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Sisip gets a surprise on a hot summer night making her evening even hotter. this is a multi part story and the first for dear sweet Sisip. Rawr ;)
A girl goes through a magical transformation.

[ Consensual Horse CTF ]
A Wife is planing a sexy surprise for her and her husbands anniversary. But because of some unforeseen events, the family dog also takes part.
An animal-sex enthusiast is interviewed about becoming the first woman to mate with a polar bear in the wild. Second-place winner of CoaX Dreams’ 500-word fetish story contest and featuring an illustration by CoaX!
Two cousins have more fun than they should with a big, strong breeding Great Dane. Lots of messy, cummy girl/girl kissing ^_^
This revolves around Jade. A happily married housewife who's husband lacks the animalistic nature she craves in the bedroom.

With Eligh and her Husband out of the house Jade turns to man's best friend to satisfy hey cravings. Needless to say, Cerberus is more than happy to serve her several inches of doggy cock.

A note: being a cuckold expect plenty of wife or girlfriend on animalistic lover stories from me.
A teen can't resist her horse fantasies...

This isn't really my thing, but I have a friend who loves horses and I wanted to give her something 'special' for her birthday. For you, C :)

Bestiality, horse, teen, masturbation

Comments welcome and appreciated ^^
Hey everyone! This is actually a story that me and a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) wrote not long ago. The effort was pretty much 50-50 work. It revolves around Kindra, a tough and muscled female beast tamer who encounters a powerful dragon that lords over a large "territory"... and a very large pair of of shafts. 

The story will contain bestiality, rape, magic, impregnation,size difference, and probably a number of other kinks. It wont contain guro, scat, or urine.  

Re-upload of a shitty story I wrote a while ago.
Cat Highgate acts like a bitch to everyone who works with her in the police K9 Unit training facility. When she messes with the wrong guys, though, they hatch a plan to treat her like the bitch she is... with the help of more than a dozen horny dogs. [A commission for shade333.]
A story i wrote for a friend... 
Basically a woman is targeted by demons.  They turn her loving boyfriend into a monster and...  lets just say she learns the joys of becoming a hellhound cumslut.
Short scene of a nameless girl serving as a cum dump and broodmare for horses
Mating Season
Mating for the first time - bonding forever
© 02/2014 Coyote/Kojote/Mike Stone

Story is completely in ENGLISH and not yet translated to German.

Inspired by Mating Season from PROT. Special thanks to ​​the Bishop of Aquila for commissioning that piece of amazing art. And of course to the artist himself!
One of my first attempt at smut story featuring the unlikely duo named Aisha and Lot from my main story, Find The Way. Contains bestiality and exhibitionism. Needs practicing in terms of writing. This was commissioned into an upcoming comic done by UberMonkey. //
Tanya's life is forever changes when she falls in love with a sex equine named DarkStar!

Its like the only stories I write involve horses what is wrong with me? lol
The first part of a story I have been working on for some time involving my favorite fetish: octopus tentacles.
Jennifer enjoys her Christmas holidays on the sunny coves of Barbados together with her dog Spark. Fortunately she has found a very private beach. Fucking your dog on the beach is the best. And no need to clean up after some little pee-games. Why can't holidays go on forever?
Please give your feedback.
I made an illustration for this story, but the upload was denied. Don't know why, I saw worse here.
Ein Märchen - oder nicht?
© 09/2013 Coyote/Kojote/Mike Stone

Story is completely in German and not yet translated to English.
A midnight intruder provides unexpected entertainment...
Too much? Not enough? 
Can't be a SHE: series because there's dialog. Don't know if y'all ever noticed that or not. 
This was written as a Christmas gift for the very inspiring Rakked

Darla is a Christmas Elf who doesn't quite do things by the book. She ends up delivering presents to a house most elves would flee from with terror, and deals with the trouble inside in a unique manner.

Knotting ensues.
A sadistic husband makes his wife not only his own sex slave, but his dog’s, as well. When she disobeys, her punishment involves more than a rolled-up newspaper. (bestiality, rape, oral, vaginal, anal)
When a shy teen at a school for witches accidentally curses herself, she ends up getting fucked — by magical animals!

BESTIALITY, teen, schoolgirl, domination, furries/anthros, futa, nonconsentual

(Art by TheDirtyMonkey. Used with permission.)
The answer to Kana's sexual frustrations is closer than she'd like to admit.
I decided to tell a story about my choosed avatar.
The Love between Ereskigal and Nergal.

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