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To pay a debt to the Inuzaka clan, Tsunade has to perform...certain acts with a powerful new ninken. Will she tame the savage beast, or end up knotted and broken?

Check out my 
Tsunade and Kushina slug it out in a brutal, no-holds-barred match. They don't need a reason; they just want to win. [futa, ryona, rough] [commission]
Years have passed since Tsunade relinquished her position as hokage.  After such a long absence, she decides to come back and pay the village a visit, on a mission to make sure she can steal as many of the kunoichi for her harem as she can.  Starting with her former student, Naruto, and his neglected wife.

Tags: Naruto, Parody, Futa, Futa-on-Female, Cuckold, Futa-on-Male
A deadly curse has been cast on one of the ninja from the Leaf Village! It's up to Tsunade and her infamous rack to help the poor afflicted boy. Surely an honourable Hokage like her can help in a mans hour of need, right?
Jiraiya has been attacked by Orochimaru! At least... that's what he's telling everyone. When he can no longer find himself excited, the Pervy Sage turns to the strongest medical Nin he knows, Tsunade, for help.

[Tsunade x Jiraiya Pairing]
Maya, a young deserted kunoichi, finds a weird notebook while exploring a ruin near her former village.

In this Diary, Tsunade reveals a lot of secrets on her end life...She decides to discover the truth about what happened in Tsunade, While escaping her pursuers.

Tsuande has not fucked since the death of Dan and she is frutrated

But Shizune gives her an idea, she will find a sexfriend but it will not be the one she would have imagined...

[font="Times]Jiraiya and Tsunade are alive and married. They've just moved back to Konoha and Jiraiya is working under Bolt Uzumaki. Bolt hates Jiraiya and avoids him up until he meets Jiraiya's wife Tsunade. (Not Vanilla) A/U, Cuck, Betrayal, Humiliation.[/font]

Themes: Threesome, Brainwashing, Breeding, Fucked Silly

Summary: Naruto has a very rare medical situation to be dealt with. On top of that, it's the worst case of this particular affliction Tsunade's ever seen. In the end... she and Shizune do everything they can to help the young ninja out.
Tsunade calls Naruto to her office for his first S Rank Mission, but to his surprise, she’d be his partner for it. What kind of duo S Rank mission is held within the Hokage’s office? Find out.
Tsunade's luck in the card games hasn't been so great, and the owner of the bar she drinks at knows it. After seeing her IOUs stack up, he has enough of it and decides to do something about it: Make her pay the debts off in the most embarrassing ways possible. Commissioned by anonymous.
Ay and Tsunade bet on an arm wrestling match. The raikage wins. [patron reward]
Tsunade and Mei have a steamy encounter at a remote hot spring. [futanari, yuri, implied snuff] [commission]
its been a wile sense i make one of this please be kind

Being Hokage is rough, and Tsunade needs a way to blow off some steam. Anko can help with that. [futanari, yuri, prostitution]
Tsunade is the hokage, and the ANBU are at her beck and call. She makes the best possible use of that authority. [futa, gangbang, commission]
Tsunade's dream has come true.  She is now the owner, and a performer at her own porn studio; DickGirl Studios.  Watch as she and her former students from her blowjob training course go about their new lives as dickgirl porn stars!

  This is a time skipped continuation of Tsunade's Blowjob Training Course. Questions? Suggestions? Constructive Criticism? Want a specific girl from Anime/Manga, or video games to audition at DickGirl Studios?  Make sure to let me know in the comments.  Thank You!
Episode 2: MILF Wars features the epic clas of clans! The Uzumaki clan, primarily Naruto and his mother Kushina, against the Senju clan Tsunade and her son Tsorin! As tensions between the two sides of the family ignite, war is on the horizon!
But this is a different type of war....
Lady Tsunade gets desperate to pee, will she able to hold it?
This is a crossover between Naruto and whatever other medium of anime/manga I feel like. 
Tsunade and her fellow instructors teach the young kunoichi how to please a man.  Only men aren't aloud in the classroom.  This fic will contain oral sex, anal and vaginal sex, and a lot of chicks with dicks.

This story is closed, due to my massive loss of data last year.  However my new story Tsunade's Blowjob Training Course Returns...Kinda, is a continuation. go check it out!
Tsunade Fucked.
Improvement of the pictures of runaway love.
Tsunade wants Shizune to become the new adviser to the Hokage, but thinks she lacks enough strictness. What better than to turn Tsunade into Shizune's new pet dog?

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