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During his negotiations with Euphemia, Lelouch's Geass flare-up takes a lewder turn than in canon. 
*Spoilers for Lelouch of the Resurrection*

Nunnally can’t stop Lelouch, but at the very least, she will keep a piece of him with her.

Tags: Incest, fingering, oral, vanilla sex

Themes: Rough Sex, Foursome, Dom/Sub

Summary: Milly, Kallen, and Shirley are rivals for Lelouch's affections. They know this to be true. But when it turns out that the only way to get Lelouch to so much as look at them is to team up... well, that's exactly what they're willing to do. And yet, even together, are they truly enough to satisfy him? 

With his new found power, Lelouch finds that he can control people to act to his will. When confronted by the Knight Villetta, he decides to uses this power as he sees most exciting.

Commissioned Writing
Right after obtaining the power of the King Lelouch decides to both test it out on Villetta Nu as well as indulge in some much-needed stress relief of the perverted kind. From making the woman submit herself to him, to taking her right there on the spot and officially making her his sex slave Lelouch begins his plans of conquest with this newfound power in the hopes of claiming more girls for himself.
Kevin (male Kallen) gets kidnapped and tortured for information in an unorthodoxal way by mysterious woman...

Commission by Sv writer

Based on

Themes: Memory Control, Rough Sex, Master/Slave

Summary: Emperor Charles zi Britannia calls Empress Tianzi and Kaguya Sumeragi to the table for... negotiations. But once he has them right where he wants them, of course he uses his Geass on both to make sure the 'negotiations' very much go in his favor.
The Maiden Processing unit is an AI controlled factory built for a single purpose; To kidnap beautiful women and subject them to creative and pleasurable fates. Now it has come to the World of Geass. And it has set it's sights on Area 11...
Crossing paths with an unknown Geass user with an unknown ability by accident, Suzaku, Lelouch and Kallen find themselves in a strange situation. Genderswap. Kalulu

Commission by Windstar27 ()
What if Lelouch was just a little bit more like his father than he would care to admit? Just a little bit We all thought- why kill them when you can just make them your slave for life? Well Lelouch wondered that too.
There is a new member of the Student Council. With the power of geass at his control, he plans to take over the school.
Mark gets gifted a geass power unlike the others - the ability to make any woman into his slave. However, there is a catch - he needs to cum inside...

Warning - ncon

My first attempt at an erotic story... Please comment & critique.
While Kallen searches for Zero in the Tower Babel, she's caught by a nefarious trap and made into a toy of the Britannian machine. Written with SlayerEndX13.
In between seasons 1 and 2, Suzaku interrogates CC and Kallen using a "special" interrogation technique that soon has then 'opening up.'

A commissioned story that was, as always, available a month early on my which currently has two exclusive stories!
On orders to infiltrate a ball to learn any new information from the Britannians about Area 11 ranking officials, Kallen steals a ball gown to enter the event...only to find the whole thing was a trap set by her stepmother to teach her a lesson. And she's not the only one. Commissioned by axioriot.



Themes: Mind Control, Brainwashing, Master/Slave, Dom/Sub

Summary: A nerdy, out of shape Britannian gets a gift from the Devil himself. And then, he uses it.
Taking place after the start of R2 Lelouch's Black Knights venture on a scouting mission in China's region. Nagisa Shiba wonders if he truly cares about their lives. When a Chinese Federation bomb threatens to kill Shiba Lelouch springs in to save her leading to them being landing inside a cave alone together, where Lelouch convinces her of loyalty without the need of a Geass.
When Kallen and Lelouche are sent on a mission to rescue the Japanese from a Brittania factory, they discover it's worse off than they imagine when the prisoners are turned into rabbit sex slaves. Even worse, an old friend of theirs is behind the experiment. Commissioned by axioriot.
Code Geass- Rivalz's reign of Absolute Obedience
When trudging along back to school Rivalz stumbles across an abandoned Britannian mobile lab where he discovers a sacred device with built in synthesized Geass powers which he intends to use on most if not all his female peers to become love slaves to his command, now eager to rival Lelouch Rivalz seeks to become the first actual harem lord using this power.
Patron Request

Themes: Oral, Surprise Butt Sex, Dubcon-to-Consensual

Summary: Milly wanted things after the student council's little "Start of the Year" party to go a certain way with Lelouch. So she drugged him and dragged him off to a secluded private area once the festivities were over. In the end, Milly gets far more than she ever anticipated. Poor Lelouch probably won't remember a thing though...

To keep Pierre Anou, the incompetent and machiavellian Commander of the W-0 Unit from sacrificing the lives of Japanese soldiers, Leila Malcal must offer her dignity and body to save their lives, unknowingly spiralling her own life into humiliation and debauchery through this deal with the Devil.
Euphemia and Cornelia take a break from the stifling hum drum of the imperial court in the Tokyo Settlement.
C.C decides to have some fun with the pizza boy, making him dominate her... though she soon gets more than she bargained for.
During her time working as a Bunny Girl in a casino to rescue Zero, leader of the Black Knights, Kallen gets blackmailed by a student of Ashford into obeying his every command, forcing the girl into forming his personnal Harem.
Stories featuring the girls from the popular series needing to use the bathroom. First two are about CC, with the second containing a bonus character.

Contains vivid descriptions of girl relieving themselves, you have been warned.

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