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After waking up for a snack, Android 21 finds Android 18 and Krillin in the kitchen having a bit of alone time.

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When a pent-up Bulma finds her son's 'best friend' balls deep in his ass in the middle of the night, she can't contain her desire to feel what she's been longing for, no matter who it's from or how wrong it is. Anonymous commission.
this story go in the end of dragon ball z after gou beat Buu
Kale and Caulifla are training under Vados. It starts out raunchy, and just gets rougher from there. [yuri, futa] [commission]
Android 18's love and affection for Krillin deepen to a point wherein she can hardly go a day without fucking him into exhaustion. In his desperation to both satisfy his wife and keep himself alive, Krillin turns to the same nigga he's done been turning to for two decades: Son-Goku

Commission by Anon
The angel Whis is an appreciator of the finer things in life, particularly good food. During a vacation from his responsibilities as an attendant, he discovers a new favorite treat: cocks.
Goku joins the red ribbon army, and changes it from the inside out. Building a harem and making the Earth a strong force to be reckoned with. If you like this or my other works you can support me on patreon and get access to pdf copies and other fun stuff. !
After being cooped up on the spaceship with Trunks and Grandpa Goku for so long, Pan makes an offer she will probably regret, and they agree to do something they must never tell anyone about. [Dragon Ball GT; threesome] [commission]

Themes: Rough Sex, Alien Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: Alternatively titled "The Frost Demon and his Filthy Ape". In which a Frost Demon and a Saiyan have an odd relationship, to say the least.

Android 18 is at a loss. Somehow, her body has developed a huge, eternally hard boner and she has no idea how or why. Bulma and Videl might not be able to tell her why she's got it, but they sure as hell can help her out with it. 
(AKA Gohan's Dick So Good It Turns A Tomboy Into A Meek Housewife)

After the threat of Majin Buu is finally over and the people of Earth are wished back to life, things go back to normal and life continues on as it had. Part of life continuing is Gohan and Videl's relationship evolving into more than just friends and training partners. But as thoughts turn to marriage Chi-Chi and Gohan decide Videl has something very important to learn about the Son family...
Bulma and Android 18 have a problem: they both want to have another baby. But with their husbands too busy to attend their needs, they have to find someone they can trust to do the job right and maintain the necessary amount of discretion. Enter the very eligible bachelor Yamcha.


Commissioned By: Anonymous.

Bulla has noticed her mother's odd behaviour as of late and decides to find out what's gotten her so stressed. What she finds however, will be much different from what she expects.
With Gohan and Goten off training, and Goku dead (again), Chi-Chi finds herself in need of some company. But when she drops by, Bulma is busy with one of her project, leaving the sex starved milf unattended with Vegeta.

A commission.
When Bulla is forced to go to school to hone her Saiyan powers, she's given a tour by the most aggressive of students at UA. Naturally, with their hot tempers, this goes about as well as one can expect.

Commissioned by anonymous.
[Dragon Ball Super Broly] Bulma's a  girl that has everything. loving Husband , lots of money, and beauty. But a few bad decisions and a wish ruins it all. During the onslaight Battle between Goku and Vegeta, Bulma attempts to find the Dragonballs herself to make herself appear younger. The only trouble is the sleazy path filled with slutty sex shes to do in order to make this wish Happen. How will it turn out for the Princess?

( Slutification,, exhibitionism, Whoring)
From her transformation into a cyborg, shocking marriage, and time as a Z Warrior, learn the truth behind the life of the woman known as Android 18.
Chichi, four years after Goku's death to Cell, has found herself in need of money. Finding a job as a dancer, she takes it only to realize its for a bachelor party. And when she sees Yamcha recording her, she realizes she'll be doing a lot more than dancing that night.

An Anonymous Commission!
A secret affair between the world's strongest Z Fighter Goku and housewive Android 18 had been going on in secret for years. The pair loved each other intimately and felt no shame in their continous sexual romps behind everyone's backs. Things grow more complicated when a certain pair of female Saiyans from Universe 7 arrive requesting assistance to become Super Saiyan Blue, but instead wind up joining the fun.
Bulma calls Gohan and Krillin over for a certain need of hers, using the time they were around to treat herself to a saiyan’s cock that isn’t her husband’s.
It's Marron's eighteenth birthday, but Trunks and Goten forgot to get her a present... How will they make it up to her? [threesome] [commission]
Had a thought once about what would happen if a time machine from another future showed up while Future Trunks was still in the present. This was the result. Hope you like it. 
Bulma is not satisfied with Vegeta's small cock so finds others to give her the pleasure she needs.  Story contains cuckolding.  One of my few male/female stories.
Goten has broken up with his longtime girlfriend, and he's down in the dumps as a result. Bra sees this as her opportunity to make a move. [commission]

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