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Naruto Uzumaki is a dominating Adonis - blessed with good looks, a strong body oozing with pure manliness and unadulterated testosterone, pure animal magnetism, an unquenchable thirst for sex and a habit of dominating submissive horny women and bringing them into his harem. The innumerable women of the Narutoverse are unable to resist the pure, unadulterated force of his Uzumaki magnetism - not the likes of Tsunade, Sakura and Hinata let alone any other woman

Sasuke has plans for his clan and for the world.

Sakura wants to make her husband proud.

... ... Ino is caught in between... ...

Kinks: NTR, impregnation, mating press, blowjob, corruption, threesome, maledom, doggy style

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Through the Era of war, countless lives were lost, towns were razed, and the kingdom itself was in peril. Yet, one day, the clouds had darkened, a voice had resounded, and the eternal nightmare had begun. Creatures of the night, demonic beings in their own rights, had descended upon the world, and only a chosen hunter would prove to be their better... centuries after the fact.
Naruto Commissions.
First Chapter: Sasuke x Hinata.

NTR, Cheating
Kushina Uzumaki is officially and widely known as the strong and sexy “Queen of Konoha.” Unofficially though, she is also the Konoha’s sluttiest woman. Her Uzumaki lineage granting her high amounts of energy and stamina, her need to scratch her itch is being ignored by Minato, who is obsessed with his work. While she still loves her family, she also has needs too… 
Tired of her son keeping her up all night by banging his girlfriend Hinata, Kushina goes to have a conversation with him.

It goes...exceedingly well.
Naruto is a freelance photographer. His wife, Sakura, is a famous plastic surgeon Sakura, and his newest subject is Temari, an aspiring model and his wife's most recent patient. [seduction, cheating] [commission]
As congratulations for Sakura finally reaching the rank of Jonin, Kakashi has a very special gift for her.
A box, small, wooden and insignificant by many standards. However, any opened lid bears repercussions, be they small or large. Inojin Yamanaka himself would never know the significance of such a small wooden box; not until it was far too late for anything to change. A companion piece to "Pale Eyes on Purple Shades"
In times of peace, training and warfare is replaced by friendship and romance. As the Hokage works on tirelessly to bring about a lasting peace between the nations, a couple take their time to do something far simpler. At least, until pale eyes lock onto blonde locks and a ball of purple falls down upon the bustling streets of a village in bloom.
Years after the final battle against Kaguya Otsutsuki, an era of peace has settled down upon the Elemental Nations as a whole. Our story takes place in Konohagakure. The peaceful times have taken root within the newer generation, and even as the new era finds their interests in the opposite sex, Sarada Uchiha laments her lack of peace, and with it, a choice she made long ago has borne its fruits.
Peace and prosperity reigns within the village hidden in the Leaves, and during any such absence of war, what better way was there to relax than a trip to the local hot spring? A quick reservation and a mention of her family namewas all it took, but when Hinata Hyuga eased herself down into the hot spring itself, could any of her companions have known what lay behind her subtle smiles?
Satsuki has a brother complex and a love of booty, and her little brother shares her interests. So she has made this world just for him: a paradise of perfect, plump, and perky asses simply waiting to be spanked, teased, and fucked. [rule 63, dubcon, passive, anal, spanking] [commission] 
Kushina Uzumaki is once again captured by the Cloud Village. Subjected to strange technology from the deepest labs of the Snow Village, the mighty redhead finds her body and mind transformed, until she ends up a brainwashed, big-titted, brainless bimbo breeding whore for huge black cocks!
Satsuki really wants to get vengeance on her sister... but she also really wants her sister to fuck her in the ass. So she's conflicted, and Itami has to drill the lesson back into her head. [yuri, futa, anal, incest] [commission]
Kushina finds herself heartbroken at her son's wedding, and an opportunistic Konohamaru sees the chance to make his move on the MILF of his dreams when she's at her most vulnerable and desperate. Commission for simo09
Canon Divergent: Naruto is a skilled puppet user, and slowly but surely he starts building a harem, from friends and foes alike. It is just one step closer to becoming Hokage. Naruto Male Harem

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[font="Trebuchet]After Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya, Kiba finds him in a situation any man would die to be in, causing him to start his conquest in claiming every Kunoichi of the Leaf as his own[/font]
The same place, the same time, but with a different outfit from when they last met. It felt like ages for the medic, but when his fingers rasped against the door, she couldn't help but grin. For the first time in her professional career, Sakura Haruno would break her rules as a nurse, adding something extra to what would otherwise be a routine examination.
'Needless to say, putting two gorgeous blondes, a bottle of sake, and an Uchiha together in a hot spring could only lead to one thing, and one thing alone.'


Loosely based off a wonderful picture drawn by donaught. A link can be found in the story.
My Naruto harem stories are getting pretty convoluted, huh?

The thick asses substitute proper character development.

There are two kinds of men in this world; there were cucks, and then there were bulls. They lived in harmony with each other, striking a cosmic balance. Uchiha Sasuke, a bull, is set to begin his epic journey. One tight pussy at a time.

Tags: harem, big cock, cuckold, definitely an AU. There's plenty more but I'd rather not spoil anything.

This story is not meant to be taken seriously. It features a heavy amount of cuckolding, but little to no actual NTR. 
Kushina recalls just why she is afraid of ghosts when Minato tries to tell her that they don’t exist.
Kiba helps Ino look for a flower in the forest, but it turns out she had ulterior motives. [KibaIno, rough] [commission]
CYOA, or 'Choose Your Own Adventure', is a kind of story where the reader is allowed to pick their own adventure through a story. This is kind of like that, but different. In realtime, I will write. In realtime, you guys, by vote, will pick the path the story goes down. This story will serve as a way to post the end results of these stories. More details inside.

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