human gets lost and faces series of various sexy and dangerous predicaments. Will they be able to pass all trials of devious mastermind - a rare kind of monster woman - who is behind all this mess?

male Moka x female Tsukune

Commission by TiedupTemari

Inspired by
Tsukune’s roommate on campus takes all of the girls he cherishes from him, starting with his twin-personalitied girlfriend, Moka.

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Tsukune gets a letter from Tsurara who wants him to come visit her.

He is in for a VERY memorable lesson upon arrival
Inner Moka loves spending time with Gin to the point of letting the werewolf fuck her in front of her boyfriend, Tsukune.

Themes: NTR, Dom/Sub, Mind Break, Breeding

Summary: In which Gin sees a chance to make Moka his... and he takes it. Poor Moka can't do much beyond go along for the ride.

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[font="Trebuchet]Summary: We know the series(anime) can be filled with fanservice at times, and even has succubi, yet the main focus is on vampires. Let's take a look of how think could possibly had gone if Moka (and possibly more) was a succubus with both in regards to her behavior, and more noticeably, her body.(Full Summary Elsewhere)[/font]

Themes: Consensual, Pheromones, Mild Brainwashing, Incest, Genderbending

Summary: Tsukune is special, though he doesn't know it. He's got a gift, for attracting the opposite gender and in turn alienating his own sex. Women love him... men don't. And now he's going to Yokai Academy. How's that bound to go?

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Themes: Dubcon, Reluctant, Loving, Discomfort

Summary: In a world where Mizore and Kurumu are dating, it's Mizore's birthday and Kurumu makes the mistake of offering the other girl whatever she might want. Of course, she doesn't truly realize just how kinky Mizore is...

Looks like Marcella-sensei is working again and this time at Youkai Academy where she meets several familiar faces from one of her favourite anime where a couple of frisky milfs get their hands, or perhaps claws is a better term, on the assistant-teacher.

Rosario + Vampire (c) Akihisa Ikeda
Based on the Sex Arcade created by Sabu and J-Cal.

Have you ever wanted to sex with a vampire? A succubus? Sex with monsters can be extremely fun, but not without risks.

The Shuzen Family is widely known, respected and feared for their strength, but what - probably less respectable acts -  happen behind their manor's closed doors? Witness the perverted stories of the Shuzen household and it's acquaintances.
A decision is reached. One week, One day each. Who will Tsukune choose after spending one full Day, no holds barred, with each of the girls that want a future with him? 
Edit: Since People have shown interest, this story is going to be finished and name changed to match. Formerly Mizore's day
The chapter order will be Newspaper Club, Mizore, Ruby, Yukari, Kurumu, Moka, and Tsukune's decision. So remember, vote for your favorite!
Sometime has passed since the final battle with Alucard, Mizore and Co. have finished their studies at Yokai Academy and have moved on to different things. Mizore invites her neighbor over for dinner only to accidently stir up her former stalker habits
Graduated, married and working a job, Tsukune Aono is now the husband of four gorgeous, and insatiable, women. His wives, a handful they may be, are both the light and the pleasure of his life. What wacky adventures await him as his life moves forward?
Kurumu is heartbroken, and Mizore invites her to dinner to cheer her up. Warning: Contains plot.
The final year at Yokai Academy looms as Tsukune comes back from summer vacation. He looks forward to the year, but dreads it all the same because of a promise he made to all the girls infatuated with him.
A Mizore featured story where she encounters a mysterious man in the Demonic Woods on her way to school but she ends up getting raped by him and the tentacles that he summoned. MizoreRape.

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