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The manager for a musical act has a threesome with his two performers. It's not a very complex story, fairly vanilla except one of the women is married. Just so you know...if you're into that sort of thing.

Commissioned by andyhawkins123
With no job and hardly any cash leftover from your student loan you decided to give livestreaming a try. Solo Reader involving a blowjob, sex toys and masturbation.
A Pharoah with a harem of sensual beauties angers a powerful witch and must not pay the price. Luckily his girls love more than just his cock... to an extent anyways.

Themes: Rough Sex, Cheating, Fucked Silly

Summary: A young man finds out something about himself after listening in on a conversation between his mother and sister-in-law.

Adam is making an escape from his life. In the process of beginning anew he finds that the farmer's daughter is not what he expected. She can either be the reason for his downfall or his future. What is more intriguing is the secret she carries...
Jenna Jacobs resume- 4.0 GPA all the way from high school through her MBA.  Captain of the volleyball team for the same amount of time.  Voted most likely to succeed upon graduating high school. 

And also very bad at reading the contract for her new internship at the company of her dreams.  Turns out it's very easy for a company to trick you into being an indentured cumdump.
Kayla is on her way to an unknown destination. A small stop at a local motel feels like a deserved rest. But what happens when she realize she might not be able to contain the beast within?
After the events of An Imouto's Love, the MC's ex-girlfriend Leyla takes matters into her own hands. (Based on An Imouto's Love but not affiliated with Enigmatic)After the events of An Imouto's Love, the MC's ex-girlfriend Leyla takes matters into her own hands. (Based on An Imouto's Love but not affiliated with the Commissioner of the original, Enigmatic)

Commissioner: Graptharr

A sexually voracious woman hides has hidden her true nature long enough to steal away the virginity of a preacher-man's son. It's another one of those weird stories I have that are written in both first and second person. Don't judge me.

Anyway, this story involves a pretty cute thing I like to write about where I take a slutty female character and pair her up with an inexperienced guy who cums really fast. Maybe it's a kink of mine. I just think it's fun to write. 
Yes, this is written in both first and second person. Don't me.
I don't quite know how to describe this story. I wrote it a long time ago, that's all. 
Some weirdo breaks the fourth wall and talks to the reader about being an edgy knife boi.
Aubrey gets a job at the top firm in the country, only to discover that her old boss expects more than just her obedience in the office - he expects to own her, completely, as part of misogynistic environment in which older men treat top models as little more than furniture to be used.

Commissioned by Hopviq
A perverr exposes her prolapsed womb and runs into her futa neighbor. Then they play with it. 
[ltr]Anthony is a dorse catcher, after spending several years avoiding the infection... Things take a turn for the worse and life as he knows it is about to change. [/ltr]
A shape shifting mass of energy is sent out to stop our Sun from turning into a Black Hole. He is side-tracked by this task: repopulate all the humanoid lifeforms of each planet in our galaxy.

Follow the story while the main character must deal with hordes of horny, endangered species whose opposite sex has gone extinct. You will find helping tags at each start of the chapters. Most planets will have specific and varying fetishes.
Two former co-workers continue running into each other at job interviews. This time around things take a steamer end than usual.

Commission work by an anonymous client.
When a couple is stranded in a storm, out comes Streaker the shark to save their lives...for a price, however; a day with the wife will get them back to shore, or they remain stranded forever. What will the choice be?
When cleaning out his strange aunt's house, Cedar Litmus happens upon an odd lamp stashed away. Hidden inside is Yasmine the Sex Genie, a carefree, bubbly and incredibly horny genie who has been waiting for someone to call on her for years. With a brand new master to play with, Yasmine's lewd powers are Cedar's to command, and they both have some very good ideas about how to use them.
Art Appreciation: Short stories based on the contents of an image which may include its title and description.
Any chapters I add here will be either commissions I've gotten or free requests I do that I do that don't belong in any sort of fandom or group (like the warframe stories)
Looking to gain fame and fortune, a man enters the illegal underground mixed boxing circuit.
When Roland's Grandfather passed away. He leaves behind a one of a kind legacy. Along with all the turmoil and responsibilities it brings.
Commission for (and in collaboration with) Hopviq.

Just to be clear: it is the girls who legally cannot refuse to milk these big dicks who have the problems. It is actually a wonderful time to be diagnosed with Seminal Glandular Hyperactivity, affectionately nicknamed Big Dick Syndrome.   

Stand-alone sequel to Bedside manner
Just a short story I wrote while I was bored and horny. Don't do this IRL, you'd get hypothermia/hyperthermia and die.

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