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Karina doesn't know why she is in charge of saving Thedas. She doesn't know why everyone comes to her for advice.

What she does know is that she loves women, and they love her.

And that she can make them cum with a snap of her fingers.
After a gruelling twelve months’ servitude, Hawke and her sister Bethany are finally free of their contract with The Red Iron and ready to join their mother in mooching off her brother's hospitality.
Hooray for Uncle Gamlen!
But even in Lowtown, supporting three family members is expensive. He’s even had to give up his regular appointment at the Blooming Rose. The least these freeloaders could do is show a little appreciation. Somebody may have to take one for the team.
At the Winter Palace, great change happens in Thedas. This is true when Empress Celene is assassinated by her cousin Florianne and Gaspard is the only one left who can become Emperor, but not without a certain elf standing behind him to make him act accordingly. There's still a party to be had and one is had. A shame that the Inquisitors Girlfriend Cassandra is still back at Skyhold. Who would be there to spend the evening with the Inquisitor Lavellan?
VR technology is getting so good, it’s a snap to feel like you’re actually living in the video game of your dreams. Kevin’s dreams just happen to involve nude mods, sex animations, and a bevy of women who let him do whatever he wants without batting an eye.

Anonymous commission
After some friendly drinks in Skyhold's tavern Male Trevelyan invites scout Lace Harding up to his private quarters to show her the view. He quickly makes her forget all about said view.

A thank you for who wrote me the sweetest FO4 story as a Holiday gift. You can check it out here:
Leliana wants to take the next step in her relationship with the Warden, but he hesitates due to inexperience and shyness. So, she takes matters into her own hands and guides him like Fate guides his hands.

Or something like that. One thing is for sure, Warden Amell probably didnt expect her to be such a buttslut.

Warning: Mild themes of scat, lots of buttplay and buttsex. 
Horrible pun, but I still smiled when I came up with it.
During an evening of drinks among friends, Cassandra feels a strange desire to touch Adaar’s horns. The result is surprising, embarrassing and leads to a lot of questions and a very memorable night for the couple.
Paring: Cassandra/Adaar (Male Qunari Inquisitor)
Kinks: Horns; Size; Fluff; Hair Pulling
After Solas' betrayal, the Inquisition's remaining members make their way to Tevinter. Cassandra visits her wounded lover, the inquisitor, and spends the night with him.

When Cassandra wants to make sure no other woman can come between her and her love, she turns to the Iron Bull for advice. (DA:I) (Cassandra/M!Trevelyan)

Contains: anal play/anal sex

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.
The city of Kirkwall has shut its door to refugees. Luckily, Hawke’s uncle Gamlen has a way in. All it will cost  his two nieces is twelve months’ service with the Red Iron.

Hooray for Uncle Gamlen!

But Hawke’s about to find out that the Red Iron isn’t a mercenary company at all, but Darktown’s seediest brothel. 

Still... a deal’s a deal, right?

[ Dragon Age 2, dubcon, gangbang]
Inquisitor Anya Trevelyan is decidedly unsuited for a life of diplomacy with nobility, preferring exploring and adventuring in the wilds. However, with an appearance at the Winter Palace necessary, it falls to Josephine to make her lover ready for the spotlight.

Kieran shows Leliana what Morrigan taught him. Morrigan joins in.

Contains: Futa, rimming, threesome, incest.
Pithy title, I know. Aveline blows off some steam with a stranger who might be more familiar than she realizes.

Contains: Oral, Masturbation, and Voyeurism

Set sometime before Act 2 of Dragon Age 2.
What started as a desperate measure for the Lady of the Forest to calm her werewolf followers blossoms into a journey of self-discovery and turbo-sluttery across the breadth of Thedas.
When Morrigan couldn't get anyone to help her in killing her mother and setting herself free of Flemeth's dark intent, she decided to do it herself. It doesn't end well for her.
The position of Inquisitor brings with it certain opportunities and powers easily exploited by a man with desires more carnal than benevolent. When two women request his endorsement in the upcoming election for the vacant office of Divine, he decides to see exactly how far each will go, and what humiliations she will accept, to secure his favor.

Commission for bubba121212
[Dragon Age] Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantastic game with wonderful characters. But you know what really seals my breach? The fact that you can't romance so many of the amazing ladies within it.

Enter: Inquisitor Lynn. This warrior is in her forties, covered in scars, and packs an impressive cock within her pantaloons. She doesn't play by BioWare's rules - she romances all the ladies that would otherwise be denied her.
One night in the Fade, Merrill finds a spirit who offers her an opportunity to live out size-queen fantasies that are only possible in her dreams.

Contents: f elf/m qunari, size difference, deep bulging penetrations, cum inflation, cum vomiting/all the way through.

Edit: Added a girlcock version, same as the above, just f elf/futa qunari instead.
Commission for Greenhorse13

Merrill is captured by a Ex-Templar and his bandits, and finds that the degrading and pain might soon become her pleasure.

Includes Non-Con, elvish racial slurs from the game, and a good bit of pain and some degrading.
While searching for her son, Morrigan and Varric are found by a lust demon. After breaking down the two warriors, it twists them to fit its own desire. Commissioned by Bubba121212.

Contains: Parent/Child Incest, Ass to Mouth, Anal Sex, Deepthroating, Watersports, Rimming.

Thedas was in turmoil with its people afraid for their lives. Orlais was in turmoil with its country split in a war between the two major sides of the Empire. The Chantry was in disarray with the Mages and the Templars both fighting across Thedas putting its people in jeopardy and destroying peoples' lives. The sun was setting on Thedas it seems and right now its people need something new to believe in. A new dawn needs to come.

A Dragon Age Inquisition story that is also a harem fic!
In Kirkwall, Merrill sacrifices a piece of herself to the City Guard's Captain for the sake of her people.
A short tale of how Zevran became the bodyguard and concubine to King Alistair and my OC Queen Illyria.
This story is inspired by a picture I've seen quite a while ago by bonete // . 
A story of the powerful mage Leria, Herald of Andraste, leader of the Inquisition and lord of Skyhold, and her depraved journey of self (re?)discovery. 
Morrigan desperately wants to bed Elizabeth Cousland, but will she get her wish? Is she ready for what the warden demands of her partners?

Please let me know of any errors or inconsistencies.

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